Nice things can happen on rainy days

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

A nice thing happened this evening. . .
It’s been a bit miserable these past several days—wet, rain, fog, too warm for this time of year, one of the cats is terribly sick, our son is sick, the holiday madness is setting in upon my husband and his business. . .and on top of all of the “life” that is currently happening, there is the issue of my little pet project, this little blog of mine. There is a great deal of time and effort that goes into a blog, but for what exactly you may ask. Many folks think a blog is a waste of time. It’s not like it pays you, it’s not like it’s a job job, it’s not like it soars off the charts, it’s kind of like you’re just writing a journal or a diary for really no one but your self. What’s the point you often wonder, just as those around you also wonder, often a bit loudly.

Then out of the blue, a fellow blogger, pops in for a visit bestowing a nice little surprise. It is a star. A star you ask? It is a star for the 2013 Blog of the Year. It seems a blog site may earn up to 6 stars. It seems my little cookiecrumbstoliveby has just earned a star. I certainly would not have imagined such almost a year ago when I first started this adventure. Maybe people do read it, maybe the blog does make a positive difference. It’s always what an educator wants to do, no matter how old they get or how long they’ve been out of the classroom, they want to make a positive difference.

I do want to thank Sharla Shults at for her kindness, as well as for the support and encouragement her small gift has provided. From one former educator to another, I send tremendous thanks and gratitude. And as I prefer to eschew such things as recognition or spotlight. . . because after all, the blog is meant to be an individual adventure of self intended to be shared, not for accolades, prestige, glory, fame, or fortune but for the mere sake of reaching out to other people–offering kindness, hope, insight, laughs, tears and the shared experiences of one human being to another..
May we all reach for the stars that wait to shine upon each of our lives. . .

Rainy days and Thursdays always get me down….


…or Mondays, or Tuesdays, or, well, you get the idea—however, as this is April and it is raining, I do have hope. It is this very rain that will give way to the flowers of May and beyond. It is a day that provides the time, if not exactly the incentive, to clean house, work on neglected paperwork, etc. So on this rainy, April Thursday, I offer you a glimpse as to why today’s rain is beneficial…here is to warmer, sunnier, abundantly colorful days ahead (and if it’s not raining where you are and it is sunny… enjoy the flowers!)
(Photo: Julie Cook/ Salzburg, Austria 9/2012)