Herschel for President!!!

“Not to question you, Mark, but do you know what the organization stands for?
Besides saying, Black Lives Matter.
Because I say one of the things that we have to address is Americans’ lives matter.”

Herschel Walker

(Herschel Walker circa 1981/82 / UGA / Julie (Nichols) Cook)

It was a chant often heard ringing throughout Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia on any
given fall Saturday during the early 1980s.
It was a time when both football and Herschel were each king in my small world.

I actually took that rather grainy little picture of Herschel…
it was either the spring of 1981 or 1982, I can’t exactly remember.

My sorority was hosting a 24-hour rock-a-thon in order to raise money for
the international medical organization Project Hope.
We were rocking all night, having raised various pledges for our time and effort spent rocking.
Campus celebrity Herschel Walker came by to sit and rock awhile in hopes of boosting our pledges.
Hence the picture.

If you’re any sort of college football fan, then you know the name
Herschel Walker.

His time playing football for the University of Georgia is the stuff
of legends.
He won the Heisman Trophy his junior year and he helped the college
win a National Championship in 1980.

Athletically, Herschel was a track star, a football player, an NFL player,
a United States Football league player, an Olympic bobsledder as well as a boxer…
and it should be known, he’s still not finished.

So I won’t go into his lengthy and legendary biography here, but just know that
I have the utmost respect for Herschel.

And I have that respect not because he’s from my home state.
Nor because we went to college together.
Nor because he was and is an incredible athlete.
But because Herschel, like many of us, had demons.
Herschel fought those demons through his faith in Jesus Christ–
he has been very public about his battle and his victory through Christ.

I caught a news story yesterday that Herschel and Mark Cuban had got into a bit
of a tit for tat the other evening during a FOX news special hosted by Harris Faulkner.

Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and has been very
vocal in that he will paint Black Lives Matters on his basketball court
and will allow and support his players in expressing themselves however they may
so choose during the coming season.

Herschel, however, questions the logic behind such as he wonders if Cuban,
as well as many others, truly understand what Black Lives Matters actually represents.

Herschel noted that “One of the problems I think that we have
is a lot of these sensitive topics we don’t want to address,
you know, we don’t want to address these sensitive topics
so what we try to do is water them down and try to shout people down,”
Walker told host Harris Faulkner on the special
“The Fight for America” on Sunday night.

“To say that you’re going to put BLM [Black Lives Matter] on the field or on a jersey,
well some people may not believe in BLM,” the Heisman Trophy winner continued.

“For myself … there’s no doubt BLM is important,
but American lives are important. …
The organization of BLM, I’m not sure what they stand for.
And so how could an NFL say we want to support BLM or we’re going to do this here
without having the players to say what they want?
Because you cannot put that on a player who may disagree with it.”

Cuban disagreed with Walker but I for one agree with Herschel.
Do those such a Cuban, who are jumping on the bandwagon, truly know and
understand what BLM means or what it stands for?
Do they realize it is a violent organization rooted in Marxism?
Or do they really care?
Is placating the mob more important than exercising real knowledge?

I for one do not want sports to be so politized.
The National anthem and flag brouhaha was just the starting point…
now we have more anthem issues with the addition of a “black” anthem
and we have teams, players and owners who want to politize their

Sports in the US has always been a unifier and not a
divisive tool.
So now we might as well just say so much for simply loving the game
for the mere sake of the game.

The notion of games, fun, hard work, competition, bragging rights, etc have
been traded in for something much more sinister.

I’m just glad that we still have a few steadfast voices such as those of
Herschel, along with those other voices of average men and women,
each who question the bandwagons and the pushing of agendas down the throats
of both players and fans despite the fact that not all stand in agreement
with the current direction, we seem to be headed.

So yeah, thought-filled and thoughtful rather than angry, emotional, and reactionary.

Yep, Herschel for President…


19 comments on “Herschel for President!!!

  1. Marilyn Reed says:

    I have 4 children. Our oldest is 42 and adopted. She is also Black. She is also my only child to NOT voice some support for BLM. She majored in history and loves it. She has 2 masters degrees and works as a Corrections Officer. She opposes all the BLM rhetoric and the tearing down of statues and changing of history. However, I had to educate her on the connection to Marxism which certainly made her even less likely to support it. My other kids have ended up way too effected by their “college educations”. They all still have varying degrees of faith, in fact, my other daughter is very conservative on other social issues, but she and her husband work in inner city ministry and her husband has gotten some really wrong teaching on racism. He believes it all comes from slavery and we all need to repent. My sons…one a philosophy professor teaching at Canesius College in Buffalo and the younger is an actor. The youngest has bought into all the liberal rhetoric from gay marriage, to pro-abortion, to socialism. The older one has not abandoned those issues, but got sucked into liberal thinking on the racism and environmental issues. What a mish mash, but we still all love each other. The youngest who is very close to his sister was shocked when he was wearing his BLM shirt and she told him she didn’t support them. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall.


    • Oh Marilyn, thank you for such an amazing offering.
      Frist, I must say, you have some mighty accomplished kiddos—albeit one or two a bit misguided 😉
      But they aren’t the first to be misguided.

      My son is in his 30’s—married with two young children.
      He remains a Christian though not church going at the present, and remains conservative in his views…but…
      He is painfully politically correct in fear of being precieved as “one of them”
      He has gay friends who he loves and openly accepts and was even in one of their weddings…this despite believing homosexulaity is sinful.

      I once worked with a fellow teacher who would always say, “what one generation tollerates, another accepts”

      College and culture teaches that everyone and everything is ok as long as it is not Christianity because Christianity is too judgemental…God does not exisit and sin is so last year.

      If our kids survive college these days, and come out sane, it will be a miracle.

      BLM is Marxist and Marxism is very anti Christianity.
      And yet no one seems to get that or worse, care.

  2. jeffw5382 says:

    Amen! I am so grateful for Herschel and many like him that know the history and have taken the time to understand what the BLM organization’s objectives are, which I believe are not in the best interest of all Americans or all of humanity for that matter.

  3. SharaC says:

    Love this. Also… haven’t heard of a bonafide “Rock A Thon” in ages. You truly are my people. 😂😂

  4. pkadams says:

    Did a double take on the title because my dad’s name is Herschel. 🙂 Good for H. Walker!

  5. Lisa V says:

    I DVR’d that special the other night and haven’t watched it yet because I’m afraid it will just make me yell at the TV. Though I love Harris Faulkner. Such a classy woman. Mark Cuban on the other hand is an idiot talking head with too much money. The “band wagon” phenomenon of this generation is absolutely astounding. So many just blindly following along without doing any research whatsoever, all for the fear of being called a racist. Think Mark Cuban would have a problem if I painted “Jesus Lives” across the floor of his arena?

  6. hatrack4 says:

    I love what he has to say, but I do not know if I would vote for him. Then again, if it were Herschel or the communist, sorry Democrat, I would vote for him.

    • I agree Mark— I don’t Herschel is interested in such— hence a bit of wisdom there given our lovely left leaning, woke, cancel culture, progressive liberal society- did I leave any out??! 🤣

      • hatrack4 says:

        I learned a day or so ago, after the Rowling led pushback on Cancel Culture, that they want to be thought of as correcting past wrongs instead of cancelling. Typical liberal, when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they change the language and ascend to a higher level of false piety.

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