Do not…compromise

“Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one–
the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings,
without milestones, without signposts,…
Your affectionate uncle,

― C.S. Lewis,
The Screwtape Letters

Right is right even if no one is doing it;
wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.

St Augustine of Hippo

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile–
hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill

(a youthful Winston Churchill in his WWI uniform)

Give and take…you were taught since being a child
Bend a little,
give a little…
Give more,
take less.


Yet in that unabashed revelry of our growing concession and settling…
we have deemed that everything and all, even the vast Creator himself…
should now bow down to each petty whim and want…

Never mind that the God of both Heaven and earth laid down precepts
that are to be fully obeyed.
(Psalm 119:4)

Never mind that the time has come when people no longer
live with sound teachings and doctrine…

Instead, to suit their own desires,
they gather around them great numbers of teachers who will say what their
itching ears long to hear.
They will turn their ears away from the Truth, turning rather to the side of all falsehood.

However we must remember to keep our head about us in all situations…
We will endure hardships…
but we must strive to do the work of the One who teaches the Truth
(2 Timothy 4:3-5)

For many deceivers have gone out into the world,
those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh.
Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.
Watch yourselves, so that you may not lose what we have worked for,
but may win a full reward.
Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ,
does not have God.
Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.
If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching,
do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting,
for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

2 John 1:7-11

29 comments on “Do not…compromise

  1. KIA says:

    For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
    Matthew 10:35‭-‬37 KJV
    Is this true of you? Have you separates and condemned all family members and friends who are not Christian?

    • As it is not in my authority to condemn anyone, I can but live my life and my life only, striving to follow the example of Christ Jesus…ever striving yet always falling short. As all I can be is that example…an example that is working towards a goal…never reaching it in this life on this earth but working towards it none the less….
      And in my striving to run the race at it were, it is for me to realize that the compromises, we as believers, have been lulled into by our culture…as well as those compromises now thrust upon believers by our very courts of law…are in direct opposition to the commands issued by God.
      The time is at hand that the goats and the sheep are being separated…all I can do, my all knowing friend, is to cling to the hope that I hold in the risen Christ and to follow his teachings…
      God’s word, His commandments to us, cannot be rewritten because we no longer find them acceptable to our desired life styles…it just doesn’t work that way…despite man’s attempts to render the Sacred Word null and void…

  2. Julie,

    Are you and Kathy collaborating on your respective blogs today or is it just a God-thing?

    Either way, well-done to both of you.


  3. Wally Fry says:

    Good post Julie

    It is however a crying shame to see those supposedly full of knowledge twisting the clear meaning of God’s Word just to make a sister look bad.

    And that’s all I got to say about that

  4. ColorStorm says:

    Love that quote @ hippo.

    Even Popeye say ‘wrong is wrong even if it helps ya.’

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Great quotes. Every big fall is a the result of a thousand little compromises.

  6. Yay, I knew that was a young Winston when I first saw the photo before I even read on. I loved Winston and had a cat name Wintson once. Wow, this one drew quite a few banterings back and forth among your followers. The post was great as usual my dear! 🙂 ❤

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