the resolute found in super powers

Love is the selfless communication of what is mine and the
selfless welcoming of the other in myself.

Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar
from the book The Meaning of the World Is Love

(a little thought my cousin sent me)

Today I found the quote in the above image to be most appropriate for my
current journey.
My cousin sent it to me this morning.

And well, it just seems to be one more “sign” in a long line of what some would consider
to be merely coincidental signposts seen along my current life’s travels—
but since I believe in the timing of the Holy Spirit and not in the coincidences
of life…well….there you go.

It’s all about appropriate timing vs coincidental timing.

And so speaking of super powers…
oh what a super power it would be to be able to keep one’s cool,
hold one’s tongue, and maintain one’s emotions when there are those who desire
nothing more than to spread falsehoods, half truths, and drag you down the
gravel rutted pig trail of life while throwing you from the bus,
and gleefully hoping to run you over in the process.

So it does seem that in order to take the higher road in
this thing we call life…we need all the super powers we can get—or more aptly,
we need to have some other-worldly powers!
And I have a hunch that we believers have more than a few good examples to follow.

When I read the following quote offered by Pope Benedict XVI regarding Mary
and her reaction to the news presented to her by Gabriel, the Heavenly messenger,
well, I thought of super powers.
The very super power Mary found buried deep within her being.

I’ve often thought of how she bore up under that one word, as well as how she then
chose to live her life…all as a result found in her saying “Yes” to God.

The weight of the world suddenly rested on her tender shoulders as her
young fiancé was thrown for a terrible loop by her unbelievable admission that
she was pregnant all the while professing vehemently
that her virginity was indeed intact.
How could he believe her incomprehensible story?
What of her small village?
Would they not love nothing more then to trash and vilify this young
unwed mother to be along with her family?
And what of her family??
What of the sudden received, albeit false, sense of shame?

Yet Mary was resolute in her yes.

She bore that resolute yes her entire life….
even as she watched her dear son
mocked, ridiculed, tortured and killed.
Her heart pierced just as her son’s side was pierced.

Resolute even unto sacrifice and death.

So yep…when the world manages to say all manner of ill against you…
call upon your super power—the power God placed long ago within your heart.
The power to both love and forgive…
as hard as it will certainly be…

“[Mary] does not remain locked in her initial troubled state
at the proximity of God in his angel,
but she seeks to understand.
So Mary appears as a fearless woman,
one who remains composed even in the presence of something utterly unprecedented.
At the same time she stands before us as a woman of great interiority,
who holds heart and mind in harmony and seeks to understand the context,
the overall significance of God’s message.
In this way, she becomes an image of the Church as she considers
the word of God, tries to understand it in its entirety and
guards in her memory the things that have been given to her.”

Pope Benedict XVI, p. 33

6 comments on “the resolute found in super powers

  1. Since everything is now classified as “disrespectful”, the concept has become even more foreign to me. Long ago I realized that if someone is trying to tear me down, it is because they are looking up at me.

  2. Salvageable says:

    What a super-power, to remain calm in the midst of confusion. Or, as someone once said, “If you can keep your head while all those around you are losing their heads, you might not comprehend the situation.” Or something like that. Buddhists and Stoics lauded the ability to remain calm and unaffected by life’s occurrences around them. Sometimes, we Christians are more vulnerable because we favor love over apathy. But, when we can do nothing else, love for God and our neighbors still requires us to remain calm and self-controlled.
    I’m so sorry you are passing through troubled times. God bless you. J.

  3. Priti says:

    Actually when we face a problem we need to remain calm and have to believe on ourselves. I think that is the super power. Well shared thanks 😊👍

  4. hatrack4 says:

    With your meme and a lot of what you say, my only response is “if only.” My wife can curb her tongue, most of the time, but I am everything that the book of James tells us not to be referring to the tongue. That is why my blogging is such an outlet. I can think things through before they are read by others. Sad how life is not like that. And disrespected by someone who should respect by tradition, familial or whatever, is my hottest hot button.

  5. […] the resolute found in super powers […]

  6. Dawn Marie says:

    Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. And help to remind us that just because it pops into our head does not mean we must say it out loud. Amen.

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