is it really a good idea…is it in the best interest of humanity??

“I love mankind, he said, “but I find to my amazement that the more I love mankind as a whole,
the less I love man in particular.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

2020 is proving to be the year that we must never mention again.

You know…as in the name that must not be spoken…
This year needs to hurry up and get put in the books— as in done!

Wishing our lives away?

So here’s a little scenario, followed with a question.

Have you or anyone you’ve ever loved or known ever passed through that tumultuous
phase of life known as menopause?

You know…that little time in a woman’s life when her body shifts gears, things shrivel up,
fertility goes out the window and hell comes rushing in.

I can readily recall the one day that my happy-go-lucky aunt suddenly broke
down in a massive fit of tears while standing in the middle of my den wailing over
her young granddaughter and our young son having gotten into
a minor fuss over the notion of sharing–as most little kids do.

I thought she’d lost her mind until it dawned on me…
her bizarre wealth of emotion came from one place and one place only…
the dreaded “change.”

So back about 26 years ago when I was 35, I had to have a complete hysterectomy…
due to some serious health issues.

At the time, our son was in the second grade.
I was a little bummed that he would be relegated to being an only child but I
also knew the surgery was imperative.

Following surgery, when I was still in recovery, the first hot flash hit.
That’s how fast things happen minus working parts.

So enters HRT—hormone replacement therapy.
HRT was implemented because the prewired, naturally produced, hormones
were removed and taken away…hence the need for a little extra help.

So at age 35, I began taking Premarin.
We played with the doses for a while, until the correct balance was achieved.

And thus began a near 26-year love-hate relationship.

There was, however, that one year when I decided enough was enough and I needed
to purge myself from all that which was non-natural—
and that year became known, by not only myself but by those around me,
as the year from hell…
but I digress.

So last week, given my most recent blood work, my doctor said NO MORE ESTROGEN, ASAP…
as in aka, no more hormones…period, end of sentence.

So is this really the wisest thing to do given the current state of affairs
in our world?

National civil unrest
The demise of Democracy
A contentious year of an election.
and now…no hormones????

It seems that blood clots have become a factor…thus, it is time.

“Cut the current pills in half for two weeks, then go every other day…
then stop”…so she says.

So… after one day…
the hot flashes revved up, the sleepless nights are now rampant
and the ill mood…well…I think if I go to Portland, the President
will not need to send in the National Gaurd…
cause I’ve got this.

A near 61-year-old woman now without her hormones is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Watch out Antifa, I’m coming for you…

26 comments on “is it really a good idea…is it in the best interest of humanity??

  1. says:

    I also had a hysterectomy when I was 31. Since I had always endured terrible periods, with vomiting, extreme pain and endometriosis. I welcomed the absence to say the least. I also was on premaren for many years. The minute I stopped taking them, the oven flew open and day and night sweats became the fare of the day. I still get them occasionally, but rarely. Of course you still have seventeen years to go to catch up to me. What we’re going through in 2020 is a nightmare that seems will never end, but we will survive. And I pray we will be better because of it.

    • I was rife with endometriosis—in fact it was so bad, they had to treat me with major meds for nearly a year before they could do surgery safely— like you I had endured severe monthly cramps since a teenager— I had told my obgyn for years something was wrong— finally after what they thought to be a herniated disc, they went in with an endoscope— fibroids tumors, endometriosis was like human kudzu had everything in knots— so it was an extensive surgery even after a year of treatment— they had to have a gastroenterologist and a urologist assist the gynecologist— I call that the day I was hollowed out like a gourd—
      Yep— bring on the bad guys— I will kick their a$& 😎

  2. lynnabbott says:

    😆😆 I get it! Happened to me suddenly with chemo and post chemo treatment… Menopause on hyperdrive… nooo fun!! Will definitely pray for you!! 💜💜

  3. bcparkison says:

    Maybe this is the answer. Let’s get all of these women together and put and end to this madness.

  4. Lisa V says:

    You may have something there…release all us menopausal women on antifa. LOL Of course, after we kick some major butt, we’ll all end up in the middle of town crying our eyes out and apologizing because of what just happened. Yeah…there’s no winning. Hang in there. I’ve never been able to do HRT because the estrogen aggravates my seizures. Cold turkey, all the way Baby!

  5. Tricia says:

    Ha! Could we also send you to Capital Hill to knock more than a few heads there too?

  6. Nina says:

    Been there, done that. Had my hysterectomy around 38-39. Not fun. I messed with the HRT for awhile and then a few years ago, I just quit taking them. Even now, I’ll have an occasional night sweat or hot flash, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting once I quit cold turkey. It gets easier with time. 🙂

    • Thanks Nina for the support—I knew long ago that I really needed to come off the hormones—but my Gyno tells me one thing while my primary care doc says another—-she’s the woman in the two, so I’m going with her word on it 🙂

  7. LOL! I love this post, Julie. Well done. I am of course, sorry for your struggles. Selfish of me, but I would be quite pleased if you would just take on antifa!

    Some women have reported great success with eating soy, soy milk, tofu, or a soy protein powder. I am so sensitive to it, just a tiny bit will bring back hot flashes, so I know it does have some impact on estrogen. There are several other natural menopause products available too, some of which do seem to help. Naturally consult with your doctor first to avoid any medication interactions. Also, consult with your doctor before eating an entire chocolate cake or robbing a liquor store.

    • I like that liquor store idea— a lot 🥳
      I’ve avoided soy for years as not to overload the estrogen- due to breast cancer concerns. I’ve been on a low hrt dose for sometime now so I trust things will soon even out— the dvt thing is what has my doctor really concerned so who knows— it’s now baby aspirin time.
      But Antifa and anyone else who wants to see what a hormone deprived woman is all about can bring it on!

  8. Dawn Marie says:

    I joined the same ranks in my early 30’s with a partial, so the hormone swings were not as severe for me until about 2-3 years ago…and that is when I discovered boxing!! Nothing like hitting a heavy-bag for 30-60 minutes to release the havoc of emotions roller-coasting through me! Giggles.

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    I think I left some comments on your blog this weekend that somehow might have ended up in spam filter

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