believe in order to understand

“I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe,
but rather, I believe in order that I may understand.”

St. Anselm of Canterbury

(Stained glass of Saint Anselm in Chester Cathedral cloister | photo by Mum’s taxi)

“I was striving unto God but
collided with myself. I was seeking rest in my inner recesses but
found tribulation and grief in my inmost being.”

Anselm of Canterbury, Proslogion

“Lord, give me what you have made me want;
I praise and thank you for the desire that you have inspired;
perfect what you have begun, and grant me what you have made me long for.”

Anselm of Canterbury

5 comments on “believe in order to understand

  1. Salvageable says:

    Yep. Anselm is one of the good guys. He is on my reading list for this year, but right now I’m reading John Scotus Eriugena. J.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    I envy you in one sense. You have these quotes that say so much in just a few words. But I am never a man of few words, and I occasionally run short on time. Keep it up, Julie.

    • There are days that I don’t have much from me to say — there is not that spark within to be creative or thoughtful on my own— that’s been much the case as of late— so I find the quotes to share and hope they are beneficial

      • hatrack4 says:

        And we have a new Associate Pastor (one that is on contract rather than a call – trial run if you will) and she admitted that when she preaches, she also preaches to herself. When you cannot find that creative voice within you, the quotes speak to us and to you. As I said, keep going.

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