“Be brave and try to detach your heart from worldly things”

“Be brave and try to detach your heart from worldly things.
Do your utmost to banish darkness from your mind and come to understand
what true, selfless piety is.
Through confession, endeavor to purify your heart of anything which
may still taint it.
Enliven your faith, which is essential to understand and achieve piety.”

St. John Bosco

(Notre Dame pre fire / Julie Cook / 2018)

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a Catholic priest from Wisconsin,
Fr. Altman, who is being relieved of his duties by his bishop.
The bishop states that Fr. Altman is both “divisive and ineffective.”

The real reason for his removal is due to his publicly stating that
one cannot be a true Catholic while supporting abortion…
one cannot be a true Catholic and a democrat.

That was a comment directed to both then presidential candidate
Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
Two politicians who espouse to be practicing Catholics yet
are both very vocal regarding their support for abortion.

Support for abortion is a stance that is in direct opposition
to the teachings of the Church.
Or so we thought…

Fr. Altman was also very critical of fellow prelates who would deny their flock
communion during the course of the pandemic.

Father Altman doubled down on his stance despite the threats from the Church
“Jesus warned the Apostles and us that if the world hated him,
it would hate us, just because we are trying to be faithful.
In other words, the world will be divided by the truth,” he continued.
“There will be we who are faithful, who follow the truth,
divided from those who are not faithful and who oppose the truth.”


My post brought about a powerful comment from our biology leaning friend IB
(aka Insanity bytes)

I don’t think she will mind if I share that comment here:

Good stuff, Julie! This really triggered me,
“other shepherds are offended because I simply state
the fact that they abandoned their sheep in a time of need.”


My church stayed open, never wavered even when things got heated,
so I was really blessed!
Just the same, every church around me shut down and some are
still shut today.
It’s been such a huge betrayal,
such a feeling abandonment that goes all the way down to my toes.
I had always thought the church would be there for us,
the church is our refuge when an asteroid is heading right for us
or a global pandemic comes.
I did not expect to see so many collapse and abandon their
people immediately.
A church who is not there for her people during hard times
is not a church. A two week quarantine is understandable,
But more than a year?
Get off my planet!

Obviously I got some powerful feelings about all this. 🙂

My response was a resounding AMEN!

It is a betrayal really.
A betrayal by those who’s calling has been to be the very
shepherds and polestars…those who are charged with directing souls
to the risen Savior.
And as IB states so succinctly, it has been a total collapse.
A collapse of the very institution that has been charged
with spreading the very Word of Salvation.

My response to IB:
“Indeed IB— if the Church—as in our sanctuaries, our places of refuge,
our earthly tangible connection to Jesus himself…
if they lock us out during our very hour of need—
if they remain(ed) silent when seniors were shut away from all family
with many dying isolated and alone,
if they refused communion to a spiritually hungry fold or if they
side(d) with death rather than life—
that is not the Bride of Christ as we know her.
Shepherds of the world or shepherds of Christ—
they need to truly ask who it is they serve!!!

When I think of our Church, our bulwark never failing,
I am always reminded of the scene from that classic 1939 movie
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with the cries of Quasimodo “SANCTUARY”…
meaning one is safe and protected within the walls of the Church…
the Church will protect those who seek her aid…

Here is a scene from one of the greatest films of the 1930s.
The gypsy girl Esmeralda (Maureen O’Hara) has been sentenced to
hang for witchcraft in front of Notre Dame cathedral by
the Chief Justice (Sir Cedric Hardwicke).
She is saved from certain death by the cathedral bell-ringer Quasimodo
(Charles Laughton) to the delight of Gringoire,
who loves her (played by a young Edmond O’Brien) and given sanctuary.

And so if the Church now decides to side with the world…our
sanctuary… our help in ages past and hope for years to come,
has become just another victim, lost to the cancel culture wars…

“Whenever that sacrifice of Christ is memorialized in the Church,
there is an application to a new moment in time and a new presence
in space of the unique sacrifice of Christ Who is now in glory.
In obeying His mandate, His followers would be representing in
an unbloody manner that which He presented to His Father in the
bloody sacrifice of Calvary.
After changing the bread into His Body and the wine into His Blood:
He gave it to them (Mark 14:22).
By that communion they were made one with Christ,
to be offered with Him, in Him, and by Him.
All love craves unity. As the highest peak of love in the
human order is the unity of husband and wife in the flesh,
so the highest unity in the Divine order is the unity of
the soul and Christ in communion.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, p. 401-2
An Excerpt From
Life of Christ

19 comments on ““Be brave and try to detach your heart from worldly things”

  1. bcparkison says:

    Let us remember that the “church” of Jesus Christ isn’t a building of brick or wood but it is the people who are called by the Heavenly Father to remain faithful in all circumstances.

  2. I am reminded of a great quote….not sure of the origination….that goes like this: “Sitting in a Church no more makes you devout then sitting in your garage makes you a car”. I am not a believer in brick and mortar churches because many have bent to PC and butchered the Bible’s teachings. This “firing” is just another example of that direction.

  3. pkadams says:

    Sad indeed but as I said in my post yesterday, it’s better to separate from the false teachers and those who choose culture over obeying God.

  4. Tricia says:

    It was and is a serious abandonment of their flock for these churches to have shut down like that. I was lucky too in that mine stayed open and continued with small groups, but others whose pastors I had once admired did not. Really makes you wonder about everything and how hollow our institutions are.

  5. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point: “if they
    side(d) with death rather than life—
    that is not the Bride of Christ as we know her.”

  6. hatrack4 says:

    I argued this point in Sunday school a couple of weeks ago, about how the secular world had eliminated all but three of the ten commandments, murder, adultery, and theft. But they are openly attacking them. Abortion is murder. The LGBTQ is inappropriate sexual conduct under adultery. And they communist elements of the secular agenda want communal property. Thus possessions mean nothing and theft means nothing. Welcome to total oblivion. Thank you for this post, and I think I might put this comment – fleshed out completely – in a post.

  7. Salvageable says:

    We closed for a few weeks last year because most of the members didn’t feel safe gathering. We reopened when they were ready. We’ve skipped a week here and there to keep people feeling safe. That includes last Sunday and next Sunday. I hate to skip Pentecost and Trinity this year, but we are keeping up with each other through email. J.

  8. Dawn Marie says:

    ❤️”Let’s ask God to set us aflame that we may all become “apostles of the last days,” filled with zeal for the holiness of God’s house, filled with love for our fellow human beings, filled with fire to preach the Gospel with our lives and words, ready to accept and suffer opposition, more concerned to be faithful to Jesus than to be popular among people.” A Church in Crisis, Pathways Forward by Ralph Martin

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