going, going, gone….looking

Job was astonished at seeing Almighty God so intent on doing good to us
that He seems to have nothing more at heart than to love us and to induce
us to love Him in return.

Saint Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori

(they came, they ate, they’re gone, it’s gone…I’m gone / Julie Cook / 2020)

Well from our photograph you can see that the caterpillars have had their fill.
They ate all that was in sight and now, they are out of sight.

I feel that I want to be the same for a bit, or at least for a few days…
as in out of sight.

Our friend IB, also known as the Princess keeper of the 9th circuit of hell…
someone has to live out there and try to hold those folks’ feet to the fire…
offered a wonderful post the other day…it was a bit of an eye-opener or perhaps
just a good ol kick in the pants sort of reminder.

We are inundated with both the negative and bad are we not?
EVERYTHING these days is bad…matters not which side of whatever fence you’re sitting on…
We read it,
we see it,
we hear it,
we watch it…

Conservative vs liberal
Republican vs Democrat
Anarchist vs law-abiding
Pro police vs anti-police
Black lives vs All lives
Trump vs Biden
Christain vs atheist
Abortionist vs Right to lifer
Mask wearer vs mask hater
Football vs no football

On and on it goes…
So much so that I am weary.

IB offered what seems to be a novel notion—-
perhaps we ought to be out looking for that which is good, which is heroic—
that which is positive rather than focusing on the negative and the bad..

And I think I’ll give it a go…
I’ll get back with what I find…

But for now…enjoy IB’s post and may you too go in search of all that remains…

When Good Men do Something:


In the meantime…I’m going to look for what I once knew about America…
there is still a whole lot of good going on…

5 comments on “going, going, gone….looking

  1. bcparkison says:

    Yea….one of my followings does report good things. I send y0u a link.

  2. Amen, Julie! Thanks for the link.

    Here is the midst of our fires, so smoky you can hardly breathe, we were all just praying for rain over at church. I kid you not, my eyes were closed but than I felt it, one drop and than two. Yep, just like that! Came home and the weather says some real rain is on the way! Yayyy. We’re safe from the fires right here, but the smoke has been bad, so I’m really looking forward to RAIN!

    • Tom Salmon says:

      Glad God answered your prayers. Looked at the satellite photos, and I was amazed by all the smoke. The global warming crowd in your neighborhood must be hysterical, but such things have always happened.

      When I was a boy, we lived in Japan for awhile. Got a bit of a shock. For awhile we had dust settling all over everything, and we wondered where it was coming from. It turned out to be coming from sandstorms in central Asia.

      When I lived in Colorado Springs back in the 80’s, ash from the fires in Yellowstone National Park drifted in and settled on the city. Since you are a lot closer to the fires than that, it must be miserable.

      Some how some way the devil even managed to get into the Garden of Eden. Fortunately, someone prayed, and God answered.

    • Praise the lord IB— we headed south to the gulf— straight toward the new hurricane— such is our luck!!!!

  3. Tom Salmon says:

    Enjoyed IB’s post too.

    Weariness can be an attitude, real, or both.

    Our attitude is something we can strive to control. Easier said than done, of course, but it is worth thinking about. We can try to avoid that which wearies us. We don’t need to allow the mass media inundate us with bad news. They want us tired and afraid. Not much point in paying for cable TV, for example, if all it does is weary us.

    When we have been doing something that needs to be done — because we believe God approves — real weariness is a good thing, especially the end of the day. Leads to a good night’s sleep.

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