where ever shall we begin….

“If you are suffering from a bad man’s injustice,
forgive him—lest there be two bad men.”

St. Augustine

(lovely treasures found along a morning walk /Julie Cook / 2021)

Each and every passing day I want to spout off my take on the
latest madness besieging our lives…
The idiocy of man…and woman…all playing out here in the US.

And each and every idiocy deserves its own epistle.

But there simply is no time in which to keep up with the
turning of the surreal wheels.

As soon as I could write about one thing, something else pops up
and the popping just keeps popping.

Critical Race Theory
Woke School Boards
Woke schools
Wokeness in general
US Education
US Representatives and their big ignorant mouths
Political egos
Egos in general
A US president who, for our own saving grace, needs simply to
sail off to the sunset…taking that wife and son with him.
A vice president who is a silly little girl who simply needs
to be taken away…
A culture hellbent on canceling most of the life we thought
we knew and loved….
The Media which really is no example of what true journalism is all about.
Vaccines and masks—nuff said
Madame Speaker
The Squad of imbeciles
American Flags
alternative history
tender feelings
adults being babies
safe zones
feelings…nothing more than feelings…
More crime
violent crime
what laws?
Help wanted
Welfare state

on and on it goes…
there is no time to start on one topic before another topic
steals the spolight.

and wouldn’t you know it…
The Mayor and Sheriff are coming to spend the majority of the week
with Mom and Da while Mommy and Dada go on a much needed bit of R & R
Which in turn means you must pray for Mom and Da!!!!

Heck…let’s just all pray now–cause prayer is about all any of us
still really have left…

I think I’ll just take my chances with the ensuing heat, humidity
and cicadas—at least those three things are brutally honest

“To love God’s will in consolations is a good love when it is truly
God’s will we love and not the consolation wherein it lies.
Still, it is a love without opposition, repugnance, or effort.
Who would not love so worthy a will in so agreeable a form?
To love God’s will in His commandments, counsels,
and inspirations is the second degree of love and it is much more perfect.
It carries us forward to renounce and give up our own will,
and enables us to abstain from and forbear many pleasures, but not all of them.
To love suffering and affliction out of love for God
is the summit of most holy charity.
In it nothing is pleasant but the divine will alone;
there is great opposition on the part of our nature;
and not only do we forsake all pleasures,
but we embrace torments and labors.”

St. Francis de Sales, p. 76

27 comments on “where ever shall we begin….

  1. Don’t feel bad, Julie, this world is enough to drive those of us with common sense totally mad if we let it. And yes, all we can do is pray……….and turn the T.V. off!

  2. Long list. It is the duty of every good man to fight evil. You do not fight evil with forgiveness.

    Genesis 3:15 -“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

    God did not forgive the Egyptians. He blasted them with retribution until they got the message

    • And then we enter the New Testament and the bridge built by Jesus and his triumph over sin and death—
      Is it my place to fight evil?
      Maybe, maybe not— but it is my place to remind us all— especially myself, that we have to press on— fight the good fight— remind all that forgivenesses is real, redemption is available to all—
      But will anyone listen?
      Who knows— hence why we are often like John-a lone voice crying in the wilderness of sin and death…
      There is indeed one greater!!!
      His is the Victory!!

      • I know it is not a popular view amongst Christians, but I follow the old Testament because it is God’s word directly. The New Testament is told through third parties and represents Jesus’s teachings, not necessarily God’s. Actually, the way many Churches worship Jesus, the Son of God, can be viewed as breaking of the 1st Commandment.

      • Well— even though I was raised high church Episcopalian, with all the scents and sounds of ancient tradition and as one who adamantly believes that the Jews are indeed God’s chosen, as I am but adopted through Grace… it is because of the Bridge that God chose to build through his Son, just to be able to offer us everlasting Grace, is why I do believe in forgiveness—
        Yes there is so much of the Old Testament that we must claim – but with the Cross came, reconciliation between God and a lost fallen world was made possible—and it is because of God’s Grace to me, that I must be constantly reminded that I too must extend Grace—that’s just me, not necessarily you— which is ok 🙂

      • That is an excellent viewpoint and well said, but evil must be dealt with on a micro level. The longer you let mold grow, the harder it becomes to clean. Someone has to be the scouring brush. That would be me.

      • Jesus overturned tables and threw out the money changes …no one says we can’t get mad—I think we call it righteous indignation
        But we keep God’s word in the front of what we do and why we do it!

    • Citizen Tom says:


      Since it is my nature, I tend to pick up on the things I disagree with. Nevertheless, I would like to observe that we both seem to find what Julie wrote largely agreeable. With that said, let’s “nitpick.”

      So, what are our bones of contention?


      I know it is not a popular view amongst Christians, but I follow the old Testament because it is God’s word directly. The New Testament is told through third parties and represents Jesus’s teachings, not necessarily God’s.

      Christians, at least Conservative Christians, generally agree that both the Old and the New Testaments are the inspired word of God, that is, inspired by the Holy Spirit. We make a distinction between the prophets and the apostles, but that difference is mainly due to the First Coming of Christ and the formation of the Christian Church. Functionally, both the books of Old and the New Testaments were written by some guys writing what our Lord inspired them to write, and none of us know how God inspired them.

      Your comment on the New Testament is really just an attack on the truth of the New Testament and whether Jesus is who He claims to be. The New Testament introduces the concept of the Trinity and Jesus as the Son of God. How Christians deal with the Trinity with respect to the worship of God varies, but the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all different facets of the same One God.

      Frankly, I don’t know what to make of the concept of the Trinity. I don’t understand it. We have this conundrum because we don’t understand the nature of God. The amazing thing is that that surprises anyone.

      What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is allowing for peace and reconciliation to happen by forgoing vengeance.

      Forgiveness is a difficult concept. However, it is hardly new with the New Testament. Joseph provides us a splendid example in Genesis when he forgives his brothers. King David demonstrates mercy and grace when He forgives Abner (2 Samuel 3). Joab, on the other hand, nearly makes a huge mess by murdering Abner when he is unable to forgive Abner for killing Asahel.

      Consider that the Apostle Paul was fine scholar of the Old Testament.

      Romans 12:19 New American Standard Bible

      19 Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.

      In Romans 12:19, Paul cites Deuteronomy 32:35. Jesus Himself often cited the Old Testament. He did not come to fulfill the Old Testament, not to annul it.

      We forgive and even seek forgiveness because we don’t want to make war with our countrymen. We want them to become good neighbors and friends, and if it is the will of God, we want them to be fellow worshipers of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

      Please read Romans 12:19 in context (Romans 12:14-21), and consider what it means to overcome evil with good.

      • You always say things so much better than I do Tom—thank you—
        Both Old and New Testaments were written by men who were inspired to do so…a deep urging of the Spirit before we knew of the Spirit—God’s breath blowing through the veins of chosen individuals.
        Both contain the words of God.
        The Trinity, as mysterious as it is, is the vast presence of God in times past, present and future.
        I am always blown away by those seemingly tragic stories of gross violations or deaths ..when someone causes grave harm to or the death of an innocent —be it accidental or premeditated…and of the family or the surviving individual who genuinely forgives the offender.
        The parent who lost an only child to a drunk driver, or the mutilation and death of a loved one at the hands of someone who there rest of would consider vile and less than human….yet there comes forgiveness from the offended family.
        Could I do the same?
        I don’t want to find out…
        but is that not the ultimate command of God.
        Father forgive them…for they know not what they do…
        He forgave…
        He forgives…
        so why should we be any different from our God who commands us to obey?!
        Did He tell us it would be easy or not painful?
        He just says do it.
        It is not easy to be a follower of Christ.
        Quite the opposite.
        I think we are finding that path more difficult with each passing day we live in and on this woe-filled earth..
        But we put our hope and trust in Him—
        doesn’t mean we don’t need to roll up our sleeves and do some tough work…we are not push overs—we defend the faith…it’s what we do…but Grace is the key…

      • Citizen Tom says:


        I hardly think I write better than you. I write differently, and I am glad you appreciate what I write as I appreciate what you write.

        Forgiving your persecutors while you are hanging on the cross they nailed you to. Blows me away.

      • I am a conservative, and a Christian. By profession I am an analyst and educated, so I can read and draw my own conclusions. I do not see the bridge between the Old and New Testament, and God did not wake up one day and decide he was wrong about meeting out punishment. Punishment that resulted in death.

      • Citizen Tom says:


        Generally, when people label themselves, I don’t think there is much to gain in debating the matter. Because we are not objective observers, we can get the strangest about ourselves.

        So, it may help when others correct us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will listen. I can call myself an Eskimo, but that doesn’t make me one. If I call myself Napoleon, and I try to rule France, I will probably end up in a mental institution. And some unfortunate souls have been so deluded.

        You say you believe in the Old Testament, and you don’t take the New Testament as seriously. Logic suggests that “Christian” without the New Testament is a Jew. Since I suspect you understand that, I would imagine that there is something you have left out of your explanation.

        Is there a bridge between the Old Testament and the New? Yep! Jesus. John the Baptist made that clear enough.

      • At what point did you make the assumption that I did not take the New Testament seriously? I take George Orwell seriously but am able to separate 1984 from Animal Farm. Both books have different messages and I can believe in both. are you saying that one cannot believe in the Old AND the NEW Testament without creating conflict?

      • Citizen Tom says:


        You told a joke then, and you are asking me to explain it. I guess if someone else has to explain that doesn’t ruin the joke?

      • Oh I agree about God not suddenly thinking he’d gotten something wrong— but I do believe Jesus is our bridge of reconciliation— sin, the fall of man had separated us from God— God is without sin— so mankind being of sin was out of communion with the Creator— God becoming man through his son, taking on our sinfulness and eventually overcoming that sin and death, reunited Creator with created— but you already know all of that — sooooo

  3. bcparkison says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange the younger generation of parents need “time off” .I don’t think we ever took a vacation without the whole family and to be honest there weren’t many vacations.

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    I often feel like Alice falling into another rabbit hole where our country is heading today. Nothing can change that feeling except to blot it out of your brain. No news is good news they say. It continues to snap, crackle and pop, but our prayers are really the only thing we can count on. God is our refuge in all kinds of trouble. I will add my prayers for your upcoming visit with the Sheriff and the Mayor. You should’ve named them the Pres and Vice Pres. We might have a better hope for the future of America.

  5. Salvageable says:

    Blessings on your grandparent time–may it clear your heart of all the burdens of this sinful world and remind you of God’s grace to his people, giving you peace of heart and hope for the future. J.

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    What a time we are living in

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