freedom of normalcy—pandemic paradigm shift!

Intellectual progress usually occurs through sheer abandonment of
questions together with both of the alternatives they assume —
an abandonment that results from their decreasing vitality and
a change of urgent interest.
We do not solve them: we get over them.”

John Dewey

(a map of Norway /

Yesterday I read a most wonderful post over on Mel Wild’s site,
In My Father’s House.
If you’ve never read any of Mel’s posts, I highly recommend them!
Nourishing food for both soul and mind!!

Yesterday Mel wrote about our need for a pandemic paradigm shift—
meaning we need to be looking at all of this current mess much differently—
lest we lose our ever-loving minds…
as in both our minds and freedoms are in very precarious
places these days.

Mel’s post began with this paragraph:

“Norway has become the latest country to drop ALL Covid restrictions
(see Daily Mail article here), joining an increasing number of other countries.
Norway will have no vaccine mandates, no vaccine passports, no masks,
no social distancing. Large venues, concerts, parties,
sporting events are all allowed, no restrictions on public places or
gatherings of any kind.

He went on to cite the an article by Kim Iversen of the Hill…
Iversen states that…
“the reason for lifting the restrictions isn’t what you would expect:

“The Norweigan government didn’t cite high vaccination rates or
even having the virus under control as justification for returning to
life as normal.
Instead, the Prime Minister said the lifting of restrictions is due to
fatigue in the public of constantly changing restriction and the lack
of normalcy in their daily lives.
She cautions that the virus is still with the world, so take
personal responsibility.”

What they’ve done is changed their whole mindset about the Covid pandemic

We should note that the Prime Minister of Norway is saying that she is lifting
the Covid restrictions in her nation not because Norway is the poster child
of vaccines and lower cases…quite the contrary..

But what she is saying is that in her country she is witnessing
an overwhelming fatigue of the people…
fatigue in the lack of normalcy in their daily lives…

She knows they do not have a huge vaccination rate and that Covid is still
very present in Norway…but she is allowing the citizens to make choices while
living a more normal existence—noting that Covid is now a new virus that will
most likely be with us from here on out…much like all the various flus
and other viruses we combat.

And that’s the thing…we deal with these other viruses by taking our
seasonal precautions—we opt to get vaccinated or not, we take vitamins,
we wash hands, we stay home when sick…

I think I much like Norway…might need to visit it one day!

Here is the link to Mel’s post:

28 comments on “freedom of normalcy—pandemic paradigm shift!

  1. K.L. Hale says:

    Bravo!!!! 💛⭐️

  2. says:

    I have such mixed feelings on this. On one hand I think Norway is making the right decision. Then I look at what’s going on in our country and wonder why we aren’t considering the same tactic. I can’t help feeling that this whole crisis has been a tool for our leaders to use to control us. As Americans, we have always had a choice in our own health decisions, but now we’re being led to believe we no longer have a choice. Mind control is a terrible thing but it feels like it to me. Getting back to normal is going to take more than mandates and scare tactics. We need God now more than ever.

    • I think you are sot on! We seem to be back to normal here in Michigan for adults. Schools are another issue.

      • the schools Don, are what is the sticky wicket now—I saw on the news, and I can’t remember what state or system, but they were saying that if a child tested positive, the entire room would not have to shut down..the other kids would be tested and parents could allow their kids to say…or not.
        This whole shutting down a room!!Gees louise–
        we’ve had to keep our 2 year old grand child twice as in his daycare room a kid tested positive so the room is sent home for ten days.
        Luckily they are only doing this room per room and not the entire daycare—
        This shutting down creates a trickle down effect. Parents then need to be out, or in our case, our daughter-n-laws school is saying we can’t keep letting our teachers out since we have no willing subs so then they have to find alternative care—whereas we can help, no all families have family close enough to drop everything on a dime to go into childcare mode for 10 days—
        These state by state systems are crazy—as is the desired Gov’s intervention.
        Go Norway!

    • Mel Wild says:

      I’m afraid the mandate tactics are totally political (unless we go with complete incompetence). They have the same information Norway and other countries have who have made the opposite decision about mandates. The powers that be want us to be conditioned to be totally dependent on government for everything, meaning them,

    • I’m on Norways side—I too feel its a control issue—lets approach this new member of the viral family as we do others…make our decisions and move on!!!!

  3. Mel Wild says:

    Thanks for the link to my post, Julie. This is an important message to get out everywhere. We don’t need to continue living like we’ve been living. Norway and other countries have been leading the way out of this pandemic. Unfortunately, our current administration is using it for political ends, not for our heath and welfare or for our freedoms.

  4. bcparkison says:

    Reblogged this on moreinkpleaseblog and commented:
    Amen and Yes …makes since

  5. LightWriters says:

    Love Mel’s posts! ♥️ God bless Truth Seekers and Lovers of Freedom everywhere. Singapore is following Norway’s plan. I encourage people to do their pandemic research and homework and to read US psychiatrist/author Dr Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin’s excellent journalistic research and book:
    We don’t want history to say we didn’t stand and fight against lies and tyranny and medical apartheid.

  6. pkadams says:

    Where I live things are fairly normal . I went shopping today and about half the people wear masks for some reason. Their right to do so. The stores and highway were packed . There was a craft and farmers market/fair in town and people were everywhere. You just can’t scare everyone forever ! Not in Texas .

  7. David says:

    Being back in Guernsey the other week was fantastic – masks removed after exiting the arrivals’ hall and not required again when boarding the flight back to the mainland. No face masks seen anywhere in the island.

    Note that there is no mention in the media about the much maligned Norwegian neighbour of Sweden where there were virtually no restrictions and life (and the economy) carried on!

    • I thought of that David— Sweden seemed to muster through this all- doing their own day by day thing with nary a devastating consequence and yet the powers that be don’t want to acknowledge such— and it seems to be with some sort of twisted agenda of reason…

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow Norway leads the way! Isn’t interesting the LEft who believes in following Scandinavian countries are silent about this and decide to be more draconian instead?

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