popping back up for air and holding onto the life buoy…seek while you can

Not all saints have the same sort of holiness.
There are those who could never have lived with others saints.
Not all have the same path. But all arrive at God.

St. John Vianney

(commercial recreation specialists)

During this somewhat self-imposed fasting from the world, I have been forced afforded the opportunity to step back from the world’s madness while sinking into my own moving madness.

Yet whereas I may be currently focused on the latest box to sort,
the latest immediate crisis repair screaming for attention,
or the simple task of navigating new and unfamiliar terrain…
I am not totally unaware of the continuing idiocy reigning supreme in this world of ours.

A pandemic remains.
Isolation is a reality for many.
Socialism and Marxism continue to be the current ideological darlings.
Civil unrest, Antifa, and protests just won’t go away.
Impeachment is a never ending taxpayer’s nightmare demanded by politicians who
don’t seem to care for said taxpayers.
Persecution of The Church is rampant.
The media is a rabid dog.
Zero tolerance for the unborn looms large as abortion is seen as some sort of unalienable
All the while a cancel culture hopes to cancel out us middle Americans.

Yesterday marked the day of remembrance for the Holocaust.
It appears that it went largely ignored by our oh so pious news outlets.

Ode to the shifting tide.

And so I wonder…why have I even bothered coming up for air?
Is it any wonder that I opt to cling to a life buoy?

I suspect it would behoove all of us to cling to that life buoy…

That we must seek Him while we can.

That we pray while we still have the opportunity—
the only life line to He who is Holy.

Prayer is, as it were, being alone with God. A soul prays only when it is turned toward God,
and for so long as it remains so. As soon as it turns away,
it stops praying. The preparation for prayer is thus the movement of turning to God
and away from all that is not God.
That is why we are so right when we define prayer as this movement.
Prayer is essentially a ‘raising up’, an elevation.
We begin to pray when we detach ourselves from created objects and raise ourselves up to the Creator.”

Dom Augustin Guillerand, p. 91
An excerpt from
The Prayer of the Presence of God

24 comments on “popping back up for air and holding onto the life buoy…seek while you can

  1. bcparkison says:

    All this crazyness is ending. god is in control.

  2. SharaC says:

    It’s good to hear from you… but yes… I’d just go back to the quiet media-free world for a bit longer!! 😀

  3. Amen SC 🍪 Holy Hugs from GW 🐛🥰

  4. […] popping back up for air and holding onto the life buoy…seek while you can […]

  5. Frank Hubeny says:

    May all these problems turn us toward God.

  6. Tricia says:

    Just lovely Julie and just what I needed for today.

  7. atimetoshare.me says:

    Yesterday we were referred to by John Kerry as “you little people.” Add that to the list including deplorables and it’s no wonder our government is pushing for all of us incompetents to depend on them for everything we need in life. Too bad they don’t know the Lord, Jesus, who has already made life on earth endurable because of what He did for us sinners.

  8. hatrack4 says:

    And the presidential prayer team is back in a black hole. While the new president has a daily agenda, he refuses to share it with the non-partisan team that prays for him. As with Obama, the team will get their information from alternate sources, once they find a leak here or there. We will pray for him whether he likes it or not. I suspect he does not like it.

  9. Good post, Julie! I think in some ways we were designed to just focus on what is right in front of us and on our plate. God keeps our front yard relatively small so we can successfully tend to our own gardens. Then along comes the world, multiculturalism, 24/7 media, politics, etc and our energy gets scattered and diverted across the miles because we’ve made our little world way too big. So, I’m grateful for those times when we have boxes to unpack or tasks to do that help to bring our attention back into focus.

    • Oh such wisdom my friend—I do feel God pulls us back and away from the madness especially since He sees the full picture.
      So yes, despite exasperation on what is directly in front of me, I am grateful that I am no longer focused / fixated on the drama trauma of our man made world.
      We have made the world way too big–but that seems to be man’s MO, bigger always means better.
      The truth is that is a delusional fallacy.
      If you need some time to get away from it all–head south and I’ll give you a few boxes that need sorting 🙂

  10. SLIMJIM says:

    What a time we are in

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