seeds of disconnect

Our efforts to disconnect ourselves from our own suffering
end up disconnecting our suffering from God’s suffering for us.
The way out of our loss and hurt is in and through.

Henri Nouwen

(seeds emerge from the head of a sunflower / Julie Cook / 2021)

So an odd thing happened last week here in my little corner of bogland…
I had written two posts tipping a hat towards the Texas abortion law.

So before we press on…here is a little personal disclosure.

I am adopted—in turn, I am not a fan of abortion.
Plain and simple.

For you see, I was a afforded life and not a death sentence.
I may not have been “planned on” nor wanted…
however I was offered a chance
with someone else who did want me.

Therefore I believe in life and not death.

So you can fuss and cuss with me all day long, I’m not budging.
Life begins at conception…the current prolife laws are stating
that life begins at the detection of a heartbeat…hence the title
of many of these laws—the heartbeat bill—if there’s a heartbeat,
there is in turn life..
If you abort that heartbeat, you are killing a life.

Pretty straight forward.

Oh yeah, I’m also a Christian…I believe God is the Creator of all life.

So there you go…now let’s get on with this tale.

So it was from my second post–the one regarding abortion,
Texas, liberties and ideologies— a post mind you,
that was really just an excerpt from a book
by professor, theologian and author, Peter Kreeft—
How To Destroy Western Civilization And Other Ideas From The Cultural Abyss
when the trouble began.

The title of my post was “The elephant named “sex” sitting in the living room”
Kreeft was writing about religious liberty being attacked in the
name of sexual liberty and since I totally concurred,
I opted to simply copy two pages of his book as my post.

So 47 comments were generated from that post.

Some of those were obviously my responses to those offering their 2 cents.
Some cents are good cents…some cents made no sense.

So there was this gal who is known as House of Hearts who commented
and commented—with much disdain I might add—
Here we go—

House of Hearts:
“What’s happened in Tx is a travesty, the Supreme Court has
failed in its responsibility.
It’s time to add additional judges to SCOTUS and stop the filibuster.
Placing a bounty ($10,000) on your neighbors heads is fascist and unconstitutional.
Women are not the only one’s who will suffer.

My response:
I respect your thoughts–I wonder however,
if SCOTUS had rendered a decision that was more inline with your
thoughts on this issue, I doubt you would be demanding to
“pack the bench” —and as for filibusters, they are indeed a bit
of an oddity within our legislative branch.

And so here it comes…

It’s time to take action against the ruthless far right.
Are you one the “no mandates, my body my choice”
but when it’s someone else’s body it is also your choice?
Indeed we must stand up against the corruption of
Trumpism that has infiltrated the highest court of the land.

I’ve had both vaccines—plus Covid despite doing everything I was told—
I’m not going to demand that someone else get the shot if they don’t feel
it’s best for their life’s circumstance—
I am not an anti vaccine person as I and my child had every vaccine
one is to get —however that being said,
no one knows what the long term effects might be of these shots
as the issue of fertility for younger girls who get
the shot is an a huge question .
I think Trump did very good things for the economy and did put US interests first.
I think Biden is a very weak man and totally handled the
pulling out of Afghanistan terribly wrong—
his poor planning cost the lives of 13 servicemen and women
and he simply left 90 billion dollars of taxpayer
funded military equipment behind for all
US enemies to have at their disposal…
there are correct exists and wrong exits—
he opted for the wrong one—
And as a person who was adopted as well as a
Christian who knows that I am the created and not the Creator ,
abortion is not something I can ever support—
I do equate it to murder of the unborn.
I respect your opinions and that you disagree —
I hope you will respect mine.

I don’t correspond with Trumpers.

Wait, when did I say I was a Trumper???
And what does Trump have to do with my post???

That is unfortunate as you may miss an opportunity to share ideas

I can tell you are completely brainwashed and a hopeless case.

I think when I accepted Christ around the age of 10,
it’s been a roller coaster, but I’ve never been the same—
brainwashed, no— servant of Christ yes—
it does not mean I agree with everything about Trump in the least bit—
but I believe in Our Nation’s republic and our constitution—
a democratic freedom— that has come at a great cost to many
who have defended it for over 200 years— I call that patriotism

Trump is not now nor ever has been a patriot.
He has nearly destroyed our country ,
has no respect for the Constitution nor does his constituents.
He is a criminal , he is using misguided people like you.
I have nothing more to say to you.

Again, I appreciate your opinion— at 62, college educated,
31 year veteran educator and life lived with the school of hard knocks—
I wouldn’t call that misguided, more like wizened knowledge

Masters degree in nursing. Common sense and quick to detect
the brainwashed

Also I never said I was a Trumper but that he did a marvelous
with the economy and I like that he put US interests first

He’s a fascist,a bully, a misogynist ,
a fool who think he can “grab ‘em by the …..”.
I don’t get how a “Christian” can stand the sight of him.

Can’t say I agree with the false name calling

Haha! You are a Trumper. Come on now, spill it.

Spill what I’m thinking…??!!

I wonder how Trump got into my post regarding sex and abortion

Before I tell you what’s going on with you and that you are not the
solution but the problem I’ll end this discussion now.

Thank you for being a nurse

Speaking for medical personnel we are fed up with religious nuts,
deniers of science, listening to Fox and filling hospitals to overflowing.
Even compassion has its limits when heart attack victims are being
sent away for lack of ICU beds.

I can only imagine —
hence my having been vaccinated back in March

Then blessedly came the voice of reason from Citizen Tom
The calvary so to speak:

@House of Heart

The debate over abortion is neither simple nor straightforward. Is about a woman’s control over her body? No. Whatever an unborn child may be, that child’s body is its own, not it’s mother’s. The issue is whether an unborn child has rights and is entitled to the protection of the state.

Instead of addressing those issues,
you have engaged in hysterical name calling.
You shamed yourself with such behavior.

Citizen Tom, watch your mouth.
You have shamed yourself.
If you think it’s ok for the state of Tx to put a bounty on a woman’s
head you should join the Taliban. The sorry thing is
The GOP’s concern for the unborn ends at its birth.
They are the first to withhold social programs for the needy,
medical care for mom and baby. Shame on you.
Your body your choice, woman’s body your choice.
You’ve sickened me.

Whoa, really??? “watch your mouth”, “you sicken me”
what kind of person tosses civil discourse out the window and immediately
jumps to the mud?????

Shame on you for your anger and disdain…
As well as for your tightly closed heart

Citizen Tom:
@House of Heart

More name calling. Instead of debating, you are trying to justify your irrational rage with lies. No one put a bounty on “a woman’s head” as you put it. Look at who can be sued and why.

It is calling abortion wrong you resent. You are in a rage that anyone would call abortion murder. So, you make up stuff to justify yourself.

This blog is in spam now.

Huh…seem’s my little blog just fell in a rubbish pile, who knew?
Her words of “action” actually got me tickled.
I thought I heard the stomping of a defiant angry little foot..

Citizen Tom:
@House of Heart

You remind me a child who takes her ball and runs home because
her playmates won’t let her win.

Then our wise friend Oneta added:
You are sooo right.
The un-Godly always want to be sanctioned by the Godly.
Somehow that eases the conscience. Everybody is doing it.
God wouldn’t send Mother Teresa to hell so let’s force Mother Teresa
to validate us. Fine example: The issue of have a third restroom
for transgenders.
That might cause them some offence.
Great post, Julie.

And then Oneta brought it home…

I see House of Heart responded to you six times after she said
she doesn’t correspond with Trumpers.
This is your blog; doesn’t she know it is a sign of being a good hostess
for you to respond to all comments.
People who accuse those of us who believe in adoption instead of
abortion should check some stats.
See who takes care of the living babies who are not wanted.
I know you are deeply troubled by her sending you to spam.

Now that you’ve weeded through a rambling conversation between several folks
all before one of them decided to take all their marbles home,
storming off in the midsts of a temper tantrum…
I wonder when did this younger generation, these lovely millennials and
the younger generations of whatever letter or moniker we’re currently on,
missed out of what it means to be able to have civil discourse with another
human being?

How and when did they miss out on the art of agreeing to disagree??

When did name calling become the go-to when faced with issues that produce
frustration or challenge?
Instead of working through the challenges, doing our homework and
due diligence when it comes to issues of debate, we’ve simply allowed
ourselves to become debased in our use of knowledge–we have
regressed to more animalistic reactionary antics then to
using our brains.

Plus, we have moved into a post Christian society.
God has been relegated to the annals of overinflated human hubris

History seems to suggest that humans have always looked for someone
to blame for the current ills du jour.
For much of history, those who were blamed were the Chosen of God, the Jews.
Now we throw in their Western Civilization kin, the members of Christendom.
The children of The Book…

The godless blame the Godly—and even worse, some who claim Godliness,
have turned on their own.

Today’s sacrificial lambs now abound in the realm of an ideological world war.
Socialism, wokeness, self inflation, atheism, cancel culture…
each vie for prominence while the Christians and the Jews,
those pillars of Western Civilization, are deemed expendable.

I don’t think I’m ready to quit the fight to right this
tipping ship.

Keep speaking up oh righteous ones of the One True God…

“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.
On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring
and tossing of the sea.
People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world,
for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.
At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with
power and great glory.
When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads,
because your redemption is drawing near.”

Luke 31:25-28

59 comments on “seeds of disconnect

  1. We cannot change reprobate minds so I don’t bother when it becomes evident that is what I’m dealing with. I hand it to you for trying but there is no such thing as “discussion” anymore. That’s pretty obvious even when the others stepped in. At least you tried.

  2. Long blog, so I have to confess I did not read it all…but I wrote a blog awhile back about the courts confusion as to when “life begins”. You see, if someone murders a woman who is pregnant, they can be charged with double homicide, regardless of how far along she is in her pregnancy. So If they recognize that (a) pregnancy is life and (b) it happens at the moment of conception, than why is abortion okay?

    • Exactly and I knew it was long and I apologized for that toward the end but I wanted to keep the all the comments to show how ridiculous this all has become and how in the end, they still blame Trump for Everything!!!!!

  3. bcparkison says:

    Bless your heart….now you may need a nap after being raked. Keep up the good work…God wins.!

  4. pkadams says:

    You tried to have a rational conversation, but there comes a point where you just block the irrational, brainwashed feminists .

  5. pkadams says:

    The funny thing is eventually is that eventually Bible -believing Christians will have more in common with Muslims and Jews and Mormons and other cults than other people , simply due to believing in God and being pro-life.

  6. David says:

    Ouch Julie! I would have hoped that a nurse with a masters degree would have wanted to protect life. I guess I must be brainwashed too. Not sure who by!

  7. Tricia says:

    Oh my, it looks like I missed all the fun! Your responses to HoH were thoughtful and classy which of course she could not stand. Insults are all people like her have because they’ve never been challenged to think outside the liberal bubble they’ve been brought up in. I blame the education system.

    • Part of me was / is infuriated that there is such a disconnect—-and yep—I blame our educational institutions as well—both public and private.
      I do think our parochial schools are a bit safer for the time being—I say that only because my daughter in law teachers at a Catholic K-8 grade school—and maybe parochial schools at the secondary level are also a bit safe for now—-but beyond that—no.
      Maybe Notre Dame, Loyola, Holy Cross, Vilinova…but others not so much. University of San Diego, in your neck of the woods, is Catholic but I bet probably not a bastion of conservatism.
      Of course Biden and Pelosi are “Catholic” yet support abortion—so there you go.

      • Tricia says:

        It can be infuriating when dealing with such people and my responses are not always grace filled. Then you realize they are just programmed to think and behave a certain way .

        The sad thing is I looked at her blog and she is obviously a thoughtful person who cares for others. Why can’t she and others like her see how much they project their own hate and ignorance on to others and how much they’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated by ideology? That disconnect to me is the more frightening thing. That is definitely a heart issue only God can address.

        And no, USD is not a bastion of conservatism for sure! They are better than the public universities here though. My niece went there for a bit.

      • Yeah, I’ve read her blog from time to time— no seemingly underlying anger so that’s what through me

      • Doug says:

        As I alluded to with Julie… we all are far more than just the words typed on the screen. I do not know HoH but the fact that she is a nurse can suggest a whole other dimension from which she perceives and references life and death. She came down hard… and the obverse of that is what she displays on her blog. In between the two is obviously a story. Do we care? Should we care? Or do we just sit back and take everything as a personal affront? Beats me.,

      • Tricia says:

        I care, I honestly do and think it’s fascinating to contemplate. I think understanding each other, or at the very least giving people the benefit of the doubt that their stances on hot button issues are not coming from a place of ill intent is the key to a healthy society. We are obviously very far this.

      • Doug says:

        Albeit I say that not to excuse-off people not taking responsibility for what they say, how they say it, and when they say it. But as I keep lamenting.. there’s context to everything, yet it’s context that is left out completely these days in favor of the need to affirm a bias based on face value alone. We all march to the beat of a different drummer.

      • Tricia, just pass me the popcorn— 😉

      • Tricia says:

        Extra butter my friend.

      • yep—hence the cheeky devil 😉

    • Mel Wild says:

      Me too! How did I miss this! 🙂

  8. Doug says:

    I was lingering about in the background during all that discourse as it was going on. I am curious, Julie.. did you happen to check out her blog? Certainly no apparent reason for you to have done so, especially given the exchange.

    BTW,,, I too was adopted. My mother would say we were “chosen babies”.

    • I know you were there Doug, as were others but it was primarily this one dialog that had me baffled.
      I wasn’t even talking about Trump and yet poof, he appeared in all her comments.
      So I knew you were there you little cheeky devil 😉
      And how cool is that…we were both adopted.
      Yep chosen indeed!
      And you still consider yourself pro choice eh?
      That is indeed your choice of idea—we just differ on that I suppose.
      I’ve written at length, on and off over the years about my adoption—the good, the bad, the ugly, the healing…
      I’ve looked at her blog—lots of poetry and prose. Nice musings so the sudden vehemence surprised me.
      Oh well.

      • Doug says:

        “I’ve written at length, on and off over the years about my adoption—the good, the bad, the ugly, the healing…”

        Ohhhh…. that doesn’t sound.. well at all. I am so. so sorry.

      • no—it is good…I have a peace.
        It did not come easily mind you but there is peace.
        My adopted parents will always be considered by parents.
        My parents adopted a baby boy 5 years following me. We were not biologically related and we were a family but my brother had deep wounds as an adopted child…
        He suffered what we later learned was a severe mental illness…and despite my parents doing everything possible for him– he had demons to deal with.
        He eventually found his birth mother and moved to that state to be near her but that did not go well.
        He took is own life when he was 30.
        My dad never got over it because he always felt there was something he just didn’t do enough to make my brother happy—but nothing could have been further from the truth.
        See, I told you it was a long story….search adoption on my blog if you want to read any of that—as well as my recent discoveries on my end—
        Did you ever know your biological parents?

      • Doug says:

        We all have stories to tell, to be sure. Never met birth parents.. father out of the picture from birth and mother died before we could meet… but my genetic siblings caught up with me when I was in my forties. My oldest sis just dies a few days ago… she was in her 80’s which illustrates the wide age spread over all of us. Also… we all had our own lives so this sibling meet was not some great and grand “re-union”. That’s a long story in itself. Then there was my adoptive sis… yep.. stories everywhere. But when the traumas and dramas have been acknowledged hopefully what is left is a positive relationship with our adoptive parents. I’ll check out your story on the blog.
        In the end we are all more than just typed words on a screen that may or may not piss people off. 🙂

  9. This post took a turn I did not expect. Sadly, I expect that the acrimony over abortion will continue.

    • Yes and I certainly expected some push back when discussing abortion— but to suddenly drag the former President into a post where he was not even a part of the topic was perplexing as well as disappointing

  10. Salvageable says:

    I take a few days off from social media to clear my head, and I miss all the fireworks. I think you handled the conversation well, and I’m glad that you received well-deserved support from other blogging friends. What used to be visits on the front porch or in the bar now happen with keyboards, and I think a lot of courtesy has disappeared from that transition. The reaction to COVID makes it less than likely that we will go back to the old ways. Such a shame. J.

    • Thank you my friend— I think I miss the front porch visits, as the sun sets and the wonders of life are poetically mused by those sipping a cool beverages— life was sweet then….as were our manners!!!

      • Salvageable says:

        I’m sure we’ve replaced some uncomfortable moments from our memories of those times. But just the shared time, shared space, and shared drink would be an improvement. J.

      • Civil discourse over, say, a glass of a smooth bourbon… musing in the waning sun if a waning summer— William Faulkner comes to mind, maybe Thomas Wolfe —
        Mark Twain would make it quite a misusing 😎

  11. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks for the follow up. At this point, however, I’m silently tiptoeing away. 😀

  12. Mel Wild says:

    Wow, Julie. As I said in another comment, I missed all the fun! 🙂

    When they don’t have an argument, they resort to ad hominin attacks, as evidenced here. It just shows how indoctrinated these people are. It’s just sad, really. Hopefully, they will open their heart someday and be open to civil discourse.

  13. hatrack4 says:

    Julie, I would have cut off the conversation early on. You are a great warrior. Odd how the brainwashed nurse thought she could detect brainwashing. No, I disagree with you on being glad she is a nurse. She strikes me as the type who would withhold medicine and gleefully watch the patient suffer – especially if they disagree with anything she says. But, I tip my hat to you, a few of them.

  14. […] when Julie, a fabulous blogger, wrote in one of her posts “we have moved into a post Christian society”, I was thinking that we have become not […]

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