Weird things happen

“That proves you are unusual,” returned the Scarecrow;
“and I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration
in this world are the unusual ones. For the common
folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed.”

L. Frank Baum, The Land of Oz

(a fallen persimmon / Julie Cook / 2021)

Yesterday I thought I had an entire post dedicated to my trappings through the woods
while sharing my excitement over knowing fall was soon at hand because of all
the persimmons I found ripening on the trees….

I thought I had written that we all knew it’s getting to be fall when I was out
spotting persimmons.
I also thought I had written about how we just needed to forget about life’s madness
for just a bit while we simply enjoyed a brief respite out of doors,
albeit for just a minute or two.

I had a bunch of different pictures of persimmons that I’d uploaded to the post
that I wanted to share.

And so this morning, just like every morning, I grabbed my phone since
I use my WP app in order to publish my posts as I grab my coffee,
and so I thought after it showed “published” I was good to go.

It wasn’t until I finally sat down this afternoon
(yesterday if you’re reading this today) and pulled up the blog that I
saw the bulk of the post was MIA.

The post looking at me was not the post I last saw last night…
Not the post that I had saved in order to publish the following day.
It was woefully incomplete…
Where’d what I’d written and uploaded go??

Well, who the heck knows.
So ode to the WP gremlins.

And so today, I had decided that I wanted to write a scathing post
about what our past great military brass—leaders such as Washington,
Grant, Nimitz, Bradley, Pershing, Patton, McArthur, Eisenhower,
Powell, and even ‘Stormen’ Norman…what would these men who were tried
in the fires of the horrors of war think?…
What would these men think about the likes of what we’re
stuck with today????—
Stuck with a set of currently woke, painfully politically correct,
inept, blind and deaf, treasonous military leaders???!!!!

Can anyone say following the correct chain of command?
Can anyone say court-martial???
Can anyone say treason???
Can anyone say sleeping with the enemy??

So instead of that needed post…we’ll just go back to persimmons.

Persimmons harken to a gentler life…
No treason found thankfully in a persimmon.

(***all images are various ripening persimmons/ Julie Cook / 2021)

On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.

Psalm 145:5

24 comments on “Weird things happen

  1. says:

    These photos are beautiful and a much better topic than what you had planned. I agree that autumn lasts for just a brief time that we have to soak it in while it’s here. God’s paintbrush is better than anything we can create – the colors, the shadows, the contrast, the magnificence of it all. So much that we insignificant leaves will fade into nonexistence, without ever being known. Just like your quote reveals.

  2. bcparkison says:

    I would really like to think this is all just a bad dream but maybe..just maybe they really are as bad as the dream seems to be. I know who has the upper hand and Our God always wins.

  3. Doug says:

    I’m commonly accused of being a ‘Trump-hater” and that is correct in that I hated him as “my” president for the person he was and is, more than disputing his policies, and I’ve lamented so for the last 5 years. Few understand the concept that if I were ever in the capacity to take a bullet for him when he was president I would have simply because his being in office was the result of the Constitutional process that put him there… that document being more important to me than the idiocy that Trump ever was. So what I get in feedback following and replying in kind in these Conservative blogs I bring on myself. All that preamble aside… perhaps you can enlighten me.. is your desire to court-martial (and all the other “shunning”) Milley more because of his (to you, obvious) dislike for Trump… hence he deserves to be court-martialed because he didn’t love his command-in-chief.. or… is there actually something of substance that motivates this opinion of Milley, given we are all lacking in context since the book itself hasn’t been released for the general public to read?

    Half those generals you listed there had their own run-ins with exceeding their responsibilities as well.. IF that is what you are challenging Milley in doing.
    It’s being revealed that Esper gave Milly permission, that Milley had a measure of inside support in watching what the maniac President was doing, especially following Jan. 6.
    Have you bothered to even TRY to understand Milley’s motivation and thought process for doing what he did, and others supporting him, or did you just shuck it all off as Milley being yet another Liberally-inspired Trump-hater?
    What would have been Milley’s goal in doing what he did? A grab for power when the election had already been determined? Everything Milley has done was done AFTER the election.

    Just curious… and truly, Julie, your post just happened to fall into my email first before all the same or similar perceptions from other Conservative blogs.. and I am not lurking around just to be a pain in YOUR ass. What I wrote here applies to all the other Conservative folks who follow you.. which also have their own blogs.

    • Doug, I didn’t like Milley after the Afghanistan debacle-I knew he was chairman of the jt chief of staff— I knew he’d served under both the present and past admins and really gave him no never mind until— the messy Afghanistan pullout that was disastrous—
      And you’re right, everyone of those past servicemen / commanders were each terribly flawed-be it alcoholism, womanizing, and even, at times, seemingly abusive command— but the thing is— they supported their commander in chief, they put America first and they did not attempt their own little coup du jour—
      I totaly understand chain of command, I also get that Miley’s is just an advisable role, not a Jesus take the wheel , we’re riding this one trick pony alone sort of role—
      I’ve never been a die hard Trumper— there is a lot about that arrogance I’m not a fan of – but- I believe he did put America and her interests first, he respected our service men and woman along with our first responders and he knew when he needed to be dignified or simply a horses ass— I respected his leadership and no, I do not respect our current leaders be it Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer et el— they are either inept or self centered— or both!!!

  4. Mel Wild says:

    Yay for persimmons! We don’t have them here but our Fall is the best time of year. Beauty in nature (and cat videos) are a great antidote to all the Woke craziness.

    • I know that our grocery stores carry them–the larger asian fare—but the wild ones are so much more special to spy when one is wandering in the woods during the soon to be, albeit it still hot, fall!
      Inept military men and their equally inept supporters will wait until another day 😉

  5. Tricia says:

    Awww the beauty and simplicity of the common persimmon. It’s good to contemplate the simple things in life, for our God has created them and thy majestic and worthy of our time.

    The absolute nonsense of the Biden administration, Miley’s treason, Covid hysteria etc…is not but unfortunately a necessity. Lovely pics, keep the coming!

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    I think those old generals would condemn this administration and our military brass today…

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