today’s view and forecast…questionable with a heavy dose of ominous

“The goodness of God is the highest object of prayer,
and it reaches down to our lowest need.
It quickens our soul and gives it life, and makes it grow in grace and virtue.”

St. Julian of Norwich

(my initial view this morning /Julie Cook / 2020)

So recently I have spent time running from ologist to ologist,
with a few MDs thrown in for good measure.

About a year or so ago you might remember that I was thought to be a carrier
for hemochromatosis.
A genetic disposition for the body to store up iron.
Iron is not eliminated by the body…it usually gets what it needs to function
from food, or if necessary, from supplements.

I had no idea that the body can’t process out extra iron…extra iron gets
stored up in organs, much like a grain silo—
organs don’t do well with a growing surplus of iron that is not used up.

It was eventually determined that I did not have full-blown hemochromatosis but I do,
however, possess one variant gene.
One normal gene and one not so normal gene.
So what that means is that I am a carrier who is having storage issues.
All because that blasted one rouge gene has got my body acting like
a freaking storage silo.

Soooo, the solution???…drain off the blood.

My current numbers are at 336…normal is 150.

So last week I had to see a slew of doctors.

I saw the gastroenterologist, a hematologist, my regular Internal med doctor
along with a radiologist while both my gynecologist and rheumatologist loudly weighed
in on all the bloodwork.

Seems this blood of mine is a quandary that’s gotten my medical folks in a dither.

One marker read that I was at high risk for blood clots.
That sent three of the 6 into a tizzy…each screaming, in his or her own way,
that I needed to start a baby aspirin a day or even blood thinners while immediately
coming back off the estrogen.

WHOA—HOLD ON!” I yelled!
“I just got back on the estrogen after two months of misery and zero sleep!!!”

There were a few other pesky issues as well so it was off to the hospital
for an abdominal CT scan along with, you guessed it, more bloodwork.

The good news is that the CT scan was all good except for my back…
but I already knew that.
The other good news was that the clotting markers were now perfectly normal…
HA! The estrogen can stay…thank the Lord!

But the iron…aka ferritin, well, it was over twice what it needs to be.
That meant a visit to the vampire transfusion center.


The last time I gave blood of any real significance, as in a pound bag’s worth,
was back in 1977.
I was a junior in high school and gave at our school’s blood drive.

After I was finished, I sat up on the table only to fall back down.
I repeated the up and down business several more times until I was told
to finally stay down.

After an hour or so and a few cookies later, I was released back to class…
and it was now time for lunch.

I can vividly remember getting my salad and walking back to the lunch table.
I looked at my salad and that’s all I remembered…until I woke
up, flat on my back, on the floor with salad scattered all around me while
folks hovered over me.

So no, I don’t give blood.

Tubes and viles, yes– bags full, no.

This morning when I ventured to the transfusion center, I explained all of this
to the nurse who was going to be siphoning me off.
She assured me that once I was done, she’d replace the lost blood with
a bag of fluid.

I was in an area that had 4 sections, all with divider curtains,
where other folks were propped up in order to receive cancer treatments and the like.

In fact, the whole floor was divided into sections of fours where patients
all sat tethered to various bags or machines.
Each reclining chair had a TV if one was so inclined to watch.
I just attempted to catch up in blogland and with the news on my phone
using my one unencumbered hand—that being my left and
opposite of the one I am comfortable using–so it was more like fumbling
with a phone.

Since it was so early, I’d really not eaten breakfast.
I was told that that was bad and that I needed to eat the pack
of crackers they were shoving at me.

When she started draining me off, my arm was uncomfortable but I thought
no big deal, I can do this.

As I neared the end of filling the bag, I noticed that I was not feeling well.
In fact, I was feeling really really bad.
I think the nurse must have noticed this too…probably
because I was now drained of all color and I had jerked off
my face mask…as I kept mumbling something about thinking I was
going to throw up.

Immediately she flipped my chair back so far that I was practically on my head
as she quickly hooked up the blood pressure machine.
80 over 40.

Immediately she began administering the fluids.

Halfway through the bag, she brought my chair back up to a normal position.
When the bag was empty the BP reading was now 91 over 56…better
but not where she wanted it.
I had started at 124 over 64.

Another bag and 30 minutes later I was up to 110 over 56—
a number it seemed we both could live with…literally.

And off I went…with an appointment to return in December.

As I looked around me in that large room with lots of folks
hooked up to things for various treatments…I pondered things
larger than my little bag of blood.

Some of the folks looked basically like me, healthy on the outside.
Some were elderly.
Some moaned and winced in pain.

And so I thought about this countdown week if you will.

A week like no other that any of us has ever known.

A week of ominous anticipation.

Many are scared.
Many are fearful
Many grow both anxious and angry.
All the while falsehoods, vehemence, and accusations whirl through the very
air we breathe.

Yet what of all the folks all over this nation of ours, all in rooms similar
to where I sat today…folks hooked up to machines, being fed medicines
in hopes of offering them some glimmer of a future…a chance to continue
life as they once knew it before a disease.

Some will not survive their treatments.
Some will not survive their diseases.

Some will.

Yet contrary to popular belief…we, meaning you and me,
will survive this election.
No matter who you vote for, the world as you know it will not cease nor
implode on Tuesday.
So quit acting like the sky is falling.

Satan feeds us fear…so don’t take it.

Oh, it might feel that life will end.
And it might get ugly before it gets better.
But you and I are not hooked up to a machine that is treating us
for a terminal illness…this election will not kill us—
despite what many of us are thinking.

A few weeks back, I read two different yet telling posts by our dear friend Oneta.

Oneta is a wise woman who is rooted in the Word of God.

I listen when she speaks…or make that, I take notice when she writes.

These particular posts of hers gave me much to chew on and a sense
of calm.

Please take the time to read what she has written.
They are not long posts.



Remember God is always stronger than evil!

“Many things happen that God does not will.
But he still permits them, in his wisdom, and they remain a stumbling block
or scandal to our minds.
God asks us to do all we can to eliminate evil.
But despite our efforts, there is always a whole set of circumstances which we can do nothing about,
which are not necessarily willed by God but nevertheless are permitted by him,
and which God invites us to consent to trustingly and peacefully,
even if they make us suffer and cause us problems.
We are not being asked to consent to evil, but to consent to the mysterious wisdom of God
who permits evil.
Our consent is not a compromise with evil but the expression of our trust
that God is stronger than evil.
This is a form of obedience that is painful but very fruitful.”

Fr. Jacques Philippe, p. 33
An Excerpt From
In the School of the Holy Spirit

31 comments on “today’s view and forecast…questionable with a heavy dose of ominous

  1. says:

    Great words I’d hope today. We must not live in fear even when all seems so dark. God is our refuge and strength. I’m hoping you get some relief from your blood letting along with some answers. Love you my friend.❤️

  2. bcparkison says:

    It would be nice if we could ‘see’ what tomorrow holds but God in his wisdom didn’t give us that. faith is sometimes hard but it is so important that faith is the answer to all of our problems.
    I do hope you had someone driving you around to all of your Drs. …especially after the letting.

  3. hatrack4 says:

    I will be praying for you. I know, you are already in my prayers, but this is extra. My mother had blood transfusions with her blood disease – like leukemia, but not. (???) We went to the doctor today and I have written something for next Tuesday to explain. My wife is going through a bunch of stuff, meaning that we both are. I am learning from you in that I may just do some quotes on occasion since my days may end up getting really busy. For one, she has not made much improvement on her kidneys, so they will be mapping her veins next Friday – we hope – with surgery to install a fistula in her arm a week or two later. But each time she goes under anesthesia, she seems to come out a little fuzzy headed, and the neurologist is working with her on that – what I am writing about next week. Scary, but God is in control, and this is early in the process.

    • Thanks Mark…I know you pray, as I do for you both.
      Yes, quotes and a pic work when you want to say something but really don’t have the time to elaborate due to LIFE….
      I don’t comment much when life is crazy…I read, like I did yesterday sitting in my quad of tethered machine-mates getting or giving meds or blood…we do what we can.
      So if I’m not often vocal, just know I’m reading and digesting…just unable to chat due to life’s craziness.
      Your wife is a trooper.
      They reiterated to me yesterday to drink, drink, drink as my kidney functions do tend to hover low…in part because I’m more camel—I’ve just never been a big consumer of water etc…I don’t drink when I eat. My husband thinks I’m a loon since I can go an entire meal without taking a sip of anything.
      I do drink wine more than I should.
      But at least it is liquid. 😉
      So I do try to consciously drink more water.
      Especially with the Sjögren’s diagnosis which tends to dry out my mouth and eyes.

      Betty Davis was correct when she said that aging is not for sissies.

      Yes–God is in control.
      I think that is why I am oddly calm this lead up week to the election. God has this.

      • hatrack4 says:

        You have mentioned more details of what goes on in such clinics than my wife has. She talks about how the chairs are so uncomfortable that some of the old guys with back problems scream in pain and demand to have their dialysis cut short due to the pain. She has thought of me and my back when they do that. She had her drain come unplugged and sprayed blood all over the floor once. But otherwise, she is such a people person that she knows what the nurse, Brandon, was at his Halloween party. His wife was Cruella da Ville while he was a Dalmatian – because he’s always in the doghouse. But your description was good enough so that I could close my eyes and see the set up – then again, you provided a few photos. Thanks for sharing that.

      • yes the man in the corner by me came in for cancer treatments. They pulled the curtain.
        The gentleman before had the curtain open and we chatted about his having been a Cordon blue trained chef.
        But the second man was in considerable pain.
        He did complain about his back and I knew from having sat for nearly two hours that my back was too beginning to ache as I was also growing quite cold.
        But that was probably because my BP had dropped so low despite them keeping these sorts of lab rooms so cold.

        I was just glad I never threw up—but that is usually how I feel right before I pass out…so getting flipped on my head was a good thing!

        At 61, I was the youngest person in my quad. I did not really get to see those in the other quads.
        But it was a sobering reminder that there are more important things than this blasted election!

      • hatrack4 says:

        Amen! We have not discussed it since the Dr visit today. My latest problem has been getting her Smart TV to get smarter. I rebooted the WIFI three times and then finally got smart myself and asked her to turn the TV off and then on again. She is now watching Longmire reruns, no thought of watching the news.

      • smart…we’re watching Hannity…Newt was on and was pretty positive.

      • hatrack4 says:

        4 years ago, the pollsters were wrong. They asked the wrong people.

      • I think they’re still asking the wrong people

      • hatrack4 says:

        Since “Biden has a strong lead” I hope you are correct. And I doubt if Newt ever read my Mashie Niblick story. I hope he won’t mind that I put newts in a bad light.

      • I do feel good about it actually

  4. […] today’s view and forecast…questionable with a heavy dose of ominous […]

  5. A big amen, Julie! Well done, all of it, the links to Oneta, the medical adventure, and the reminder not to fear! You’ve gone and hit a triple, a homerun even! Be kind to yourself and get some rest. I’ll be lifting you up prayer, too.:)

    • Thanks IB—better today than yesterday, that’s for sure!!!!
      And yes, dreading doing it again in December…but hey….who’s to say we’ll even have a December come Tuesday…hahahahahahaha

  6. K.L. Hale says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing ok Julie! And yes, fear is not of God indeed. In thinking of you sitting there with all of the “ologists” it reminds me of my year of “diagnosis” (that’s what I call it). I have a gene mutation and a blood disorder that couldn’t be figured out until I went to UAMS in Little Rock, AR (after having suffered traumatic brain injury years ago). My “home town” drs would give me iron thinking I was anemic (did they really look at my actual numbers?) and then I would hold too much iron and chelation would be the relief. It’s such a daily balance living with these “conditions”. And I’m so thankful to our Heavenly Father that we are not defined by these; but are defined by being chosen by HIM. I’m praying for you, our leaders, and this country for the next week. Take care of yourself! God bless you!

  7. Tricia says:

    Yeesh, what an ordeal Julie! I hope you are feeling ok now? I can’t give blood either by these, I always pass out. I like your words on fear as well, we can’t let it overwhelm us.

  8. oneta hayes says:

    I’m very late responding. Probably you knew it was because of the electricity being out. I’m trying to do some catch-up. Especially on comments. Thanks you so much for passing along the links. Also I am glad to know what is happening to you physically. It is frustrating to be passed along like a package on a moving rack. But you do meet some nice people. I’m sure you give a lift to the people who need a spark in their day. Entertaining way you tell of your blood-giving episodes. As much as possible see this thing as a new adventure, and be at peace with the knowledge that nothing is ignored by your Master. Love to you, dear girl.

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    Praying for your health; haven’t donated blood in a long time myself! Sobering your last point about life and also putting the election in perspective

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