a commandment is as only good as it is kept, or is it?

I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like
if Moses had run them through the US Congress.

Ronald Reagan

I’ve written a little about the 10 Commandments before….
Actually it was back in the Spring after having watched an interview with Lauren Green
the chief Religion correspondent with Fox News.

At the time Lauren had a new book out,
Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog

As I stated back in May…. Lauren explains the title of her book as being based
on the concept of the Ten Commandments.
She notes that “here you have a seminal point found in the very first commandment…”
“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Lauren goes on to explain that by breaking commandants 2-10, you will always
have broken 1.
As number 1 is the pinnacle that everything else descends from.
A very academic and legal approach to looking at how we are to be living our lives…

And as this culture of ours which prides itself on being all about
academic advancements and of all things exceedingly legal,
you’d think we’d be all about some commandments…
but it turns out that we are not all about commandments, particularly those
Ten Commandments and especially those first 4.

The above picture showed up last night in a text message from a friend.
She had snapped the picture of the article from a periodical her husband
subscribes to and wanted to pass on the dismal tale to me.

The article is about a recent study conducted of folks, both those who consider
themselves Christians and those who don’t, there in the UK and of their current
feelings regarding the Ten Commandments.

Now the UK was founded as a Christian nation…
you know,—for love of God, King and Country…
or in the current case, that would be Queen.
Of course we had William the Conquerer in 1066 but it actually goes back to
601 with Æthelberht of Kent who was recognized as the first Christian baptized
leader of the Anglo-Saxon England that shaped a nation into what it is today…
a secular swirling mess.

Yet it was always known that God was at the top, followed by the Monarchy…
so the monarchy certainly had a higher Commander in Chief to be answering to—
and some monarchs did a great job with that and some were utterly abysmal.
But such is the nature of fickled humans and leadership.

It should be noted that in our most modern times, we have witnessed a deep
secularization taking place across all of Europe…
aka, most of West Civilization—as it is happening in Australia, Canada, and certainly here in the US

A recent study revealed that the most “Christian” nation that remains on the soil
of the European continent would be Poland…
and that little fact is certainly being pushed to its limits as the drive continues
fast and furiously for all nations to get on the progressive modernism bandwagon
by legalizing same sex marriages.

Church attendance across the European landscape is at a record low.
As there are many who now wonder as to relativeness of the institution of “Church”

This is not just a European problem…..

Here’s the thing—in our most progressive society, we all,
as in our current modern-day society, are all about rendering the God of said
Commandments null and void.

Most of our leading academics and politicians see no relevance in the notion of
not only Christianity, but more aptly, God himself.
Matters not that He commanded that we shall have no other gods…we’ve just been
so busy with our own myriad of little gods that we haven’t had much time to consider
anyone else as being greater or bigger than our narrow little world.

So whereas reading these latest statistics is rather dismal, I am reminded all
is not lost, all is not hopeless.
I think it will be vastly important in the days, weeks, months and even years to come
that we the Faithful maintain the importance of the Commandments…not in some sort
of self righteous and almost martyristique sort of fashion but rather with a
focused and purposeful intent.

For our example of demonstratively living will be scrutinized…
while the question will remain…
are we willing to live our Commandments, with number one being the pinnacle…
truly living it as a clear and visible living example of obedience….??

“You shall have no other gods before Me.
Exodus 20:3

28 comments on “a commandment is as only good as it is kept, or is it?

  1. hatrack4 says:

    When the First falls, the others drop like dominoes.

  2. phyllissnipes says:

    While basic laws exist to maintain a civil society, how much more important are those basic spiritual commandments to secure our souls!!! First is the foundation for all…true that!
    (Gotta love the Reagan quote!)

  3. Amen, Julie!

    I notice coveting is way down on the list, 61%. I think it was George Carlin who said you can’t have capitalism without promoting covetness and envy. Hannibal Lector of fictional serial killer fame in Silence of the Lambs, declares, “what do we do, we covet.” We seem to have a real knack for coveting just about everything BUT God. It’s a rare thing to be jealous FOR God, in the way He is jealous for us.

    My particular pet peeve is when Christians ourselves start showing only a 31% approval rating for parts of the ten commandments.Yikes! While God Himself may well be gracious and merciful towards us, the standards themselves don’t change. The sad part is that in dismissing them we are doing ourselves a disservice. We access His grace,His mercy, by trying to do what sometimes seems impossible. Honoring your not so charming parents for example, can take you to greater intimacy with your Heavenly Father. Keeping the sabbath provides rest for our souls, and so forth. There are benefits for us personally hidden within all those commandments.

    • I know IB—there is such a connectedness to all of them and they were issued for a reason-as we learn in education…everything builds upon the foundation–
      but like those waiting on Moses down at the bottom of the mountain, we’ve been very busy building our golden calves, goats, iPhones, social media, etc….as our attention span and patience seems to be oh so fleeting and greatly tickled….

      and I am always touched by your referring back, always, to God’s mercy and love for us—there is a tenderness that you offer—a glimpse of the Lover to the beloved…
      so no matter how others may bemoan you as caustic, or mean or whatever the latest flavor of attack is to IB—you always point back to Mercy, Grace and ultimately Love….you go girl!

  4. Elihu says:

    Good grief! I can’t believe 7% think it’s ok to murder and still while 28% think it’s ok to commit adultery! That’s an eye opener. I always thought those three things were typically considered wrong even by secular standards. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at anything anymore. Of course, taking the the Lord’s name in vain… I hear and see Christians use “OMG” all the time, probably not realizing how much they are offending God!

  5. dbp49 says:

    The saddest part is that they’ve allowed themselves to be deceived into believing that they actually CAN pick-and-choose, like the Commandments are items on their shopping list or something similar. They’ll sit there utterly convinced of their sanctity, while all the time they are still lost, or at the very best (depending on one’s understanding of the Scripture’s teachings regarding the possibility of losing previously-granted salvation), enter Heaven without a single reward waiting for them. I think both your country and mine are in serious need of a major revival.

  6. Very good post, Julie. So sad that it is true, that the countries founded on Christian faith and freedom of religion have reverted to heathenism and now worship money as their god are the leaders in denying the very God who has allowed them the freedom to make choices are now denying His existence. I’m very thankful their denial is not changing facts and that my God lives on. If people would only read the signs He gives us, as prominent as the road signs we also seem to miss when it suits us, we coul turn his thing around.

  7. oneta hayes says:

    This lax attitude toward keeping the Ten Commandments or any other Biblical standard of behavior is to be expected as the “that-might-be-your-truth-but-it-is-not-my-truth” rages among us. This is TV personalities very loving philosophy which is deceiving many. Neither “your truth” nor “my truth” equals The Truth. Good night to you my dear and all your lovely readers.

  8. Citizen Tom says:

    Almost five years ago I completed a series of posts on the Ten Commandments. I suppose it is time I updated and reposted that series.

    What was that series about? I tried to explain as best I can why the Ten Commandments was so important in the formation of our nation’s government?

    Which commandment do I think was most important in the formation of our government? The first commandment: you shall have no other gods before me (see https://citizentom.com/2013/06/24/the-ten-commandments-and-government-part-11/). Why? The bedrock principle of the American republic is each of us has the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Founders believed those rights come from Him so that we can learn to love our Father in Heaven with all our strength, our mind, our soul, and our heart.

  9. Dawn Marie says:

    Oh my! The photograph of the article you have posted about brought tears to my eyes and my heart…… And it leaves me aching to shout all the louder & more often: “I love you, my Lord and my Savior!” Hugs n’ blessings to you for the reminder we must never tire from doing so…..💕

    • You just wait until tomorrow’s image—of the monkey part II post—it’s beats a cadre of sticky notes any ol day….today’s post’s image of the monkey is cute…tomorrow’s monkey is hysterial—and yes, I thank God for his animal kingdom as they bring me a great deal of happiness—animals that are mine and those that I simply have the pleasure of seeing…..God is truly masterful and good!

  10. SLIMJIM says:

    Interesting snapshot from your friend. I can’t help but to read the rejection of the first four being explained by God in Psalm 2 of the nations rejecting His rule…

  11. ColorStorm says:

    At the very least J, the commands prove there is One greater.

    In addition, the law was not made for a righteous man, and proves we are all lawbreakers……….

    ………………but a righteous man does not need to be reminded not to steal his neighbor cow.

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