headlines, headaches and heartache

Yesterday’s headlines consisted of stories about a former president partying
like it was 1999…with about 500 of his closest friends.
This all on the posh isle of Martha’s Vineyard…
It was reported to be a most “epic” party by several of the rappers who
were in attendance.
Rumor has it that even Madame Speaker was there to shake a tail feather.

Forget the frenzied called for masks and mandates…Forget our dear old godfather Dr. Fauci.

What’s  500 partiers and 200 staff members when one turns 60?
By gosh, there was a party to be had!
You can’t  really shake what your mama gave you if you’re all masked up…

Another story, on the opposite side of the country, involved a family oriented
prayer event down near the waterfront in Portland, Oregon.
If any city needed some prayer right about now…it would be Portland.
A city still under siege by lawlessness.

Disturbingly this event literally came under fire by our country’s lovely
anarchists and antifascists.

When does Christian worship call for anarchy’s knee jerk reaction??
Well, obviously now.

Not even the children nor toddlers attending were spared from the violence
as the antagonizing groups clad in black took to throwing rocks and spraying
colored gas and flash bombs into the family oriented crowd gathered.

Where were the police you ask.

Standing back and watching…don’t you remember, we want to defund them.

Meanwhile back on the east coast, the police of Martha’s Vineyard called the
ensuing traffic nightmare following the end of said presidential birthday party
a s%$t show of a mess.
Well naturally those elite partiers wanted the police to help sort out
any and all traffic woes, never mind about protecting innocent folks elsewhere…

All the while, the news is still rife with the cries of good ol squad
member Ms Cori Bush.
Ms Bush, along with her personal security detail, simply will not rest until
all the police are defunded.

What is the irony of a congresswoman crying for defunding the police
while she surrounds herself with her very own private police force…
forget the “little” people…we’ll be ok.
But wait…who’s paying for her security entourage???
Why do I think it’s you and me, said taxpayers.

Then there was the sad story of the passing of longtime college football
coach and Florida State University legend, Bobby Bowden.

Bobby Bowden, who retired in 2009 had coached at the college level for 55 years.
And like any coach, he was both loved and hated.

Loved if you were a Seminole, hated if you were a Gator or ‘Cane.
Yet I would imagine respected by most.

Bobby Bowden, who alongside his wife Ann of 51 years, raised 6 children.
3 of which went on to their own coaching careers.

I once heard Coach Bowden tell a story about a family vacation they took when
their kids were all little.

They had stopped for gas and for something to eat.
It was probably sometime in the early 1960’s.
These were pre cell phone and stranger danger days.

The family loaded back into the station wagon
and hit the road again.

It wasn’t until about 30 minutes down the road when the family realized
that not all heads had been counted.
One was missing.

Naturally they turned the car around and went back and found their wayward
child patiently waiting.

That kind of stuff just happened when you had 6 kids, Coach Bowden chuckled.

Coach Bowden was once quoted as saying
“The heck with political correctness. I’ve never believed in it.”

I appreciate folks like Coach Bowden…they are old school, like me.

So heres to old school…
while we forget the woke, the elites, the daft, the tone deaf,
the hateful, the arrogant…

Time to remember the desires of the soul…

“The human soul, by its very nature,
is endowed with the faculty of knowing God and the capacity for loving Him.
The intelligence of the soul, transporting itself above all that
is created and finite, has power to raise itself even to the
contemplation of that Being who alone is uncreated and infinite,
who is the source of all good and all perfection;
it is able to form of Him an idea that is clear and accurate and indelible.
The will of the soul is made to love this sovereign Good,
which the understanding presents to it.
The desires of the soul,
which no created object can ever satisfy and which reach far beyond
the limits of this life, tend necessarily toward a Good that
is supreme, eternal, and infinite, and which alone can content
the soul and make it happy.”

Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou, p. 3-4
An Excerpt From
The Spiritual Life

27 comments on “headlines, headaches and heartache

  1. hatrack4 says:

    My wife was one of nine children. Number seven was very quiet. In the process of moving from El Paso to Port Arthur, Texas, about 800 miles. They forgot number seven at a gas/bathroom stop in Fort Stockton, but unlike the Bowdens, the next exit was a lot further than 30 minutes. The problem was that by then, the oldest had a car and they split into two vehicles. They thought number seven was in the “other” car.

  2. Tricia says:

    The world is completely upside down, it can be hard to take in the never ending stream of awful events. What the MSM covers and how only adds to the dismay. Sigh.

    On a lighter note, my great uncle Ray “accidentally” left his wife Dora at a rest stop while traveling across country with their hitched RV. They unhitched it for some reason during the stop and Dora was in it when Ray left in the now detached truck. Took him about 30 minutes to realize what happened before he turned around. He swears he didn’t know the trailer had become separated. ;). Gosh he loved telling that story.

  3. Mel Wild says:

    It’s frustrating watch the insane hypocrisy of the elite leftist aristocracy. They are totally out of touch with reality and the world around them. What’s ironic is that they are the modern-day bourgeoisie in our culture.

  4. oneta hayes says:

    Why would 500 people have so much trouble leaving. I’ve seen 2500 member churches leave in an orderly fashion without a thought to security or guard help. Oh, maybe they had not been drinking from the River of Life.

  5. Madam speaker showed up uninvited. I am to understand that it created quite an awkward moment.

  6. Salvageable says:

    Thanks for the news update. You are the most reliable source of news I have.
    We raised seven children and once one got left behind after a dance performance. Thank God we were in the age of cell phones, and when the noses were counted and one was missing, we were able to be sure she was watched and safe while the vehicle came back to bring her home. Oh, and the Son of God got left behind in Jerusalem once too… it could happen to anyone. J.

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    So much craziness these days

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