put a fork in it!

“Unless you have been very, very lucky, you have undoubtedly experienced
events in your life that have made you cry.
So unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good,
long session of weeping can often make you feel better,
even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.”

Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

(a festive butter turkey / Julie Cook / 2020)

I trust everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday…
no matter what it may have looked like.

Ours was odd and quiet.

Over the past two weeks, my husband and I have had our fair share of tests that were
both positive and negative.
And since we really didn’t know which way was really up or down, we opted to forego the
annual family adventure to Savannah with both the Mayor and Sherrif.

And so I mourned for a good full day…
stewing in my self-indulgence of pity for not being able to be a family together…

And then, just like that, I picked myself up from wallowing and rolled up my sleeves and started cooking.

I must remember that there are so many who have lost loved ones this year, who have
lost jobs, who have lost a sense of peace and well-being… pandemic or not…
emptiness seems to be spreading itself far and wide.

So when in doubt, cook.

Cooking Thanksgiving for two is comprised of all the same components, just on a
somewhat smaller scale.
Being busy in the kitchen is cathartic…it always has been.

As for picking up this peculiar virus despite all attempts of being careful, has us baffled.
But such is the life for us all during a time of pandemic.
My husband was never really “sick”.
I had a sinus infection, but I can have those with or without a pandemic…
so go figure.

Either way, I knew/know that the Mayor and Sherrif were /are where I want to be…
because anywhere they are, I definitely want to be.

In fact, I bought that butter turkey for the Mayor.
She’s like her grandmother in that she can pick up a ball of butter and
be quite content.

I was looking forward to wandering those Spanish moss-lined streets holding
a little hand or two.
I had actually done some research and had located my great, great, great
grandfather’s house in Savannah.

It still stands and, like many houses in this most historic city, it has been
refurbished and is currently a private residence.
I had wanted us to all go find it together.

Instead, we are here in the midst of an arduous process of packing up house.
Seems there will be a move in our future come mid-January.

Ever since my husband retired, for the past two years, we’ve talked about moving.
“Downsizing” we brilliantly announced to no one but the cats.
We have no family here but the two of us, four if you count the cats, so it seemed
to make sense.

And so I blame our son.
He laid these seeds a few months back when he had us go look at houses.
They want to eventually move…of which I hope they can get out of Atlanta…
I just don’t think he figured we’d go on first…
but what we explained is that time is not so much on our side as it is on his.
So we’d blaze the trail and they could follow suit.

And yet here it is during a pandemic as I now find myself waking up each morning
wondering what in the heck was I thinking!?

Let me just cut my arm open and pour in the salt —as that seems to be pretty much
on par with this self-induced burden.

Aren’t we all seeking security and comfort during these trying times and yet
I’m packing up my world and taking it on the road?

Oh well.

Time to be rolling up my sleeves, again.

Many of us are ready to say good-bye and good ridence to this year of 2020…
but one thing I’ve learned in life…do not be so quick to wish your life away.
Do not assume that 2021 will be better.
We hope it will, we pray it will, but we simply don’t know.

So we must learn to be content with each day as it comes.
We are not guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday has come and gone.
It is simply the here and now that is ours.
And it is up to us how we deal with it.

May we deal well.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

25 comments on “put a fork in it!

  1. On Friday, November 27, 2020, cookiecrumbstoliveby wrote:

    > Julie (aka Cookie) posted: ““Unless you have been very, very lucky, you > have undoubtedly experienced events in your life that have made you cry. So > unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good, long session > of weeping can often make you feel better, even if yo” >

  2. bcparkison says:

    I’m with the Major. Give me real butter and homemade bread and I am good to go. I have been told that I did in fact eat butter by the hands full when a wee one. Could also be why I could stand to lose a few pounds.

  3. bcparkison says:

    oops..Mayor not Major.

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    Oh, my dear, sweet friend, I know exactly what you’re going through. Yesterday we shared our first thanksgiving together in many, many years. It was quiet too. We heard from the kids, but it still lacked the feel of being together. I also can relate to your move. I think back four years and remember all the decisions to keep, donate or throw away. In the middle of all that it’s hard to be thankful and to muddle through self pity. You are a strong and determined woman and you will get through this with the help of God. Hang tightly to Him.

  5. Salvageable says:

    Some very good thoughts here. Our Thanksgiving brought the children (all young adults, actually) by; but while they played games in the den, I retreated to the bedroom, read for a while, and went to sleep early. Not exactly family togetherness, but it got the job done. J.

  6. Cool post, Julie! One of my favorite jobs involved making butter curls, roses, seashells and plating desserts. I was the queen of the garnish, I’m telling you! I’m sorry you were apart from the kiddos this year. That is always hard.

    As to covid, I kid you not, even our local health dept has been saying, “the vast majority of people will experience zero to mild symptoms.” They promptly follow that up with, “be afraid, be very afraid, and don’t ever leave your house,” so you know, kind of a confusing message. One problem however, the tests are very unpredictable and should probably never be used to diagnose anyone.

    I’m excited for your potential move! I’m really trapped here and since everyone lives with us and has no place to go, picking up and leaving is not an option. Also my hubby was born here and feels as if he should go down with the ship. But me? Oh yes, I envy your move. 🙂

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    Just prayed for your move and that of your son too; you are right 2021 might not even be better than 2020

  8. Lisa V says:

    Praying for your move. I’ve got a spread sheet that I’m filling in with potential retirement cities and states, though it won’t be for some time. But it’s been fun to dream. By the way, we have that Turkey Butter every year! It’s become a Thanksgiving tradition. They also make a Bunny Butter for Easter.

    • thank you Lisa—I used to enjoy the dreaming as well…then it’s become a reality and I am overwhelmed to say the least…but it will be good…eventually—that is my mantra…it will be good, eventually 🙂
      And I will need to find a butter bunny when the time comes!!!!

      • Lisa V says:

        Seems “It will all be good eventually” is the mantra for 2020! LOL – I’ve heard Walmart carries the shaped butter. I get our from Giant. Not sure if they have Giant Market where you are.

      • You would be pleased to know that I found the Christmas tree butter today at our local Publix!! I still haven’t used the turkey—
        And about this moving—we had visions of that move being Florida and living life on the bay fishing….then grandkids arrived and the thought of being further away than an hour, well, that wasn’t happening…so now I feel like I’m going a bit backwards…back toward the town I attended college…go figure 🙂

      • Lisa V says:

        Less hurricanes than Florida?

      • Athens has tornadoes like here in Carrollton but thankfully no hurricanes— not unless they stay together while they work there way northward like opal or sally— I thought about that hurricane business when Gregory was keen in living in the bay— no true perfect place is there Dorothy 😉not even Kansas 😅

      • Lisa V says:

        So, you’re in GA? That’s on our short list of retirement places (also TN, NC, SC, and TN). Any cities/counties in GA we should steer clear of?

      • I love Savannah— very historical but touristy and hot and humid— Carrollton is an hour west of Atlanta near Alabama— a nice college town that is city while maintains its rural roots— I love anywhere north of Atlanta in the mountains and Athens is home to UGA — Macon southward would be a no for me— flat, hot and a bit more impoverished in central and southern Georgia—
        I do love TN and parts of NC

      • Lisa V says:

        Thanks…I’ll keep that in mind.

  9. K.L. Hale says:

    Thank you Julie for this post. I needed to hear these words. I’m busily trying to prepare to move to my new home. I sold my trailer and feel a bit overwhelmed and your words gave me comfort. I haven’t been able to write; and that’s not good for me. I pray your Christmas season is a gift to your soul, how different it may be. Stay safe and blessed. ❤️💕💚

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