it isn’t easy, nor is it ever fair…

“The demand for equality has two sources; one of them is among the noblest,
the other is the basest, of human emotions. The noble source is the desire for fair play.
But the other source is the hatred of superiority.
At the present moment it would be very unrealistic to overlook the importance of the latter.”

C.S. Lewis

(a roped off area where a sea turtle has laid her eggs / Rosemary Beach / Julie Cook / 2020)

Life is hard and it is certainly not always ever fair…

And yet we humans seem to be trying oh so hard to keep things as equitable, even, fair,
as well as level, as far as our conscious demands…

That is until we are stymied…

Stymied not so much by our fellow man or menacing mob, but rather stymied by
the likes of someone much more powerful…that being Mother Nature.

We can scream at one another about fairness, justice, injustice, and unfairness all we want.
We can make other men kneel at our sword and cower to our words and demands.
We can threaten, harass, harangue, and even inflict harm all in the name of making
others bend to our will for a purported notion of justice or fairness.

Yet in the end, it really isn’t any of us who will have the final say.

We had made plans long ago to come down to the Gulf this week…
our plans were long before a string of storms began advancing.
But such is any planned trip to a beach during this time of year.

The Gulf’s latest intruder is named Sally.

Unfortunately, I left my transfer cable for my camera at home so all of my
pictures from my camera will have to wait to be uploaded onto my computer when I get home…
I did, however, manage to get a few pictures using my phone.

This is the time of year when the sea turtles come to shore in order to lay their eggs.

There are beach volunteers who will mark and rope off the areas where a turtle nest
is situated.
Sea turtles, their nests, eggs, as well as hatchlings, are all protected.

Walking the shoreline yesterday evening, only hours before the storm would advance
as it has today causing massive erosion, we saw several roped-off nesting sites.
Some of the sites were far enough away from the battering surf but there was one
directly in the surf.

Poor turtle, I thought, her hard efforts, her nest, her offspring,
will most likely be in vain.

Had the weather been calm, the nesting site would probably have faired well but
I knew given the storm, there would be no site remaining the following day.

This was what we found this morning—a single staub jutting out of the surf
where yesterday there were four well marked and roped staubs.

And as we walked later in the day, as the gulls and plovers roamed what sand
was not underwater, we found a lone egg.
Cracked and dented.

(a lone turtle egg / Julie Cook / 2020)

And so as I ponder Mother Nature…her fickled ways with both life and death–
my prayers are with our neighbors to the West…those who are living in the midst of
hell on earth as wildfires ravage Oregon, Washington, and California—
just as I think and pray for yet another Gulf area that will be hit by yet another hurricane.

We may think we can bend man, or woman, to make him or her do as we please…
but in the end, it will be Mother Nature,
her and her alone, who will always have the final decisive say.

And yet…in actuality,
it just might be what we do in the wake of her decisions that will make the more
lasting difference on humanity…be that for good or be that for bad.

She plays her hand and then we must respond.

Maybe she just wants to divert our attention from ourselves for just a brief respite.

By my great power and outstretched arm I made the earth, mankind,
and the animals that are on the face of the earth, and I give it to whomever I see fit.

Jeremiah 27:5

5 comments on “it isn’t easy, nor is it ever fair…

  1. Cool post, Julie. My second kid is a big fan of turtles and so a few times a year she goes off on a turtle rescue mission, to parts of Florida mostly. Turtles are rare here, although we do have some native pond turtles.

    I often wonder about this innate sense of fairness so many of us seem to recognize. Mother nature of course, is never fair, so what are we trying to emulate, where did we even get these ideas?

    A bit funny, our speaker of the house, Marie Antoinette, recently proclaimed, the fires going on
    are because “mother nature is angry.” Somebody should probably throw that woman into a volcano to appease the gods just in case, but I digress. What I found so weird was the whole idea that nature could somehow be appeased.

    • That volcano idea is the best thing I’ve heard all day!
      I think God might be the sad one— but He already knows how this will all play out— but what’s a little volcano fun amongst friends— we’ll give her plenty of cake and hair dryers for her trip down 🤣😂

  2. bcparkison says:

    Prayers for yet another storm and the folks in her path and the linemen who are still working Louisiana. If she turns north east we may miss the wind here in central Mississippi but the coast will be a target.

  3. Dawn Marie says:

    Our first vacation as a family was to the beaches of North Carolina – Caswell Beach, just off Bald Head Island. One night, after the kiddos were fast asleep, I went off on a quiet walk all to myself. I knew very little of the habits of the sea turtles, so imagine my surprise when a large loggerhead came out from the ocean, making her way to the grassy hillsides. I was mesmerized. My solo venture was eventually interrupted by members of the turtle-patrol who quickly pulled me into action along with them. I actually helped to count the number of eggs she laid, measure her shell’s circumference, then stake out her nest once her delivery was complete. It was one of the most magical nature moments I’ve ever experienced. Long before cell phones with cameras to take photos, only my memory to capture the details. It was 3 humans, one majestic turtle, under the moonlight, waves crashing gently at the shoreline. I will remember that moment forever…. Hugs to you for taking me back to such a wonderful memory. 💕🐢💕 (Also, I join you in prayer for those in harms way from the forces of nature.)

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