Improbable and Incredible

“The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”
Oscar Wilde

(Photograph: Lock opening which separates the Chicago River with Lake Michigan / Chicago, Illinois / Julie Cook / 2013)

The above image is a picture of a lock opening allowing the waters between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan to level out to one equal level which in turn allows boats to traverse into and out of the great Lake as the two bodies of water are not of the same level. At one point the Chicago River ran into Lake Michigan but due to all of the human and animal waste, that was pouring into Lake Michigan from the city of Chicago, over 100 years ago engineers had to reverse the natural flow of the River. To this day, a lock is used to now even out the water levels allowing boats to move freely between both river and lake.

A rather amazing feat when you think about reversing the natural flow of a river. Another amazing feat, having to figure out how to make two massive bodies of water the same level as well as keeping them separate when the levels are not the same.

Such feats of thought and engineering are, to me, both incredible and improbable. Ingenuity and need drive so much of what we do and accomplish. Make a point today to believe in the incredible then do what it takes to make it possible by doing the improbable. If not you, who??