My entire problem…Looney Tunes

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid
are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Bertrand Russell

I think I’m just about to reach my breaking point.

And yet I think I’ve figured out the root of my troubles…Bugs Bunny.

Bugs Bunny—the beloved leader of the Looney Tune bunch–the joy of my childhood.

When you go after Buggs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Roadrunner, Porky pig, Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzalez,
Peepy le Pew…well, in the immortal words of Yosemite Sam, them are fighting words!!!

Throw-in Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Chef Boyardee, Martha White, Mrs. Butterworth and whoever
else the rabid left have now deemed out of step with our
Orwellian world, then, well, I’m ready to hang a sign on the house that I’ve gone fishing..

Fishing for hope…

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them,
for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6

23 comments on “My entire problem…Looney Tunes

  1. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    “Oooo I hate that rabbit” 😀

  2. says:

    We are entering a whole new world with a civilization that knows not how to laugh at themselves. They respond with laughter towards those they can bully with their laughter. The laugh at the rich and the poor. They believe only they know what’s funny. Pardon me, but Looney Tunes is the last straw.

  3. hatrack4 says:

    When I first heard about Elmer’s gun, I thought of the Looney Tunes Opera Classic, “Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!” What now? Tickle the Wabbit?!?!?

    And I recently introduced a new character to the Deviled Yeggs cast, Easter Yeggs’ girlfriend, Aunt Jemima. What am I to do?

    I know it’s been tried before with bad results, but can we secede? Not North versus South, but little chunks of each state. I love my black neighbors. I am married to a woman of mixed race. How can I get away with being racist? But I am still angry that they took the rebel battle flag away from my alma mater. That to me is part of my heritage and of Mississippi history, not racial at all. Yet, racists have misappropriated it as their symbol. That I understand, just don’t like. The rest is insanity. The old give in an inch and they take a mile, in this case they keep taking until there is nothing left.

  4. Tricia says:

    “I think I’m just about to reach my breaking point.” As our friend Wally likes to say, yep!

  5. David says:

    Utter madness Julie! Driven by a very very small minority I suspect.

    • Well David you know that the defacing of Winston’s statue did not sit very well with me—it’s one thing for the nutters to think every monument from the last century is offensive but to drag Winston through this muck—-it’s beyond me trying to keep my wrath to myself.
      Yes he was Victorian in his thinking, harkening to the days of the sun never setting on the Empire and yes that Empire had some colonization going on…but the crazy riotors would all be jabbering in German or Japanese or Russian had it not been for Winston!
      Why should our insanity have to spill forth on ya’ll is agian, beyond my soul!
      But I suppose misery loves company.

  6. LOL! I think we are all living in a Looney Tunes cartoon! No wonder everything seems so crazy. It’s cartoon land!

    A bit funny, when I first heard of the attack on Elmer Fudd, I thought that was so mean. That poor guy is the only one actually armed and he still never gets his man! This is like attacking the victim or being a bully, targeting the lowest common denominator. He has a weapon and he can’t even catch a rabbit. We should give him some support, teach him how to hunt. Also funny, they took his rifle away and just gave him a really, really big knife! Well, now I am triggered! I mean, that is kind of skeery. I was good with Elmer and his rifle, Elmer and his massive machete has me a little freaked out. 🙂

    • I mean really!!!
      I’d rather that wrascaly wabbit be hunted with a gun than whacked to death with a machete or to have poor ol Elmer whack off his fingers by accident.
      I almost stopped mid aisle today at the grocery store in order to take a picture of good old Aunt Jamima sitting on the pancake shelf but then I would have to have wandered over to the rice aisle to find Uncle Ben and what with the traffic patterns of which aisles you can go up and not down…well, I was just too tired thinking about it!
      Is that trumpet sounding in the East yet…it is the east right?

      • LOL! Poor Aunt Jamima, a victim of today’s cancel culture. You probably already know the richness and diversity of some of that history, but we should spare a moment to honor Nancy Green, former slave, storyteller, activist, and one of the organizers of the Olivet Baptist church. She was the first Aunt Jemima. How I wish we would celebrate the strength of some those women rather than burying them away as something shameful.

      • I mean really!! Again!
        Let’s just hide everything that ever went before…good, bad, indifferent.
        This is a new age—erase the past by God!!!

        Take the band Lady Antebellum jumping on the progressive bandwagon of attmepting to expunge their band’s name because it is now out of step with the goosestepping maniac mob.
        But do they know the word ‘antebellum’ simply means before a war—not simply the Civil war–yet it is most associated with a time before the Civil war—and so because life before the Civil war is now pariah–a persona non gratis event in time, may it all be damned.
        Yes, our Western Civilization has lost its collective freaking mind—and I’m mad as hell about it and don’t want to take it anymore—
        so I guess CHOP will come after me —gees lousie!!!

  7. SarahC says:

    Good quote at top…TRUTH

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    It has gotten so crazy with Political Correctness

  9. Dawn Marie says:

    A truly sad state of affairs. – everywhere you look.

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