what will you risk for what is right?

If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats.
But if you take no risks, you win no victories.

Richard M. Nixon

(a picture I’d taped to my classroom door of Mikhail Gobachev being driven through East Berlin)

As I continue to clean out what was my former life…out of the myriad of boxes and bins
buried in our basement, boxes from my life of teaching, I found a box of things
I’d pulled off my classroom door when I was cleaning out my classroom upon retirement.

I also had this picture of Mother Teresa’s feet…
I’d placed the photo on my door, backing it with a simple black sheet of mat board.
I had written on the mat “these feet never complained—they just kept moving in the name of Love”

Many of the kids commented that they thought the picture was “gross”.
Such comments afforded me the opportunity to explain to them as to why someone would allow their
feet to get in such a sad state of affairs.

I wanted to challenge my kids, as well all the other kids who would pass by my door,
with such issues of truth, life, sacrifice, love, conviction, bravery and the notion
of looking beyond self to things that were much greater…

My prayer is that we continue to seek that which is greater than ourselves.

If we do so, we might just erase the current senseless violence besieging our cities.

12 comments on “what will you risk for what is right?

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    When I was in college I tried to save money by buying cheap shoes. Sore feet persuaded me that doesn’t work.

    Not sure the lady made a good decision about shoes, but I cannot question her generosity.

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    We all need to hear words like this every day. Our choices will determine our future and when we can encourage others, \we’re helping them to make the right choices.

  3. Tricia says:

    Isn’t it neat to dig through physical objects of the past like that Julie? They remind us of what we value and hope to pass on to others. The sad thing is I bet in many districts today you wouldn’t even be allowed to display such objects, as they represent, to many in our cultural Marxist moment, the racist, patriarchy of dead white men. And Mother T’s staunch pro life views? Oy vey, can’t have that!

  4. How cool, Julie! Those are the values and ideals we need kids to have access too, to be able to discuss, to see they are ideals that teacher’s value. And I’m reminded of how far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen. I remember when a teacher here put up a poster, “..we can do small things with great love,” and she had to take it down, too controversial, someone felt threatened by it. That right there is the problem, in order to “think,” we must be willing to risk conflict, controversy, and diverse opinions.

    • I think that was a Mother Teresa quote or a shortened version of one.
      And I imgaine if I was still there at school, I would have to pull down a few of my “door decorations” as someone would certainly complain.
      When one complains about moralistic values
      we have lost one more piece to our humanness…and at the rate we’re going…humanness just might disappear in the very near future.

  5. Oneta Hayes says:

    Important remembrances and important reminders.

  6. Dawn Marie says:

    Such a beautiful post, Julie. Your students were blessed to receive your compassionate wisdom…even if they failed to recognize the meaningful message at the time. I do believe the seeds of enlightenment will bloom at the appointed time. Thank you for continuing to share with all of us in this same way!🌼🌸🌼

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