maybe we could at least make folks smile…under those masks

“Once plague had shut the gates of the town, they had settled down to a life of separation,
debarred from the living warmth that gives forgetfulness of all.”
“If there is one thing one can always yearn for and sometimes attain, it is human love.”

Albert Camus, The Plague

No you’re not having a case of deja vu…I just had a thought that piggybacks
off of a recent post.
Plus I still love that little meme…
‘looks like plague’s back on the menu boys…”

Cracks me up it does…and I think I need some cracking up—
in fact I think a good many of us could benefit with a good crack up,
chucke, chortle, laugh, or at least a smile.

And so do you remember a couple of weeks back when I did a bit of a history lesson on the
plague doctors of the Medieval and Renaissance ages…those physicians tasked
with dealing with those suffering from the plague, otherwise known as The Black Death?

Remember they were the ones who donned those elaborate bird-like masks and cosutmes
that were intended to protect them from the deadly vapors thought to be carried on
the winds, especially the night air.

(Paul Fürst, engraving, c. 1721, of a plague doctor of Marseilles
(introduced as ‘Dr Beaky of Rome’).
His nose-case is filled with herbal material to keep off the plague.)

Here’s a link to that post:

I mused that maybe I should get such a mask and use it when I was venturing out into
contagionville, aka our everyday world.

(Venetian Plague doctor mask worn at Carnival / pintrest)

And pondering over this mask business, I had a new idea.

I really hate that we are now having to constantly wear masks.
I miss the smiles.
We are in isolation even when we venture out…
a sad reality.

I was on an elevator Friday with a family with a little girl…
she looked up at me and I told her how much I liked her cherry decorated mask.
She thanked me but I couldn’t discern a smile.

I follow the rules.
I do it.
I wear them.
Mine are not fashionable, just practical.

Doing as I am told and instructed…
I’ll admit that in the very beginning, before mandates, I confess to defiance…
but not now, as I’m not willing to die on this particular mountain,
as there will be other mountains soon that will require my allegiance…
I will adhere to the “mandate.”

So we know that I’m not being like those defiant ones who still venture into stores
where signs are all over the doors clealy stating that all who enter must wear a mask.

There are even those freindly little voices over the loudspeakers reminding all customers to wear
their masks and to follow the arrows as how to traverse the aisles…
‘follow the green arrows, don’t cross the red X’
And yet there are those who just can’t seem to follow directions.

I taught a lot of those kind of folks.
Directions, to some, just don’t come naturally–we simply say “bless their hearts.”

I have noticed that those who do wear their masks have issues with darting their eyes.
Quickly diverting their glance should another set of eyes make contact.
All other worldly really.

It makes shopping no longer very enjoyable.
The ‘mask fog’ on glasses makes seeing darn near impossible and yet maybe one plus is that
you can now tell you should do a better job brushing your teeth or yes, you do need mints.
Perhaps a blessing to those who use to be near you as you spoke.

And how about talking muffled?
Repeating over and over what you’re attempting to ask for until the
poor clerk finally can discern your words.

It seems that we all benefited from looking at faces for clues and discenment

I miss that.

So after looking over some old pictures, it dawned on me.
We’re about the start seeing those halloween festivities in stores.
What will costumes be like this year, what will trick or treating be this year?

So I found this picture when the Mayor was just a baby and we were strolling through
Target and I put on this halloween mask to give the baby Mayor a giggle.

And so now I have it.
Let us don the masks of the season to illict some most welcomed giggles and laughs!
Lord knows we need them.

By the way…the Mayor has been most puny. It seems she now has the Sherrif’s viral infection…
a high lingering fever.
Not Covid thank goodness…just a good ol childhood virus…so I’m off to go give care.

Be back soon.

A joyful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

26 comments on “maybe we could at least make folks smile…under those masks

  1. hatrack4 says:

    We went to a trendy breakfast place, supposedly healthier food, but really just the crap that the young folks will eat. Due to the COVID restrictions, they had half the people stay outside until a safe-distanced table was available. None of these young idiots wore masks, close enough to each other to hug them. Yes, the odds of one having the virus is slim, but if they did, twenty would have it now. They think themselves immortal and they just don’t care.

    As for you mask with a beak, I love it. I used to have an Alf mask around here, but I think one of the boys grabbed it.

  2. Marilyn Reed says:

    I have felt the same way from the beginning & while I comply pretty much all the time, I still rebel on the inside because I’m afraid if I don’t I will start acting like those people who wear them out of fear and really believing they are some kind of magical preventative medicine and the whole world is dying from this disease. I miss seeing more babies in the stores and smiling at the ones I do see. I was in my ALDI about a month ago and saw a young mom with a baby. I had my mask on like a good little girl but stopped to look at the baby (from a safe distance of course). The mom had a mask on but I said to her, “This is what I miss the most with these masks is not being able to smile and talk to babies.” The mom said, “You can take your mask down, I don’t care.” I did and it was sweet of her.

    This is an excellent video that goes into the history of masks…Very interesting:


    • Thank you Marilyn- and I totally agree about seeing the children and babies—I think most adults probably appear most frightening now—
      Thank you for sharing about the mask history— when I was still teaching, we did a whole unit on mask making- the kids, despite being teens, loved it!

  3. says:

    Hope all goes well this week and may
    God cover you with his protection as you care for those sweet babies.

  4. Tricia says:

    I’m pretty worn down by all the senseless mandates and masking is making me particularly grouchy these days. I wear them indoors just because if I don’t would not be allowed to shop anywhere and I don’t complain BUT, my big issue has always been the overkill with people thinking they are some miracle Covid prevention tool and with requirements to wear them outside which is absurd and completely anti science. It’s about controlling people not the virus.

    I too miss smiles and hate the fearful eyes I see when I pass by people on the street and they see my massless face.

  5. I am going to keep an eye out for one of those bird-like masks. :)))

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