an update with clarification to the bending of the cows knees

Here is the most recent comment from our dear friend Lynn Abbott
whose husband just so happens to own and operate a Chick-fil-A!

I just knew we could count of Lynn to help set this record straight!!!
(I apologize Lynn for not touching base with you while putting this post together
but my life has been so upside down as of late that I confess I didn’t think about
emailing you after I initially read all the news here in Atlanta regarding this latest
attack on Chick-fil-A)

And so Lynn is setting straight my day’s post
regarding Chick-fil-A and its supposed disassociation with
Christian charitable organizations such as
The Salvation Army and the Fellowship
of Christian Athletes…

Here is what Lynn has offered us…
Thank you Lynn for shaking the truth out of this latest attack by the
master of falsehoods…

I just wish to let you know that the concerns about Chick-fil-A are unnecessary.
What many are concerned about is simply a matter of the news media giving out mis-information
and that information most likely resulted because a reporter didn’t understand Chick-fil-A’s
organizational structure.
Chick-fil-A runs its charitable contributions through its charitable branches–LifeShape and WinShape.
Both LifeShape and WinShape are Chick-fil-A and both those arms are administered by
Dan Cathy’s (CEO) brother and sister. And in fact, Chick-fil-A is still giving to both
the ministries in question through Chick-fil-A’s charitable branches, LifeShape and WinShape.
Thus, Chick-fil-A has not caved to pressure from special interest political groups as has been suggested.
I know that everyone is listening to the news media so I don’t blame people for not knowing this.
However, I do know because (as you know, dear Julie) my husband owns a Chick-fil-A (CFA) Franchise
and one of his very best friends is a Vice President for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
Indeed, my husband has helped cultivate a ministry partnership between FCA and LifeShape
(CFA’s international charitable branch).
And my husband will represent LifeShape in a few weeks on a joint venture with the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes overseas.
So, please, I humbly ask that Christians do not buy into the enemy’s attempts to
tarnish Chick-fil-A through the media’s mis-reporting and mis-information.
Love you! ❤