Never be deterred by the closing of one door…

One door is shut, but a thousand are open. ~ Argentine Proverbs

(Photograph: a door knob in Paris/ Julie Cook 2011)

A couple of summers ago, my aunt and I went to Belgium and France on holiday. I began taking photographs of the beautifully old, often times ornate, as well as the simplistic knobs that graced the myriad of doors in Paris. Some knobs opened the doors to businesses, others to homes or apartments. Some knobs were obviously very old while others quite new and modern.

It was always a funny situation as I would be squatting down in front of a door, posed to take the picture of the knob, when suddenly the door would open and an unsuspecting home owner or shop owner would find me at their feet. I would begin profusely apologizing…”Je suis tres désolé Madame, Monsieur…” but I was always waved to continue on–the owner/ resident proud that their lowly knob would be of interest to someone like me.

Being in a city that is so rich with history, I could only imagine who may have once turned the knobs. Things like that always intrigue me–as in who was here before me sort of thoughts… Once home, I put together a book of my photographs. Who knew that a simple doorknob could be so visually striking. Once again it is all a matter of how we look at things. Just as the Argentinean proverb eludes, is the shut door the end? Does the shut door equate to the end of the quest, the dream, the desire? One door in your life may be shut, but there are many more that are already open, it’s just a matter of looking for them.

Never stop looking for the open doors of possibility in your life. Happy Thursday

(photo: Parisian knob/ Julie Cook 2011)

(photo: Parisian knob/ Julie Cook 2011)