what was that about animal or angel…

“I see clearly with the interior eye,
that the sweet God loves with a pure love the creature that He has created,
and has a hatred for nothing but sin, which is more opposed to Him
than can be thought or imagined.”

St. Catherine of Genoa

(image courtesy a UK internet news outlet)

Yesterday we took a brief look at what it is that separates man from beast…

That being the conscious conscience–

Our ability to make a conscious choice to believe…in say, that Jesus Christ was and
is who He said He was…as He remains to this day—that being the Son of God…

So a conscious conscience separates us.

Otherwise, we’re pretty much alike as in that we are born of both male and female, we
eat, sleep, play, seek shelter, have similar bodily functions…

And yet we possess a higher order of thinking—a conscious conscience.

We can choose to follow something rather than said following being simply an innate
reaction or some sort of imprinting.
We can follow literally or we can follow figuratively and consciously…or, choose not to…

It’s no secret that I love football—
that being American football and not the soccer version of futbol.

And we can whittle that down even further in that I prefer college ball…
but I will always take what I can get.

So needless to say, I joined the rest of this football and commercial loving Nation,
all who gathered either in person or around a thousand and more televisions in order
to watch the big game Sunday night…the Super Bowl.

I am neither Eagle fan nor Patriot fan…and despite being from Atlanta and having the
Falcons being my team by proxy…Green Bay is actually MY team of heart…

And as to why that is—is beyond my soul.. but I bet it goes back to childhood or the adoption…
just saying.

So in such a competition as a Super Bowl, one usually opts to pull for one team or the other…
and as I am tired of the Patriot Dynasty constantly winning and Coach Belichick’s
sloppy sideline apparel along with his monotone one-word press conference interviews,
add in a constant dour demeanor, I thought we should give Philly a go.

And so perhaps in hindsight, I was wrong in that notion.

Following the Eagles routing over the Patriots Sunday night, Philadelphia,
that city of brotherly love, broke out into insanity…

And not mind you the type of joyful, happy, triumphant, euphoria of insanity witnessed
at the moment of a victory…such as in the…
“Hey, Nick Foles, what are you going to do now that you’ve won the Super Bowl???…
with that joy-filled, confetti swirling answer being a triumphant “I’m going to Disney World”

But rather this victory swirled down into the insanity of hate, destruction, violence,
and lawlessness.

More like, dare we say it, animals…

Add to the fact that the image I found today was from a UK news site,
as in the world watched how badly “we” behaved.

And I say ‘we’ because ‘we’ are, for all intent purposes, Americans…
As in I just happen to be from Georgia, and the game just happened to be played in Minnesota
and it just happened to be a game between New England and Philidelphia players—
so “we” are all, when the dust settles, in this together…as Americans.


I for one find the behavior seen in Philidelphia, bottom of the barrel, awful.

However, the questions remains…are these “fans” going to be held accountable?

Maybe some were arrested.

Yet I’m pretty certain many more slipped into the dark
of night over those who actually were arrested for “disorderly” conduct—
throw in a little looting and destruction of private property to that citation.

Whose cars were those flipped over and torched?
Or what about sending those regular citizens who were caught in the middle of the madness,
sending law-abiding folks who just happened to be in downtown businesses and hotels,
into some sort of panic attack, so afraid they would become victims of the animal mob?

Not a pretty picture to say the least.

And so I think about all of this ugly Americaness of ours…these seemingly selfish,
self-centered acts of consciousness…decisions made which are,
when all pretense is stripped away, acts of the demonic-
As in the very lesson, we learned yesterday, that being it’s man’s choice when
he leans toward anger, hate, violence lawlessness, sinfulness..in other words, acts of evilness,
of which has its impetus in the demonic and certainly not the angelic or saintly…

And just as we have the conscious conscience of choice to be more like the animals—
we also have the conscious conscience to choose that of the angelic, the saintly and that
of love.

May we choose love….

Once again, another life lesson brought to us by a mere game.

“Love is a strong force — a great good in every way; it alone can make our burdens light,
and alone it bears in equal balance what is pleasing and displeasing.
It carries a burden and does not feel it; it makes all that is bitter taste sweet…
Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing higher, nothing stronger, nothing larger,
nothing more joyful, nothing fuller, nothing better in heaven or on earth;
for love is born of God and can find its rest only in God above all He has created.
Such lovers fly high, run swiftly and rejoice.
Their souls are free; they give all for all and have all in all.
For they rest in One supreme Goodness above all things,
from Whom all other good flows and proceeds. They look not only at the gifts,
but at the Giver, Who is above all gifts.”

Thomas à Kempis

19 comments on “what was that about animal or angel…

  1. SharaC says:

    Well said… love the Thomas a Kempis quote at the end…

  2. Elihu says:

    Someone once said that if you teach children they are nothing more than an animal, them don’t be surprised if they behave like animals. The world is persistently rejecting the truth of our origin—that we are created in the image of God—and rejecting that truth leads to debase behaviors.

  3. dbp49 says:

    You and ALL the conscience-controlled folks of your good nation have my sympathies as someone who in 2011 witnessed first-hand scenes like the ones at the top of your wonderful post here, when our Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in game 7 to the Boston Bruins. It was a night of great shame for our city (and I certainly don’t mean because of the team’s loss).

  4. ColorStorm says:

    I hit ‘like’ three times just so you know. lol

  5. atimetoshare.me says:

    I really had high hopes that Minnesota nice would rub off on the Eagle fans. Unfortunately there always has to be o e moron in the bunch. What happens to these folks when winning gives you the right to destroy or steal someone else’s property. It was time for the Patriots to lose. I just wish it would’ve been the Vikings who won.

  6. Absolutely nothing can be added by way of thoughts to yours. You said all of the important things here. By the way, my mom was a HUGE football fan. I miss being able to watch the games with her. Love that you love the game! Of course you do! ❤

  7. Love the way you bring anything and everything in to support the Lord and encouragek us to be strong in our faith. Love, N 🙂 ❤

  8. hatrack4 says:

    Couches in Morgantown, WV tremble during W Va football games, because they always burn couches in the streets after victories. As an Ole Miss alum, I remember the Ole Miss/LSU game my junior year (1972). The clock operator got so excited, he forgot to run the clock for about 1.5 minutes of playing time, allowing Bert Jones to make a comeback win in Baton Rouge over Ole Miss. The riot after the game was so bad that they bussed knifing victims (all Ole Miss fans) to New Orleans, because the Baton Rouge hospitals couldn’t handle the load. Praise the Lord, I turned down an invitation to the game. This idiocy is not new. Besides, Philly once booed Santa Claus.

    • Being a fellow SEC member, I’d never heard about the couches….I was at UGA during the late 70’s–the Hershel era–so there was a National title then–no time for foolishness—but I know it’s nothing new sadly—I just hate to see it playout past the college campuses of idiocy as adults don’t seem to have learned much…
      No good example setting there that’s for certain….
      And booing Santa—was he wearing a New England jersey??
      No, sadly Mark bad behavior is nothing new and is not merely relegated to US soil as we see what happens across Europe at the loss / win of a crucial soccer match and depending on which sit you are on depends on how destructive and violent your bravado allows…
      all in all it is the choice we make to act like animals, which seems easier for us than chosing to act more “angelicly” with love as or aim…
      Glad you missed that game! I almsot decided to go to LSU—geaux tigers would have been my mantra rather than GO DAWGS 😉

  9. all in all, I think the DAWGS beat the Tigers as the better choice 🙂 My dad did
    as well when it came to thinking about out of state tuitions 😉

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