If necessary for years, if necessary alone

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo,
and it’s worth fighting for.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

“I indicated a fortnight ago as clearly as I could to the House that the worst possibilities were open,
and I made it perfectly clear then that whatever happened in France would make no difference to the resolve of Britain and the British Empire to fight on,
if necessary for years, if necessary alone.”

Prime Minster Winston Churchill addressing the House of Commons / June 4, 1940

(Winston Spencer Churchill)

Sometimes the most unlikely individuals step into the crosshairs of history…
and when they do— we and the world are never the same.

Winston Spencer Churchill was just such an individual.

He was an unlikely candidate to ever be immortalized by anyone–
be it on the stage of his home nation or the stage of greater world at large.

And large he was—large in personality, determination, resolve and grit.

The type of leadership one seeks when finding oneself in the clutches of
a menacing death grip.

Yet he was actually greatly despised by many—by his fellow MPs as well as by a
few world leaders….both Hitler and Stalin to name but a few.

He was often brusk—often lacking the more refined social filters.
He suffered from a life long speech impediment.
He had performed poorly in school, often disappointing his famous father.
He was considered arrogant.
He was half American…a black eye in British aristocracy.
He came across as pompous, a braggart and a loud mouth.
He both drank and smoked entirely too much for most of the more genteel of company.
He loved to talk…most often in excess…and most often about self….
He was thoughtless with his finances, teetering constantly on ruin.
He was often selfish and self-centered and a poor keeper of time,
his as well as others.

And yet he was brilliant.
He was tenacious.
He had humor and he had heart.
He was a visionary who both clearly saw and deeply understood…

And he was a man accused of war mongering by those who I suspect would not
have minded living under the dictatorships of tyranny.

He was a wordsmith….
Gifted with both the written and spoken word….an orator for the ages, Churchill
used both to his keen advantage to rouse a frightened, sagging and crestfallen

He was shrewd and calculating,
despite being considered often half cocked and ridiculously unreasonable.

And he was the the single undetered force that stood between democracy and death
when no one else was left standing or when those who were still standing, stood quiet.

I saw a trailer for a movie—
a movie for which I’ve not seen any advertisement over….
No commercials, no billboards, no star studded endorsements…..
No hype nor hoopla of which is afforded to those other movies boasting of
fantasy, fiction or filth….

It is a movie that is actually already out in theaters as I also suspect having long
left others.

It is a true story.
A real story.
A story of courage in the face of what appeared to be unavoidable demise.

It is a movie about a man who many know by name only…as that is all they know.

This current generation, so lulled by the complacency of materialism and of the
falsely perceived angst over matters of little to no consequence, have no idea
the gratitude they actually owe this enigma of a man.

Yet this man, who this movie portrays during a particular dark period in time,
is the very man who sacrificed everything within his power just so that you and I
today could enjoy the comforts of our lives….

Theses are a few links to previous posts I’ve offered on behalf of
this legend of a man…..




26 comments on “If necessary for years, if necessary alone

  1. Lynda says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but a friend of mine really enjoyed it. He’s really into history and felt it was quite accurate. God uses unlikely people at various times in history – think of King David who was not exactly a paradigm of virtue. None of us can claim to be virtuous yet God can use us. Amazing to me!!

    • I know -I think that’s in part why I do love Churchill so much—because despite all of his failings, shortcomings and oddities— God did choose him for just that moment —no average person, who faced with what seemed to be inevitable doom and demise would or could still be able to actually see victory within all of that and actually believe it to be so— thank God he did!

  2. @vapor_sage says:

    Awesome piece- I loved Darkest Hour, Gary Oldman is Churchill, I may see it again

  3. atimetoshare.me says:

    You make me anxious to see the movie. I know you’ve had a long running love affair with Mr. Churchill. You should have written his eulogy. Perfect!

    • Very few ever come along in our lifetimes who actually define our future— he was such a person – flawed and imperfect- and yet perfectly fitted for the role—God & Churchill by Sandys and Henley is an excellent read— the Sandys fellow being his great grandson

  4. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    Looking forward to watching the film 😊

  5. ColorStorm says:

    Love it.

    A man’s man dmanit!!

  6. oneta hayes says:

    I like a leader with some guts (oops) boldness and determination and one who might at times appear abrasive. I can’t recall a time when God ever used a wimp without un-wimping him, Gideon for example. 😀 I’ve lived under the rule of a few – principals to presidents. And gender does not always matter – anyone think Margaret Thatcher.

  7. RobbyeFaye says:

    I hope to see the movie, I had not heard about it. Thank you for the post.
    I reviewed a fascinating book about Churchill and his “friendship” with the Kennedys. It too is fascinating, you might like to read the book (or even the post), The link to the post is https://captivedreamswindow.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/when-lions-roar/. I hope you enjoy it.
    Churchill was indeed a fascinating man, often reviled, but also proven many times to be right.

    • thanks Robbye Faye and I’m late to the party but I’ve finally got around to ‘following’ so I do look forward to your reviews!!!…And yes, the book If My Moon was your Sun was truly touching…if you’re not familiar with Plough Publishing House, I recommend you take a look–
      I think that is probably the only book I don’t own concerning the Chruchills….Joe Kennedy was a great appeaser like Chamberlin and some have even thought sympathetic toward Hitler–that is, in the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power similar to Edward VIII.
      The Chruchill’s story is as you note…such a whirlwind of good and bad and great dysfunction as we know was the Kennedy’s—yet I have always heavily leaned toward Winston….preferring the Chruchills to the Kennedys—because I saw something so utterly genuine beneath all of his fluff 🙂

      • RobbyeFaye says:

        Thank you so very much, Julie!
        I’m not familiar with them, I’ll be sure to check them out, thanks for the suggestion!
        The Kennedy’s were an interesting and tragedy laden family. But, I like you, much prefer Churchill.
        I think the difference was Churchill, though very gruff, cared deeply for his country and it’s citizens. I think Joseph Kennedy really only cared about himself, his family and his legacy.

      • I totally agree—it was “what can I do to advance my family” whereas Churchill was bound and determined to save the “Empire”–a big difference 🙂

      • RobbyeFaye says:

        I agree! Churchill really tried to save the “Empire.”

  8. Churchill… I admire him so much! I think this sounds/looks like an amazing film! By the way, I love the Tolkien quote. 🙂

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