the modern dilemma

Christopher Dawson has said that a society which does not know its own
history is like a man suffering from amnesia.
We cannot really know where we are,
if we do not know how we got here.
This applies to the Christian community.

Frank Sheed
From his book Knowing God

(a toy solider found buried in the sand / Julie Cook / 2021)

The modern dilemma is essentially a spiritual one,
and every one of its main aspects, moral,
political and scientific,
brings us back to the need of a religious solution.

Christopher Dawson

3 comments on “the modern dilemma

  1. says:

    My prayer as well. We need to return to God for answers. He’s the only One who can turn chaos into order.

  2. Salvageable says:

    That photograph reminds me of wartime soldiers, stationed in a remote place, left to guard it against possible invasion, who are abandoned and forgotten when the war ends. Some of them remained on duty for years! J.

    • it was our last day at the beach back in July—the kids had already left and we were walking along the beach.
      I looked down and saw the lone little solider.
      I picked it up and saved it with the shells I had been gathering.
      I was somewhat glad knowing kids still played with plastic soldiers as I figured they might have fallen victim to the PC world of ours—and now seeing the picture, I think of Afghanistan.
      Soldiering, death and harm…all for naught.
      And yes…much like those Japanese who fought on decades after the end of the war…

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