when the crud is not the crud and other odd phenomenons

“There is no such thing as moral phenomena,
but only a moral interpretation of phenomena”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

(Dr. Seuss’s Sneeches)

There was a time when we would catch a cold, or more accurately the crud, as those sorts of symptoms
are lovingly referred to a catch all crud…you know the symptoms…
that of a sore scratchy throat,
a runny or stuffy nose, a post nasal drip
with a hacking or phlegmy sort of cough…
at times, it’s even accompanied by aches and / or light chills.

A typical winter visitor.

Nowadays however…those sorts of symptoms have folks looking at you a bit sideways.
Leary and skeptical as they step an extra 6 feet away.

“Did you just cough???” an alarmed voice practically shrieks.
Fever, do you have a fever???
Can you smell??—

Well if your nose is all clogged up and your sinuses are giving you fits, breathing,
let alone smelling, are both difficult at best.

Suddenly you feel the need to tie a bell around your neck.
You feel you’re living in Nathanial Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter…
although your letter is not a giant red A but rather the mark of the Covid beast.

Colds, sinus infections, even the flu are now all considered Covid unless otherwise noted
by a medical professional— and then people are still skeptical.
You saying you’ve gotten a cold or suffering from allergies is no longer good enough.

Folks want to tie you down and slam a giant swap up your nose.

I’ve had Covid and I’ve had a bad cold.
I know the difference.
And right now, it’s a bad cold.

But try letting the general population know the difference and
‘them become fighting words.’

No one believes you anymore.
Your word is no good.

I ran into the grocery store the other day and almost had to laugh out loud.

Naturally we were all wearing our masks like good stewards,
but one young lady had also added a pair of ski goggles.

I looked for a biohazard suit but she just had on a major mask with some
serious goggles.

I thought to myself…”you know, I would hate to live with that much fear…”

So before you mark me as some capitol rioter or uber conspiracy theorist…
just know that I realize that we’ve been hit with half a million deaths in this country.
And yes I’ve known those who have succumbed and died from the virus.
And I have even known some who took the vaccine and died two weeks later.
So yes, I do know it is real, but I also know hysteria when I see it.

So while we’re talking about hysteria, let’s take a look at, for instance, Dr. Seuss.

That almost mystical and rhythmical child’s author of yore.

Seems that our dear Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, is rapidly becoming persona non gratis.

A pariah of sorts.

The once beloved children’s author, who was the epitome of tolerance,
had he still been living, would have turned 117 yesterday.

Yesterday, as in “Read across America Day”, as in my grandkids went to daycare
in their Dr. Seuss pj’s all for Dr. Seuss PJ reading day…as in we all love Dr. Seuss…
or so I thought—we loved him last week.
This week, obviously, not so much.

As in my beloved The Grinch Who Stole Christmas book that I still have these 61 years later…
is now looked at sideways.


Sadly it seems that our current Woke folks out there have decided that Sneeches and Whoos and
red fish, blue fish are currently out of step with our suddenly perfect society.

Isn’t it just grand knowing we live in a perfect society?
However, I fear that in that perfect society, it might just be filled with
imperfect residents.

Woe be unto us all.

For these days will pass by like a puff of wind.

And all those who are perfect among us will be caught up in the wind…

Grab the hand of a Sneech because we’re all about to be blown away.

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy,
and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it,
because the time is near.

Revelation 1:3

41 comments on “when the crud is not the crud and other odd phenomenons

  1. pkadams says:

    Yes, about the cold and hysteria. We all have allergies right now and we just had cold go through the house with lots of coughing. I felt like I had to keep it a secret! But, the Seuss thing is so disturbing to me! I saw a post by someone I don’t know, and this commenter, a gay woman with pictures of herself and her wife and her children on her page, saying it was long overdue, that those books were offensive. I dug deeper and found that it was based on some cartoon figures that, yes, are stereotypes, but who cares?? Stereotypes are based on truth! There was nothing hateful! I just marvel at such things happening in America, but it is the logical result of the past 50 years of social engineering, AKA brainwashing, in colleges and public schools. Come soon Lord Jesus!

    • Crazy right?!
      Crazy, stupid and downright scary!!!
      I read an article that made mention of previous children’s books, from previous generations that have been executed for similar worries over stereotypical imagery—
      Barbra the elephant, Little Black Sambo, Uncle Remus… all books from past days but tales for children nonetheless—- yes, we may have perceived things differently in previous generations but isn’t the the glory of time— how things were??
      Not to go out and blow such times up to smitherens where nothing remains— I loved Babar by the way along with other books that well preceded my childhood—God help us!!!

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    I also like Dr. Seuss. Good warning at the end that the time is near.

  3. bcparkison says:

    Well …Song of the South will always be in my collection and some day this foolishness will “blow away” Life just gets crazier every day.

  4. Amen 🍪 🙏🏻 🐛

  5. […] when the crud is not the crud and other odd phenomenons […]

  6. Tricia says:

    So much hysteria and panic over for what most people (not all of course) suffer as a cold, which, as you say, now cannot be accommodated. I think what has bothered me most about this weird covidian era (and trust me there are many things), is the shaming going towards those who have gotten it or are doing something some else thinks is “irresponsible.” It’s really triggered people’s inner dictator and has done much societal damage. Can you imagine if we treated people getting the flu the same way?

    Crazy, dumb and stupid times, especially this Dr. Seuss cancellation nonsense. The ironic thing is many of the judgmental woke are some of the most awful people. Go figure.

    Hope you feel better soon Julie!

  7. Tricia says:

    And hey, you’ve know people that have died darter taking the vaccine? That’s horrible, I’m so sorry. According to the media and our self appointed govt health gurus that is just not supposed to happen, so how can this be? Never mind, I know how.

    • My dads cousin Tricia— yes he was elderly but even hank Aaron, who was 90 but in good health died two weeks after receiving his vaccine.
      I have a dear old friend who is a doctor in Florida and has been adamant that I not get the vaccine-but we shall see

      • Tricia says:

        I’ve read too many stories of people dying after getting it. Of course unlike covid you can’t attribute any death or side effect to the vaccine even if it happens within days or you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist. 🙄

        You’ve already had it so there is no reason to get the vaccine.

      • Holding on to those antibodies 😑

  8. atimetoshare.me says:

    I was going to write about Dr. Seuss a couple days ago, but you stated things in a much better way than I ever could have. This world has grown crazier and more offbeat than any Dr. Seuss character. When we become slaves to not offending everyone who has an opinion, we might as well give up.

  9. Ha! Feel better soon, Julie! I’m actually developing some chemical allergies. So alcohol wipes are just fine, but you start bringing out all these scented magic wipes that really do nothing and I’m a train wreck, running eyes, sneezing, coughing. I’m also really allergic to fear, so you know, the world is just not a fun place right now.

    • My dear friend— you’ve made me laugh out loud as well as lament— all at the same time!
      I keep thinking that surely this madness will end — but just when I think it’s got to stop— bam, here comes some new madness—in your immortal words—
      ‘ai yi yi ‘

  10. K.L. Hale says:

    Julie, my friend, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. I literally shake my head and pray more often (I’ve finished a 30 day devotion on prayer and let me tell you, my prayer life has increased incredibly). I remember as an elementary principal dressing as Dr. Suess each year on his birthday. I’d lead the students in a book parade. I’m certain not one student (or parent) thought me leading the students on a path of unrighteousness, racism, or hate. I’d like to “cancel” hate. I’d like to cancel judgmental attitudes, and let’s just cancel hysteria altogether please.

    • I would have loved working under you but since I was at the high school, I would have entrusted my son to you!
      I’m so thankful to have now retired as I would now most likely have been fired 😑

      • K.L. Hale says:

        What a kind thing to say! I would’ve loved working with you too (and your son :). I completely understand what you mean. 💚

      • I had been at the high school for about 6 years by the time I had our son so he came up through our school system always with me at the high school— and I knew most of the teachers throughout our system so it was like extended family

      • K.L. Hale says:

        That’s so wonderful. That’s my experience too. It makes it so much more meaningful.

  11. Lisa V says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. With regards to the Dr. Seuss debacle, I can’t even go there anymore. It’s just sad and pathetic. I blogged about it too. With regards to the “crud,” I have allergies and am thinking about getting a mask made with the words “Calm down, it’s just allergies” written on it, preferably in sharpie pen, so they know how much I care. But on principle, I refuse to invest in a mask and buy into the panic. But the woman in the goggles?! Lord have mercy. Poor woman. Must be hard to live so much in fear. Feel better.

    • We went out to eat this evening and I was so perplexed— one bar tender wore no mask, all dinners and patrons wore no masks while drinking or dining— but when some folks got up, they pulled on their masks and I was scratching my head— as in what’s the point by this time — you just ate and drank sans mask but walking 20 feet to the door with a mask is going to make a difference???!!!
      This is all total idiocy!!!!

      • Lisa V says:

        Right? My husband and I were joking when we went out to eat – wore the mask from the door to the table (about 20ft – probably saved thousands of lives – NOT), then took it off at the table to eat. The waitress wanted us to use the QR code on the table to view a menu, I asked for a menu (no way can I read a whole menu on my phone) and she gave me a paper one, then wadded it up and threw it away. But didn’t wash her hands after touching it. Oh, but she did roll her eyes at me. Such idiocy!

  12. hatrack4 says:

    Great post. There is truth, and though Dr. Seuss spoke nonsense, there was great wisdom there. As for COVID, PA has finally gotten their heads out of their proverbial “proverbials”. My wife and I are scheduled for our first shots on Monday. Near the same time. I hope we can go together. And having been in China during SARS, should I let them know? Then again, my truth is more important than their truth, so… Yes, either Jesus is coming soon or this new non-truth thing will become a passing fad and then no one will have an answer for anything.

  13. Nina says:

    I had covid a couple months ago. Definitely a difference between a cold and covid. I’m going to rely on my immunities as well and forego their vaccines.

    Take that zinc and C and probably wouldn’t hurt to throw in some D and echinacea. (Never had echinacea, but heard it’s good for colds). 🙂 Oh, one thing I do is use a nasal saline rinse. NeilMed is good, but a tad spendy. It really helps with the sinus congestion.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. 🙂

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  15. Salvageable says:

    I hope your nasty cold is gone and over soon. I just found (and posted a link to) a really good analysis of the Seuss controversy, written by someone with inside information. J.

  16. SLIMJIM says:

    It is so crazy…when is this going to stop

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