I can feel it coming…

Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment, for all my life, oh lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord

Lyrics by Phil Collins

(a single leaf suspended between tree and earth / Julie Cook / 2021)

I can feel it.
The question however is, can you?

Can you feel it?
Can you sense it?
Or have you been too desensitized to that which is taking place
all around us?

Change– a great, mighty and yes, even grave change is in the air.

Many of us are already well aware that we cannot possibly know the time
nor the place…
But yet, this change is coming nonetheless.

A great many of us sense that the change is coming and coming soon.

It might be incremental at first.
Slow and innocuous.
Seeping in quietly yet deadly, like a colorless and odorless gas.

Maybe it’s merely what we’ve been witnessing taking place throughout our country
in these past few years…
think BLM, Antifa, the Proud Boys…

Was it born during a crusade?
Was it born in the dark ages of the plague?
Was it born in a Spanish Inquisition?
Was it born in France during the Reign of Terror?
Was it born in the birth of a young nation following its own revolution?
Was it born on the fields of Antietam, Gettysburg, Bull Run, Vicksburg,
Appomattox…or the scorched earth tactic ravaged on Georgia?
Or was it born in the corded nooses dangling from trees?

It might have been born in the mustard gas wafting through
the trenches of WWI ….
It might have been born in the death chambers and ovens of Poland
and Germany.
Maybe it was born in Stalin’s iron fisted USSR gulags.

Maybe it was born in a fast paced and currently overreaching technology.
Maybe it was born on the heaviness of 9/11
Maybe it’s born on our southern borders?
Or was it born in Benghazi or Afghanistan?

Or was it simply born in the disobedience found in a now hidden garden?

Has it simply been unfolding, ever so slowly, for eons?


The latest pandemic has only helped to embolden this ensuing change.

Us vs them.
The clean vs the unclean.
Freedom vs dictation.

Virus and illness vs death or life…

Cancel Culture.

Christianity, morality, conservatives all now equated to pariah.


And with these overwhelming thoughts of change—
in that change is indeed a’coming–
I was actually amazed at the coming together of some giant collective
thinking taking place on a single afternoon.

First there was IB offering a telling vid clip based
on a post found on http://www.aier.org

And I think it’s that ‘in your face’ flaunting by a maskless Squad debutant
that has been truly the taunting on the cake.
An exorbitantly decadent who’s who Met affair featuring
the likes of a young woman feeling her oats, daring
to wear her statement of taxing the rich, stretched across her derrière
as she tips her bareless shoulder, rubbing it with her ever so rich fellow guests.
It was enough hypocrisy to last a lifetime.

The Best Defense Against Violence


Then our dear wise sage Oneta offered up her own take on
this air of change with the following post:


Posted on September 16, 2021 by oneta hayes

“I’m just not watching anymore TV,” stated my friend.
We had just attended a meeting in which someone said the mess
in our country was our fault, speaking of senior-aged Christians,
laying the blame on our lethargy in letting “stuff” happen without speaking up.
I agree completely.

We have been taught “Live in peace with all men”
and “let there be no divisions between you.”
Letters to editors of papers and magazines—almost unheard of;
attendance at local political rallies—almost unheard of;
protests on the streets—almost unheard of;
spitting fire on tweeter—unheard of.
That’s the way it has been!
It is the fault of sleeping Christians.
Too often Christians point out that we do not fight the way the world fights.
Our duty is to put on the armor of God and pray.
But do you believe even five percent of people who
claim to be Christians do that?
Even if we do that, it does not absolve us of having
an obligation to be good citizens of the nation in which we live.

Meanwhile the evil has crept in tide by tide so it is
now a huge wave swamping the land.
Boy scouts have to take girls; “rainbow”
no longer represents a promise of God;
urinals removed from restrooms because it might offend
“persons with no male genitalia;” babies murdered by the millions.

So it goes. Evil has overtaken us. And Christians are weary.

My nephew, Teral, put the following scripture on FB this morning.
And he shall speak great words against the most High,
and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given
into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Daniel 7:25 KJ

This is speaking of the anti-Christ.
I do not know whether or not the anti-Christ now lives.
But I do know there are things happening right now that
are preparing the way for him.
The current “mandate” orders are a significant sign.

Other translations of the above scripture say
“saints are worn down, oppressed, persecuted.”
I am witness to that truth.

Another interesting thing about this scripture is
“think to change times and laws.”
Isn’t that referring to breaking down of traditions and laws?
Looks like it to me. We are certainly having a change in laws,
moral laws, even in Constitutional laws.
And traditions?
Now it is no longer to talk of mothers and fathers!
A combination of anything can be family –
if indeed one demands a family at all.

And lastly there was the wisdom of Mel Wild of In My Father’s House.
His latest post (actually last two posts) explores the current ignorance found
in those claiming that Christianity is actually Socialism in sheep’s clothing.
His post Sorry, Jesus is NOT a Socialist lays out the truth
that our current culture cares not to acknowledge.


So let’s round out this small treatise with the master of drums himself,
Phil Collins…who sadly today, due to injury can no longer play his
beloved drums…

21 comments on “I can feel it coming…

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    I bet you will get some response out of this one. I especially like the opening quote which talks about that space between stimulus and response. There is a time of waiting – patience – trust – hope and faith which we still need to hang on to. Everything you say is true regarding the state of our country right now. Gone are the days when families sat together to eat dinner or go to church. That basic unit has taken a big hit over the past 50 years. That along with a corrupt government that many no longer trust and a selfish attitude from most of our inhabitants. There will be a reckoning – that’s for sure. When it happens we don’t know. Still we can cling to the fact that God is in control – even though it looks like complete chaos right now. We must hang on to that truth. God is our only hope. May He cover you with His wings as the arrows come flying your way.

  2. bcparkison says:

    Yes we feel it. We just aren’t sure what we feel…good or bad. All we know…at least all I know is my God is still the BOSS and His will ..will be done.

  3. bcparkison says:

    Reblogged this on moreinkpleaseblog and commented:
    Good read

  4. Tricia says:

    Ooh, good stuff Julie! Anyone half awake can definitely feel it, change is in the air. It’s messy and ugly right now and I think will continue to get worse for several years. God is on the move though, I can feel that too,

  5. Amen! Good stuff, Julie! I really enjoyed Oneta’s words. Reassuring? Comforting? Not sure what it felt like, but regardless that was a good post.

    I also like that Phil Collins song and that is a great description of what the world feels like right now! A bit like a mom does when you have a bunch of screaming kids making a mess, we kind of have to put our horse blinders on, ignore it all, and focus on what’s important. Not so easy. 🙂

    • You’re right— it really is hard figure out the priority of which to focus on cause it’s all vying for our attention— much like your post today that I’ve yet to finish as I’ve been pulled away so blasted much— lots of ‘antis’ pulling at us— attempting to divide, multiply and conquer— I never really thought that the anti christ might just be a sweeping wave, a tsunami of sorts, sweeping us up and away…

  6. atimetoshare.me says:

    Ok if you say so.🚀 to infinity and beyond🚀🚀

  7. oneta hayes says:

    You have delineated the historical tidal flow precisely. Also specified the results we see now. Good job. Thanks you for the mention. We need an ensemble of trumpet blowers. Glad to see IB and Kathy have been here already. I’m off to the track right now. Check in later to note comments and give some amens.

    • Very few views my little track star and that’s usually how it is when I do such scathing posts

      • oneta hayes says:

        I did the walk, the sleep, the food, the tv, the clean up, the take clothes from dryer and put them away. Now I’m back for the good nights and sadly the browsing through the email notifications and having to dump many more than I want to so I can start afresh in the morn when I will be checking in again. Good Night.

  8. This was posted in Oct 2013; at the time, a person in violation of what constitutes a Natural Born Citizen had attained the Presidency. As you note, things have only become worse, the public has become amoral, and so has elected morally vacant “leadership”.

    FYI on Natural Born Citizen:

  9. Dawn Marie says:

    Great ending, Julie! Phil’s words definitely brought it home….

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