ahh, the real definition of “justice”

“Justice is not something God has.
Justice is something that God is.”

A.W. Tozer

“When we attend to the needs of those in want,
we give them what is theirs, not ours.
More than performing works of mercy,
we are paying a debt of justice.”

Pope Saint Gregory the Great

4 comments on “ahh, the real definition of “justice”

  1. hatrack4 says:

    And I have a problem with these lawyers who claim that justice is obtaining money from someone else through a lawsuit. If the harm is strictly monetary, maybe other than the distrust that remains, but money cannot repair brokenness. Not even close. So, I will not be calling 1-800-JUSTICE any time soon.

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    This word, used so much and ill defined these days

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