When buzzards come calling…

When vultures surround you, try not to die.
African proverb

(close up of a turkey buzzard / Lifescience.com)

Look at that face would you?
Look how the nostril just opens through to the other side…
I’ve always heard that, as the garbage men of the bird world, buzzards
can’t smell…well I would certainly hope not!

It is supposedly by their keen eyesight that they are able to scope out and zoom in on the
latest roadkill.

So over the past weekend, since it has been so miserably hot and while we are still
supposedly in some sort of social distancing lockdown…
just don’t tell everyone out on the roadways that, we opted for some idyllic countryside driving.

I don’t know about you but I’ve come to realize that I feel very heavyily burdened.

Be it this ongoing Pandemic mess…total civil unrest across the nation and world…
political persecution should you support the sitting president…
Christian persecution…

All the while questions loom heavy overhead…
Will there be school, will there not be school…
will there be a second wave…did we ever finish the first wave…
will they open Chruch…will we just succumb to Marxist ideology and the church will be
rendered dead…should we don a mask or not…

And so pray tell, how much longer will all of this mess go on!?

So as we started driving and I was looking out the window, with the weight of so much
heaviness on my mind, I focused my eyes on something a bit odd…
I noticed a black image sitting atop the steeple of a small country church.


“Oh my gosh,” I exclaimed to my husband, “do they not have any sense of reverence?”
“Who?” my husband surprised by my question responds a bit bewildered.

“There’s a buzzard sitting on top of that church’s cross on its steeple.

“No respect” my husband chuckles.

I wish I had been able to get out my phone to take a picture but the one I found
on-line gives you some idea of what I’m talking about.

I went back to staring out the window while musing the symbology of a specter of death
perched on a cross atop a steeple.

And so wouldn’t you know it, when we were out driving around the following day,
I saw the same thing…but this was another church with another buzzard perched up top.

What are those odds?


Who knows…but what I do know is that there’s got to be a heavy dose of irony
buried somewhere in two different visions of death birds perching on top of a cross,
an image of life.

Yesterday, Tricia, over on Freedom Through Empowerment,
and I were chatting back and forth about the implications of the news over Hagia Sophia
becoming a “working” mosque again mirrored by the Marxist push to attack
Christianity here at home.

We both noted that whatever is to come from any of these latest digs at
the global body of Believers was not going to be good.

For many weeks now a thought has been nagging at the back recesses of my thoughts.
It’s a thought that I believe is being slowly fine-tuned.

This was my response to Tricia—a response I cleaned up when re-reading
my initial reply because there is just something about pecking out a deeply
thoughtful response on a phone while using a thumb.

“Tricia—as a kid, I was always mesmerized by the stories of the early saints and martyrs of the church.
I often imagined living life in early Rome,
sneaking about and worshiping in secret, in the cover of darkness or hidden in catacombs.
I imagine my defiance if ever discovered and arrested.
I would face the torture with fortitude.

Or so thought my youthful bravado self.

Even over the past decade, as we’ve seen more and more about the persecution of Christians worldwide,
I’d like to think I would be courageous.
But here, at home, we have something much more sinister and insidious.
No less full of persecution with the end goal being Christian eradication—
yet am I courageous in our oh so woke society?

Do I take to the streets in defense of my faith?

Churches are being attacked..both here and in Europe and it is not by Muslim extremists…
but by extremists none the less.

I can’t help but think God has prepared you, me, Tom, Kathy, IB, Wally, CS et al,
(just a few of the blogging community of Fatih)
to be those who dare to meet in the catacombs albeit the catacombs of today…
those of our neighborhoods and cities.
Am I willing to risk everything for my faith??
I hope I will be able to answer yes.
Is this a preparation of an ending, a clash of both Good and Evil—–
of course, we can’t answer that…but it sure does feel like it.”

And so I’ve come to view my buzzard friends as both a symbol as well as a reminder.

Death has always smugly desired to sit upon that which has always promised life.
Yet those of us who are true Believers, and trust me, there are many today
who call themselves “believers” but who are not…are here for a reason.

Do I think “the end is near?”

I asked this same question just the other day…and like the other day, I couldn’t say,
I can’t say… but what I do know is that it sure does feel like it.

So I think we need to get ready.
Catacombs and buzzards seem to be waiting!

22 comments on “When buzzards come calling…

  1. jeffw5382 says:

    Cookie, Buzzards do have a keen sense of smell-Curious the creature is perched there. Perhaps an omen, I would not wish to say or guess how close we are to Christ’s return, I just keep trying to follow His word and be prepared for that glorious day

    • Me too and I figured they can smell otherwise there’d be no nostril but my husband has always surmised that anything that hangs out at landfills or eats rotten dead things surely has not a nose or sense of smell🤣
      And as for Jesus’ return, I’m simply hoping to be ready should I be around and if not, be ready to simply be called home ! 🥰

  2. bcparkison says:

    My prayer is that we hear the trumpet sooner rather than later and yes….I do believe there is a separation going on.The sheep and the goats are different animals with different pastures.

  3. hatrack4 says:

    My writing place is in my basement, and my wife and I think the house is haunted. Does that count as catacombs? I just love the buzzard on the cross. Is it a sign that the established church is dying? Then, there is a revival starting in California – might it be a Second Jesus Movement?

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    Yesterday as I sat in the car watching church from the outside, I noticed a few birds gathering on the roof of the church building. As our final hymn was sung, even more showed up. If the birds are eager to hear the sound of God’s Word, there must be a need for it in the human population. The turkey vulture probably needed a lift and where else would he get it than from the Cross of Christ?

    As for standing up for my Jesus, I will always do so, but not too sure about persecution. I guess if the opportunity arose to handle that, God would protect me on all sides. So let’s get out there and preach it!

  5. Citizen Tom says:

    We have lots of vultures in Virginia these days.The highway department stopped cleaning up roadkill. So, the birds did the expected. My guess is that the increased population will give the pest control folks something else to do, chasing the birds from where they are not wanted.

    Is the end near? It is nearer. That is all I know.

    If I have a wish, a prayer for these times, it is for parents to seize control of the education of their children back from the government.

    • I fear that we all have vultures / buzzards these days in our governments—both local and national —licking their chops over controling us, their precieved minions—yep Tom, time to take it back…starting with our educational system—don’t get my daughter-n-law the teacher started!!!

  6. Salvageable says:

    I remember nearly twenty years ago sitting on the front porch and watching the buzzards circling over the church across the street. That congregation’s worst enemies were not persecutors from the outside–they bit and consumed each other. The buzzard is such a graceful creature in the air, soaring the breezes; yet it is so ugly up close. It lives an ugly life but performs an important mission for the rest of us. Keep the faith! Christ is still in control. J.

    • I must confess that I do like them.
      We seem to have an abundance where we live… out in the more rural area near our town—they love the thermal updrafts and I imagine the unfortunate possums and armadillos who wander the roads at night and meet an untimely demise by passing motorists.
      My husband always teases me when we’re out driving becasue we will always pass a bunch gathered on the side of the road waiting to enjoy a meal together (sigh)
      It was just more than odd to see two birds on two seperate days sitting atop two seperate chruches…a bit too ironic 🙂

  7. Tricia says:

    Eeeh, the visual of a buzzard on to of a cross IS very foreboding Julie! I was driving through the desert recently and saw one (or a vulture, are they he same?). He was scavenging on the side of the road, probably hoping I’d run out of gas as I blew by and I couldn’t help but feel the same dread you did. There are many evil players waiting and watching as our society tears itself apart, ready to exploit the chaos (and actively doing so) for a variety of reasons. The church, Christianity our founding principles, family, individual uniqueness, they are all on the chopping block for small but very effective group of extremists.

    You may have seen this article already but it describes what you do in your post.

  8. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks, Julie, for another good lesson. We are going to learn a lot in a few months about vultures and an impotent church. But…there is the other side. The Holy Spirit remnant! I believe many believers will be empowered in ways we know not…yet.

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