Learning from the weeds


I learn more about God 
from weeds than from roses; 
Resilience springing 
through the smallest chink of hope
 in the absolute of concrete….
Phillip Pulfrey

What is that yellow ball in the sky?? we all wondered this morning.
I believe that would be the sun.
HOORAY for the Sun!!
Unfortunately according to the weathermen, we best not get use to it.

Yet for this wonderfully bright morning, with a promise of mild temperatures, I shall relish the sights and feels..and I shall even take pleasure in the weeds as their resilience and desire to flourish,in the often poor conditions in which they grow, are not phased by even this wretched weather—they sprout and grow, much to our consternation, despite the ideal. No fickled needs for them–perseverance and resilience, rather than pampering and babying—qualities learned from a weed that may suit life better than the prize flower that is nurtured and spoiled into blooming.

The weeds bloom despite attention and fanfare. They have no need or want of an audience. They ask nothing from me. They wish to show me their own beauty–that of determination and tenacity. I need to take a lesson from the weeds. Perseverance and Resilience, Tenacity and Determination shall be the battle cry on this day!! God wishes to teach us mighty lessons. The mighty lesson which is most often found in the humble and demure–in the quiet, the skinny, the scrawny.
What lesson, what blessing have you over looked that was/ is hiding amongst the weeds?
Oh Happy Day of Spring!!

7 comments on “Learning from the weeds

  1. nonfatlatte says:

    Double “Like”.

  2. Thank you for that double(non fat) latte of likes 🙂

  3. nonfatlatte says:

    LOL! No foam, thank you.

  4. catnipoflife says:

    It is amazing how the tiniest of flowers can bring about so much beauty. ‘Weeds’ and ‘wildflowers’ adorn our roadsides and open fields so often going unnoticed. You may enjoy visiting Life in the Foothills. Here is a sampling: http://salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/wildflowers-in-the-sierra-foothills/ Tell her catnip sent you 🙂

    • thank you catnip for sharing good thoughts and good sites—loved the VE remembrance!!!—I am a huge Winston Churchill fan. We owe him so very much and I fear so many of this current generation have not a clue…….Thank you thank you!!!!

  5. babso2you says:

    Weeds are plants growing where one does not want them! I do have weeds in my garden, and I do enjoy all of them! I just wish that my husband would leave them until the blooms are gone! I have posts on this. One of them is:




    I will most definitely give Sharla thanks for sending you my way! She is an amazing woman and one to be appreciated!

    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog, and I hope that you will enjoy my posts!

  6. Thank you Barb for your input and for sharing your beautiful blog with me (and the world 🙂 )
    I look forward to exploring the beauty found in your neck of the woods. I really enjoy learning each new day that we are all more alike than different as I see that through blogs such as yours—thank you Barb—blessings to you–Julie

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