the demonic narrative does not claim that all lives matter

So the religious soul finds in the heart of Jesus a secure refuge against the
wiles and attacks of Satan, and a delightful retreat.
But we must not rest merely at the entrance to the hole in the rock,
we must penetrate its depths. At the mouth of the deep hollow,
at the mouth of the wound in his side we shall, indeed, find the precious blood which has redeemed us.
This blood pleads for us and demands mercy for us. But the religious soul must not stay at the entrance.
When she has heard, and understood, the voice of the divine blood,
she must hasten to the very source from which it springs,
into the very innermost sanctuary of the heart of Jesus.
There she will find light, peace, and ineffable consolations.

St Anthony of Padua

(Satan from the movie The Passion of the Christ)

Do you remember the scene in the movie The Passion of the Christ when
Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane praying—-agonizing over what is to happen….
just before he is betrayed?
Do you remember seeing that rather androgynous and soulless figure shadowing Jesus
throughout most of the movie…that figure being Satan?

In the garden, as Jesus is in engaged in anguished prayer with his Father, the snake slithers
ever closer toward Jesus…coming within striking range of his foot…
that is until Jesus, suddenly resolute and committed to the role he is about to play,
slams his foot down upon the head of the snake—crushing it.
Just as he knows he will do the same when he descends into Hell in order to free all of
mankind from eternal damnation.

(Image from the movie The Passion when Jesus slams his foot down upon the serpent in the Garden of Gethsemane)

Powerful stuff.
As so it should be.
That’s because it is powerful.
God is powerful–all-powerful.

I think it’s safe in saying that we all know that my time for the last three years or so
has not been much my own.
Between illnesses, deaths, births, retirements and now what with pandemics and the demise
of society as we all know it…I’m just lucky to come up for air.

You may recall that I use to often post segments from Anglican Unscripted—
an Anglican weekly televised ministry.

The segments featured my favorite rogue Anglican Bishop Gavin Ashenden…former
Bishop to the Queen and former bishop in the Chruch of England.

The good Bishop left the Church of England over the ever-growing and blatant liberalism
of the Chruch as she and her leadership are quickly turning from the word of God.

He landed for a time in the greater Anglican Church here in the US, which is the church body
that split away from the American Episcopal Chruch over the same growing liberal issues
and divide.

You may have missed it but Dr. Ashenden officially left the Anglican fold altogether
late last year, as he has been fully accepted into the Catechism of the Catholic fold.

A move I greatly applaud.

So Anglican Unscripted now has a sister ministry, Catholic Unscripted..featuring
none other than Gavin Ashenden.

Over the weekend, I finally had the opportunity of watching the latest episode of Catholic Unscripted–
an episode that dealt with much of what is currently taking place here in the US and now spreading
like wildfire throughout the UK…
That of riots, violence, cries of racism, moves to defund the police, Black lives matter, Antifa,
radicalism, the destruction of statues on both sides of the pond, and at the heart of it all…
is this destructive movements of identity politics and cultural marxism.

In this particular segment, Dr. Ashenden is joined by Dr. Jules Gomes—
another brilliant and now former rouge priest.
In the episode, the two men explore the notion of a demonic movent taking place throughout
much of our Western Society.
As Christians, we should understand this.
Remember, our ancient foe prowls like a lion,
waiting in the shadows in order to devour us. (1 Peter 5:8)

Each man notes that most of those in our society, the majority being those who are
under the age of 40, have no real solid sense of identity.
Yet whereas Christians find their identity as the children of God…
and thus we as Christians are charged by God with living responsibly with and for our neighbors.

Unfortunately, it appears that that is not how most of those 40 and younger see their role.

There is a powerful and frightening movement now taking place globally,
one that is bent on the destruction of the nuclear family, the sexual identity of a man and a woman,
law, order, civility, and the annihilation of our Judaeo Christian foundation.

Dr. Gomes explains that as Christians, our identity and value are to be found in the power of Love–
and not in the love of power.
It is in this love of power that organizations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter now find
their sole source of strength.

The segment is about 35 minutes long.
And if you care anything about what is now taking place all around you, whether you are
a believer or not–a Catholic, Protestant, or Jew…
I encourage you to take the time to watch, listen, as well as learn, what these two gentlemen
are sharing regarding this evergrowing crisis and what many are deeming a coming
civil war of sorts.

Blessedly, Dr. Ashenden does not leave us feeling isolated or defeated as he reminds us all
that we have been made in the image of God.
“That we are deeply loved and He considers us utterly precious.
He comes looking for us and it is there that we find our
true identity.”

See what kind of love the Father has given to us,
that we should be called children of God; and so we are.
The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

1 John 3:1

Catholic Unscripted 11. “All lives matter. From Floyd to Rowling. Reflecting on Marxism & racism.”

14 comments on “the demonic narrative does not claim that all lives matter

  1. We’re getting that much closer to His return…

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Julie, I am not very good at listening because of hearing loss (distortions). Do you know where this might be in printed form? Blessings. Great post as always.

  3. oneta hayes says:

    I couldn’t find any. Thanks for your review and comments. Sunday blessings to you.

  4. Dawn Marie says:

    Thank you Julie! I recently read a wonderful article of Dr. Ashden’s conversion in the National Catholic Register several weeks ago. Your article has touched my heart, and I am certain many others, who are trying to make sense of all the topsy-turvy swirling around us. I look forward to watching the video – thank you again for passing along the valuable information! Hugs!

  5. Tricia says:

    Hey Julie thank you for posting this. I just finished listening and it was very refreshing to watch intelligent people rationally discuss the cultural madness from a spiritual and historical context. I’m following the site now!

    As to theBLM movement. I know you know they are part of a much larger and very extreme anti Western Civilization group, this article goes in depth in to the details, it’s quite hair raising.

    • I thought the discussion was very enlightening—particularly from the brief historical lesson on ecomonic Marxism vs cultrual marxism–
      One thing I have always appreciated about Bishop Ashenden is his honesty and the fact that he does not mince his words.
      No pussy footing around the world’s mandated PC garbage.
      God’s truth is truth…can’t rewrite the narrative despite the world’s desperate attempts of doing such just to make everyone happy and feeling good.

      Redemption is often painful but in the end, it is the only thing that matters for the sake of our souls.
      When it comes to the word of God, Bishop Ashenden doen’t sugarcoat a thing!

      He often talks about where he’s come from as far as once a more liberal way of thinking but having been convicted by the Holy Spirit—he knows what the world is now accepting as it’s secualr gospel is a crock of crap.
      He boldly proclaims that it runs totally opposite of the ONE ture Gospel. He knows that there is no way getting around it…no matter how our culture tries—and thus is not afraid to tell the truth—despite the attempts of a society bent on silecning him and those others who continue to fight the good fight.

      As far as BLM goes…the bottom line is that it is a terroist organization—a ravenous wolf masqurading as a helpful feel good sort of organization set to bring about positive spcial justice for “the people”—and the turth is that it is an organization that is happy to use any sort of violence necessary in order to reach its end goals–a goal of the destruction of a civil society based on a constitution and a bases of law.

      It is pro abortion, pro fluid sexual persuasion, and is keen on breaking down the traditional nuclear family.

      And the fact that so many companies are now trying to atone for their preceived sense of being too white or too priveledged or too unsympathetic to ‘the plight of minorites’ to such a level as to throwing piles of money toward BLM is making me nuts.

      No body “gets it” and that is what is so frightening!

      Thanks for the link Tricia, I will read it and probably keep writing my disdain for this madenss!!!

      • Tricia says:

        Enlightening, that’s a great word for their discussion and I’m looking forward to listening/watching more AND learning!

        Your description of the BLM movement really nails it. I fear some really tough days ahead as more and more of this lawlessness agenda gets enacted and it’s happening quick. BLM has couched themselves in such a way so any argument about any aspect of them is seen as not just wrong, but morally deficient, racist and evil. There may be a lot of people that see right through them but few will speak out for fear of their lives being destroyed which is not unwarranted.

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