Suddenly, there was a giant turtle…..


I walked down the front steps, down to the walk to cut back a few of the spent geraniums blooms, when I happened to look down and to my surprise I spy a rather large turtle.
This was not the average small garden box turtle. “What in the heck is a big turtle doing sitting under my geranium pot on my front walkway??” I muse to myself. We happen to live on a large pasture type of property bordered by some woods— this turtle, however, looks to be a water type of turtle— The type of turtle often seen sunning on limbs sticking out of a pond or lake.


I call my husband at work asking him about the turtle. He instructs me to get a shovel, in order to pick it up, moving it away form the house–he’s worried it could bite–but I knew this was not a snapping turtle–however it could be stressed or injured. I grab my trusty spade, gently lifting the turtle, who is about the size of an elongated basketball, I walk it over to the edge of the woods. I did notice a couple of those nasty green flies–the type of fly I call the death flies, buzzing about him. The turtle appeared alert, not wounded, but of course I didn’t pick it up for a close inspection– all the while noticing those claws of his, I think it best not to touch him.

I put the turtle down– walking back to the house in order to grab my camera. I wasn’t gone from the turtle more than 2 minutes. When I returned to the spot, he was gone. Upon further inspection, I see him about 20 feet away from where I’d left him. He must not be too bad off as he can move relatively quickly if necessary. After a couple of pictures, I leave him alone, hoping he will eventually find “home”–I walk back to the house wondering how in the world a water turtle turns up in my yard. After a little internet search, I discover my turtle is a painted turtle, who indeed spends its life in and around water…still a mystery, but a nice unexpected visit, I chalk it up to my little “gift” of nature for the day.