Inspirational Blogger Award–really?

or as one blogger put it, How to best build a blogging community…and I suppose that’s in part what I’m doing……


This is the second time a wonderful fellow blogger has desired to bestow this honor on to my little blog. My intent has never been fanfare so I thanked the first blogger and opted not to showcase the “gift” as I prefer flying under the radar so to speak.

I have been reading and following Jolandi on her journey (– being drawn to her site as she first proclaimed her love of travel, explaining her passion as to having rather “itchy” feet–and I thought that was the greatest description I had read for having a love of travel, or as some may say, the “travel bug.” I too have itchy feet!! Unfortunately I have a bit of a limited wallet 🙂

I’m posting the award this time rather reluctantly as I am not one for accolades. My former principal will tell you, much often to his frustration and chagrin, that “Mrs. Cook tends to eschew the deserved honors and awards.” When I was retiring, this time last year, our School Board hosted a reception for me, as well as for a few other retirees—I wrote a heartfelt note to our Superintendent as to why I would not be attending and thanked him for his constant support and friendship. That sort of thing is just not me. My principal did not know that I had declined the invitation. I knew that if I told him, he’d have “made” me go—and sure enough when he got to the reception and had to get up to give a little talk about his art teacher, his art teacher was no where to be found, I got an immediate call on my cell phone.

Some may think that my declining to attend such a reception appeared as my being ungrateful or perhaps even rude–those who know me, knew it made perfect sense—the reception was wonderful for those other teachers, I didn’t need to be there. I wanted to leave quietly, no hoopla. Just a good-bye with my high school colleagues at our end of the year luncheon was all I wanted–he eventually understood. It was all quite humorous. I love our principal. He is much younger than I am, former military. My whole “no” last Spring threw him for a loop—it was good for him. 🙂

I taught and that was all there was to it. If there was an honor, accolade or award along the way that was nice. Receiving the Teacher of the Year award for our High School, only to be followed later by the Teacher of the Year Award for our entire school system was humbling but it was of my opinion not deserved as I knew the caliber of people I worked with–there was always someone else I deemed much more deserving.

So it is with something like this. I just write because God gave me a gift of wanting to share my soul with others. I taught because caring adults taught me and I wanted to, in turn, do the same…I loved art and the whole creative process, but it was simply the vehicle that put me in the classroom… my real passion was working with the kids—living life through their eyes–helping to steer them, keeping them on track as best I could. That was my life for 31 years and for the most part, it was, as the kids would say, all gravy.

For this award I am to nominate other bloggers and list some random facts about myself. Well since most of you do not actually know me, most any fact must seem “random”

1. I am really quite shy–I do not like large social gatherings preferring more intimate affairs with just close friends and family (hence that whole reception ordeal)

2. Being from the South this is a sacrilege but I do not drink, nor do I like, ice tea.

3.I wish I was blessed with the ability to sing–I mean really sing…even though my students will tell you I tried all the time in the classroom, much to their misery 🙂

4. I am adopted (but if you’ve read any of the posts regarding Sylvia Kay, you already knew that)

5. I am not a frufru girly girl–I am more of an outdoors sort of girl–a bit of a tomboy

6. I have been told I’ve been blessed with good genes as I do not look my age–which is a good thing.

7. When I travel, I try to do so with the mindset of a pilgrim verses that of a tourist. Absorbing and immersing myself in my surroundings verses snapping up a picture and off I go….trying to be a good ambassador for my own country and interacting with others in the spirit of kindness, gratitude and unity as we are all more alike than we are different.

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If you are interested in learning more about this award, as well as for a description and explanation, may I simply refer you to Jolandi’s site as she is much more professional and informative…