still out here…wandering… but blessedly not lost

“What is a vocation?
It is a gift from God, so it comes from God.
If it is a gift from God, our concern must be to know God’s will.
We must enter that path: if God wants, when God wants, how God wants.
Never force the door.”

St. Gianna Molla

(a little pearl crescent visits the black eyed susans/ Julie Cook/ 2022)

“Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you,
remember Christ crucified and be silent.”

St. John of the Cross

Life has been busy…which is a good thing…
And yes, I’m still out and about wandering.
But what we do know is that all who wander, are not lost…
or so says Gandolf in his letter to Frodo from J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit…

Blessedly, I’m slowly finding my way and feel lost no more.

So while I was out happily wandering… I wanted to share a few shots from around my new area.

I’ll be back here in Blogland on a more regular basis shortly,
but until then…here are a few images of God’s goodness—
please enjoy…

“Let us beware of complaints, resentments,
and evil-speaking against those who are ill-disposed to us,
discontented with us, or hostile to our plans and arrangements,
or who even persecute us with injuries, insults, and calumnies.
Rather let us go on treating them as cordially as at first,
or more so, as far as possible showing them esteem,
always speaking well of them, doing them good, serving them on occasion,
even to the point of taking shame and disgrace upon ourselves,
if necessary to save their honor.
All this ought to be done, first, to overcome evil with good,
according to the teaching of the Apostles; and secondly,
because they are our allies rather than our adversaries,
as they aid us to destroy self-love, which is our greatest foe;
and since it is they who give us an opportunity to gain merit,
they ought to be considered our dearest friends.”

St. Vincent de Paul, p.413

(a hungry bumble bee / Julie Cook/ 2022)

(a pollen encrusted bumble bee visits a rose of Sharon /Julie Cook/2022)

(a pollen encrusted bumble bee visits a rose of Sharon /Julie Cook/2022)

(knockout rose / Julie Cook / 2022)

(knockout rose / Julie Cook / 2022)

(a little skipper butterfly visits a joe pye weed/ Julie Cook / 2022)

(a little skipper butterfly visits a joe pye weed/ Julie Cook / 2022)

14 comments on “still out here…wandering… but blessedly not lost

  1. Tricia says:

    Lovely photos Julie, you truly have a gift. I liked the message too, as I’ve been trying to focus on how to bring good to evil situations. Difficult to do as there is just so much evil around us.

  2. says:

    Beautiful photos. You have a gift for photography along with being a word master and an encourager. Love that you shared those great pictures with us. God is so good!

  3. Salvageable says:

    Lovely bugs! You remain in my prayers. J,

  4. oneta hayes says:

    You are still dishing out pictures and words in arrangements to bring new thoughts to me. or to make me expand my sphere of thinking. I think I said what I think, did I? Love to you, my cookie.

  5. David says:

    Good to see you back again Julie. I was worried that you might have had another encounter with the bear.

  6. Blessings…beautiful pics and words. 🙏

  7. I don’t want to give you a swelled head, so I won’t comment on what a great photographer you are. 🙂

  8. Dawn Marie says:

    Both in words and pictures my heart is soothed… hugs to you for sharing what I was in need of. 💕 ( PS- So good to hear from you again in this space.)

  9. What a beautiful world!!!

  10. hatrack4 says:

    Beautiful. And it is great that you were not eaten by the bear.

  11. […] still out here…wandering… but blessedly not lost […]

  12. Sweet pics SC looking forward and thanking God for you 🙏🏻 🍪🐛😍

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