Update– wee beasties abound

A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den.
Chinese Proverbs

(a nest or den hidden in the pinestraw)

(the fur lining is a clue)

(a wee beastie nestles at the doorway_

(a bestie makes a mad dash)

Yesterday we had a really bad thunderstorm around lunchtime.
Once things cleared, I rushed outside to check on the rabbit den and the tiny little
baby I had met the day prior.

Low and behold, as the sun broke through the clouds, there was
indeed that one familiar little head poking out of its den—
it was my little friend.
Yet I noticed something else.
Nestled around my wee friend’s head, it appeared as if he had company.
There was an additional two to three little backsides—
Making a total of either 3 or 4 wee beasties…I couldn’t quite tell.

I was relieved knowing my wee little friend was not alone.

So now I’m blaming what happened next on my friend Kathy.
“Take more pictures” she implores, “they’re so cute.”

Well after supper I headed out to see if I could indeed snap a picture or two
of the wee clan living under the fire bush.

Crawling on my hands and knees, easing my way to the small opening, I gently reached
toward the little brown bottom sitting at the opening of the den.
Suddenly baby rabbits came barreling out of the hole running every which-a-way.

“What are you doing?! my husband hollers out while watching babies scoot
here,there and yon.

“Stop that one” I yell, as I watch my husband just stand there watching a brown blur
race alongside the rock wall, racing for dear life seeking shelter under
the masive viburnum bush.

“Why didn’t you stop it? I wailed.
“I didn’t want to step on it” he quipped.

Rolling my eyes I began to scrunch and inch my way under the giant viburnum bush…
gently moving the straw, while hoping to get the baby so I could put him back in the nest.

I eventually managed to get one of the babies back in the nest but one remained under the
viburnum bush while the other baby was on the opposite end of the shrubbery bed
under a butterfly bush.

The tiny sparrows hopping about kept looking at me, wondering what in the world was
this latest creature in the yard who was crawling around on all fours.

I searched and searched..and searched in vain.
The missing two babies had seemed to disappear into thin air…or more aptly
disappeared under a mass of straw and spent leaves…perfectly camouflaged.

I will go back out in the morning to check on them.

But oh what a blessing.

God is so gracious…so kind…so thoughtful.

I’ve been so consumed by the latest current events of this world.
Those of our dreadful woes and seemingly guaranteed demise…and yet here is God, granting me
a tiny look into His world…a far cry from the world I am a part of… that of
man’s world…a world full of strife and frustration.

Granted, nature at times can indeed seem cruel and harsh…but for now, I will simply
glory in the Grace I’ve been afforded–that of watching a few wee beasties
learn about life in a world full of bushes and plants… and an odd creature
teetering about on all fours cooing like a nut to a handful of wee beasties.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what
God has done from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

15 comments on “Update– wee beasties abound

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. We all need some wee beasties in our life right now. The insanity will go on, but so does life and your adventure with these little ones is just what you needed and so did I.

  2. bcparkison says:

    It is always fun to come across Nature this way but remember…the more you snoop the easier it will be for a not so friendly animal to find them. Be careful.

  3. oneta hayes says:

    Such a blessed occurrence! A peak into Heaven.

  4. Where I reside, a small brown and white wabbit frequents the grounds. Normally it comes after dark. This morning it appeared afore i went to vote and pay my car insurance. cathynative77@gmail.com Pastor Cathy Native

    On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 6:42 AM cookiecrumbstoliveby wrote:

    > Julie (aka Cookie) posted: “A sly rabbit will have three openings to its > den. Chinese Proverbs (a nest or den hidden in the pinestraw) (the fur > lining is a clue) (a wee beastie nestles at the doorway_ (a bestie makes a > mad dash) Yesterday we had a really” >

  5. Julie, thank you for sharing your delight in the middle of a chaotic world. The animals have not forsaken their places. Praise the Lord for showing us His continued grace.

    • Fran—I was reading your post this morning in the car while running errands with my husband.
      I knew you had been posting sporadicly and I had thought a great deal about you and Jerry during all of this pandemic mess.
      After reading your post—I knew the reason for your absence here in the blogworld.

      I responded quickly in the car as I wanted to simply reach out as if to send a fast but embracing hug.

      But once I got home, I knew I wanted to write something more.

      Jerry battled for a very long time.
      He was truly a warrior in many senses of the word.
      As were (and still are) you.
      You were a loving and selfless wife and an
      A-number 1 Caregiver—no better one!

      You epitomized the marraige vow “in sickness and in health”

      You mourn your loss and you are also mourning your role–that of not only wife but that of caregiver.

      It is so difficult going from that of a constant caregiver to suddenly a sense of nothingness.
      Your thoughts and time had been Jerry and his wellbeing and now those thoughts and time seem like an endless void..an emptiness.

      My prayer is that Jesus and His healing balm will fill that void and that time.

      It will not make your loss any less painful.
      I will not take away your sorrow or dry your tears.
      It will not mend a now breaking heart.

      But we know, without doubt, that God as Abba, as Father, draws ever closer to us in the depths of our pain…even more so than when we are simply going day to day.

      My prayer is for God’s Grace to be truly sufficeint.

      A ture heatfelt hug Fran

  6. Ed says:

    I love catching a view of the ones that hop in our neighborhood after dark.. Though I believe they may be transitioning from a desert area nearby that is being taken over by construction. We even have one that sneaks into our yard every now and then

  7. Tricia says:

    Oh those little beasties! Such a Godsend indeed and a good reminder of His creativity.

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