the times of which we now live…non typical or is that atypical??

“Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you,
a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you,
conduct pleasing to you,
faithful perseverance in waiting for you,
and a hope of finally embracing you.”

St. Thomas Aquinas

(the fallen bud of a mountain fraser magnolia / Julie Cook / 2021)

Typical…non typical…atypical…

If I was a betting woman, I’d bet that you would wholeheartedly
agree that these are indeed some more times!
As in twilight zone and frustrating times.
No longer typical.

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been MIA from bogland for a
couple of days.

If you noticed, thank you…if not, that’s ok.

Life has just been a tad busy the past several days.

Firstly, the Mayor and Sheriff came to visit Saturday, spending the night.
And as is the usual case, they each had a good case of the snoggy noses—
aka daycare crud…of which is pretty typical of any kid in daycare.

Daycare and schools—petrie dishes of germs dontcha know.
Plus it probably didn’t help that the Sheriff thought it would
be fun to toss the little decorative soaps I have in a pretty little
antique bowl in our guest bathroom into the toilet.
Of which I had to retrieve by hand—and yes, I did then wash my hands.

So now, just so we all know and understand…
that which was once ‘typical’, back in the good ol olden days…
those glorious days before COVID, is no longer simple or
‘typical’ today.
Because ‘typical’ today, must always be suspect.

So back to story…

The kids came and went.
And in rapid succession and a near blink of an eye,
we then had some old friends come up from Florida for a two day visit.
A bit of revolving door company—but I do love company.

In the midst of the comings and goings, I noticed that I was coming
down with something…a good old case of daycare crud…
because we all know that when the Mayor and Sheriff have daycare crud,
I too get daycare crud.

I do try to be facetious with the hand washing and the sharing of food
with them but you know toddlers—if they are anywhere near you,
they will inevitably sneeze, cough and drool all over you.
Or take a sip from your drink glass without you even realizing that.
Toddlers and germs just go hand and hand.

And I swear, since I retired from teaching—I am no longer as immune
as I once was to the typical school fare fodder of germs.

So our guests weren’t paranoid Covid worriers but I certainly didn’t want them
to have some inward angst that I was a typhoid Mary.
And since I couldn’t breath, I opted to call the ENT to see if I could
get an appointment early morning, leaving me time to “entertain” our guests.

Ok, so remember, typical is no longer typical.

The ENT explains to me that they booked out for several days
and next suggested I try Urgent Care.
Booked??? For days??? What???
I could understand nothing perhaps available that particular day, but days???

Remember—not typical days.

So it was off to Urgent Care I would go.

I am glad that I did have the foresight to call first.

In case you are unfamiliar, Urgent Care facilities are those little medical
popups in and around shopping areas that help fill in the gaps
when a doctors office is closed, or overrun, and you’re not
so bad off as to go to an ER.

They are typically a walk-in basis.
Note ‘typically’ and remember these are not typical times.

When I called and explained that my ENT recommended that I
needed to go see them since they were booked up and out,
the gal told me I’d need an appointment.
Dreading the worst, I asked for her first available.

I was calling a tad after 8 AM and blessedly she has something
at 10:40.
She told me to arrive at 10:30 and sit in my car and text them
as soon as I arrived.

This particular Urgent Care is located on the end of a Publix Shopping Center
in a small town near us.

When I pulled in, the parking lot was jammed packed. I next noticed
an odd long line of cars snaking around the side of the building
around to the back.

Maybe they are getting Covid tests.

I text the number letting them know I was in the parking lot.

A text popped back asking for my symptoms.

After I typed, hitting send, I received another text asking for my
car’s make and model.

I figured that a nurse was coming out to do temp checks
before allowing folks inside.

Well next, I got a call from the desk asking for my copay to be paid
over the phone and for me to get in line on the right side of the building.

Was that on the right to go inside or was that right to join
the car snake line?

I saw a nurse on the sidewalk and walked over to her and asked.
She told me to get in the snake car line.

And so I did.

Nurse after nurse was coming out of backdoors and going from car to car
as the snake line would slowly roll forward.

Finally it was my turn.

I rolled down my window and had to wear my mask.

The nurse asked about my symptoms—well, I couldn’t breathe,
had pressure, headache, scratchy
throat, lovely colored nasal drainage…this being all from my grandkids
I explained…typical grandmother toddler sharing

She then said we’ll do a Covid test.

I explained that I had had Covid and that I had had the vaccines
and I knew this was my type of typical sinus infection.

There’s that word again…typical!

Next thing I know she’s telling me to tilt my head back and breathe through
my mouth.
I was already doing that because my nose was not working!
And then bam—up went the extra long swab stick in my nose.
Never mind my nasal passages were closed up, she jammed that
sucker up both sides.

And then I went back to sitting with the other cars in the snake line.

Finally a PA came to my window and handed me the negative Covid results.
Of which I already knew was indeed negative.
I told him I had a history of sinusitis and I knew this was that.

And usually with my former ENT practice they would hit me with a shot of steroids
give my a prescription for an antibiotic and off I’d go.

This young man begins to explain, in a very cloyingly sweet condescending way,
that what we think is typical is really no longer really typical.


Internally, I am rolling my eyes while I’m wondering how will I
be getting my steroid shot through this car window as it’s usually
administered in the hip.

He then proceeds to tell me that I can come back in two days to repeat the test.
RPEAT THE TEST? I practically scream.
Calmly, again, I explain to him that I could not breathe and that
my head and teeth were killing me all from my typical type of sinus infection.

“Well,” he began, I believe, like Covid, this is a viral infection.”
‘Like Covid’???!! I’m thinking…for crying out loud!!! THIS IS A SINUS INFECTION!!!!
And by using the word viral, well it’s their way of saying,
‘you won’t be getting any medicine’–as in go home,
tough it out and when you are still sick in two more days you’ll be back
getting the meds that you should have gotten in the first place.

Seeing that I was in a bit of dire straits without being able to breathe
with lovely colored discharge acting like a slow lava flow coming
out of my nose, he tells me he will prescribe me some oral steroids.


After an hour and a half, I pull out of the snake line of cars,
make my way around the back of the shopping
center and pull into a parking spot in front of Publix so I can run in
to pick up the prescription.

The nice gal at the prescription counter tells me they’ve not gotten in
the call-in yet and that I would need to wait.
In the mean time I ask if she could get me a box of the sudafed which was
behind her on the counter.

She gets me the box and then proceeds to ask for my license, makes a copy
and has me to sign some book stating that I had asked for sudafed.

It was more of a rigermarol to get a non prescription box of sudafed than
had I been getting a prescription for narcotics.

So once again not typical.

Happily I can report that whereas I am still puny, I can blessedly breathe.

And thus our lesson of the day is that Covid has turned everything we
once thought to be typical into a life of anything but…
a life now lived in the atypical—
so once again, thank you Wuhan, thank you China…

26 comments on “the times of which we now live…non typical or is that atypical??

  1. bcparkison says:

    This may be a dumb question but….Why didn’t you go get the Sudafed to begin with. God only knows what is on those sticks up your nose.

  2. David says:

    What a palaver Julie. I am not sure how it would all work here. Or not work.

    Just back from Guernsey – we (my two sisters and I) took Dad over for a late 90th birthday celebration. Double vaxed = blue channel on arrival meaning no PCR test and no quarantine. No masks worn on the island after leaving the arrivals’ hall. It was so good to spend life as it used to be pre-Covid. We did not have to wear face masks again until boarding the flight home. Now I accept that Guernsey is a small island and kept folk out for a while, but no masks and no problems.

    • YAY David—what a treat—I know your dad enjoyed himself—as did y’all, being a family without the covid mess.
      Bittersweet I’m sure now minus your mum and sister—but celebratory none the less for your dad’s milestone birthday!!!

      • David says:

        Everything was good Julie – weather, food, being back in our home from the 60s. Dad thoroughly enjoyed himself – especially not having to cook his own meals! We’ve had our feet in the sea (and youngest sister swam a couple of times).

  3. says:

    I missed seeing your daily blog and now I know why. I’m so glad I do t have to interact with little ones anymore. I do know what you’re saying about them being germ magnets. It’s too bad doctors don’t listen to us. By this time we should be able to read our own bodies. I have the same issues you do in spring and fall. Hope you’re feeling better real soon❤️

  4. Doug says:

    “And thus our lesson of the day is that Covid has turned everything we
    once thought to be typical into a life of anything but…
    a life now lived in the atypical—
    so once again, thank you Wuhan, thank you China…”

    I am not as openly religious as you and your followers by any stretch… but it crosses my mind… as you are “thanking” away there, you might consider your past experience with Covid… and the fact you are still vertical to appreciate and experience how much of an “inconvenient” pain in the butt life can be.

    • Oh I thought about that as I was writing— I dare say we all know someone who has either grievously suffered or died from Covid— the friends that were just here lost a very dear friend — so it is turned all of us upside down— so yes, thank you Wuhan, thank you China and dare I say there are many others who might need thanking as well

  5. LOL! I’m so sorry, Julie! Sounds about par for the course these days.

    • Ih don’t be sorry—as the whole fiasco was simply where we’ve sunk—carhop medical care folks.
      And we wonder what is wrong with us as a communal communicative people who need social contact for healthy growth—but we have electronic worlds for our youth, now masks, and shutdowns and getting paid to simply stay why not carhop docs who really can’t treat you through a driver’s side window :/

    • And when you see all my glaring typos to your comments or posts, just do your best tiptoeing around them while trying to actually insert the correct words—my phone and thumb really have a hate hate relationship 🤣😂

  6. pkadams says:

    Sorry for the sinus infection. 😩 Things are still atypical here, but not too crazy where I live . Sadly people are still dying from the virus because they aren’t being treated properly . Are you on Facebook ? Look me up . Paula Adams in Texas . I’ll invite you to my no mandatory vaccinations group .

    • Well I’ve never done Facebook — so there’s that—
      My little blog is my only link to social media—
      Since having had Covid— I’ve read all sorts of things from the notion of lingering flares to altered dna— so some days I really do wonder. Nagging little health ticks—who knows— I’m just thankful your husband is doing so much better!!!

  7. Tricia says:

    Oh my, what an ideal Julie. Didn’t you know though, all things at all times now must be viewed through the lens of Covid, that IS the new normal don’t ya know. Lord help us.

    Glad everything turned out ok. 🙂

  8. oneta hayes says:

    I’ve missed you, but did enjoy the devotions you left for us. I’ve scheduled a post for morning that tells of my errand to exchange oxygen tanks. Frustrating, for sure. But they didn’t give me a covid test!

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow sorry for what you went through; seems these days urgent care and many medical care is only glued to Covid…

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