wear it well

“Words are clothes that thoughts wear”
Samuel Butler

(not lipstick but rather blackberry sorbet…
The Mayor does not wear it well / Julie Cook/ 2018)

The Mayor likes her sorbet…
but as her closest aides, we are a tad wary of telling her that she does not wear it well…

However, I am reminded that to wear our faith, in such way that there is no mistaking our
life’s goal and aim, remains paramount to our hurting world.

“I ask you to consider that our Lord Jesus Christ is your true head and that you
are a member of his body.
He belongs to you as the head belongs to the body.
All that is his is yours: breath, heart, body, soul and all his faculties.
All of these you must use as if they belonged to you,
so that in serving him you may give him praise, love and glory.”

St. John Eudes