Strawberries, yogurt and honey…yum!

So I went to the grocery store yesterday where I saw they had beautiful strawberries for sale. Now I know better than buying strawberries from the store as they are never as good as those grown by one’s own hand. Looking in my yard, there was no magic patch to be found, so…..


Thank you to for always the wonderful inspiration where honey is concerned! The other day they posted a delicious picture of greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries. It will be a while until the blueberries arrive on the bushes, so I settled for the strawberries.

Cutting them up, I topped some greek yogurt, drizzled Tupelo honey and sprinkled ground flax seed for a tasty lunch. Ground flax seed you ask…..well, I hear flax seed is really a healthy addition to food, so what the heck…added a nice nutty taste. I’ve also been known to sprinkle some ground honey wheat germ for a bit of a nutty crunch.

Please don’t think of me as too much of a health nut, remember this is the girl who has an obsession with butter…. 🙂 hummmmm, butter drizzled with honey….interesting…I’ll think about that later………