Sometimes change can be painfully slow

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

(The Holloway Family)

I wanted to offer an update regarding my friend Stephanie’s husband, the Carrollton Police Officer
that was shot during a high speed chase in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Rob was shot in the head by a 22 year old young man.
His 26 year old cousin was driving at speeds upwards of 111 mph.

When pursued by law enforcement, the two boys began firing upon each and every law enforcement
vehicle that attempted to intervene in stopping them.

They hit Sgt Rob Holloway in the head.

Rob is the husband of a longtime colleague of mine from school.

Yesterday, my former principal text me the latest condition regarding Rob after he was life flighted
to Atlanta’s Grady Hospital Trauma Center.

The bullet remained lodged in Rob’s brain and could not be removed–
rather the surgeons had to remove part of the the right lobe of the brain.

Miraculously, by yesterday morning, Rob was talking, albeit through a morphine haze.
He asked for a sweet tea and was able to sallow his meds by mouth.

Rob is moving both hands and feet.

Brain scans are looking very positive.

We all continue to pray for Rob, Stephanie and their only child, Grady, a senior in high school.

But here is my angst in all of this.

Rob has been a police officer since 2008.

He had risen to the rank of sargent.
He was always so good to check my husband’s jewelry business in the wee hours, always
leaving a note that in the middle of the night, all was well.

He was thoughtful to this small business owner and we, in turn, were greatly appreciative.

His wife, when we worked together, was a devoted teacher who has since
moved on to being an active school administrator…
Their only child is a high school senior.

They have lived life by trusting God.

They are what we say in the South, “good people”

And yet, because of his profession as law enforcement, Rob is pigeon holed.
He is placed, by our current culture, into an ambiguous position…
a possible pariah against all mankind…
all because he simply wanted to protect and defend…

Contrary to popular belief, support for our law enforcement is not equivalent
to something racist…
despite what our current presidential administration claims to believe….the majority
of our law enforcement and first responders aim to serve the betterment of their
fellow human beings.

We have got to hold on to that and support our first responders.

Thank you all who have offered prayers of healing and hope…
There is a go fund me page for Rob Holloway set up by the wives of
local Carroll, Co. Georgia law enforcement wives.

One day, maybe, this madness will end.

19 comments on “Sometimes change can be painfully slow

  1. praying for your friend and his family…

  2. Interceding at the Father’s throne of grace for His children.

  3. phyllissnipes says:

    Your perspective on this topic is exactly right. I can honestly say every first responder, detective, policeman/woman I’ve worked with has been, as you mention, good people – thoughtful and willing to go that extra mile to help. I, for one, am most thankful they are willing to do the job!! I realize every profession has a few rotten apples, but that doesn’t mean it’s prevalent throughout the profession. Lifting prayers for Rob, Stephanie, and Grady!

    • You are so right Phyills—there are bad folks in every profession—-which does not equate to the entire institution / profession as wholly corrupt and or bad!!!
      We just keeping praying for healing as well as for the scales to fall from peoples eyes and stone hardened hearts to soften

  4. says:

    I am praying for your friend and his family. Our world has gone mad.

  5. You can damn sure bet we are in your corner. We love our LEO’s!

  6. hatrack4 says:

    I offer my prayers on behalf of the Holloway family and Carroll County, Georgia. This world is messed up when police officers become the bad guys. I recently finished reading Stephen McAlpine’s book, Being the Bad Guys, about how Christians are the Bad Guys by simply adhering to what the Bible says. The insanity will either be exposed as insanity or Jesus will be coming back soon. It is all so disturbing.

  7. bcparkison says:

    Yes…One day and not a day too soon.

  8. Dawn Marie says:

    Prayers lifted up for the Halloways…and all other law enforcement agents serving our Country.

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