“The paradoxes of today are the prejudices of tomorrow,
since the most benighted and the most deplorable prejudices
have had their moment of novelty when fashion lent them its fragile grace.”

Marcel Proust

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There’s a lot of talk currently in my neck of the woods about snow.
In fact the “talk” is more like a warning of an impending National disaster.

Yesterday while driving into Atlanta to Dad’s…those matrix boards above the interstates
alerting drivers to accidents, etc. were all running the same ominous and foreboding message…
Winter Storm Warning

For much of this hearty country of ours, such approaching weather systems
are no big deal…
it’s just more of the same ol typical winter weather…
but in this tender southern state, those signs might as well have read:

So this morning, with all the local news forecasting the Apocolypse,
I figured that maybe I should run out to the store to grab another half gallon of milk…
Lord knows I’d hate to be iced in, snowed in or both,
without ample milk for my coffee or any sort
cake or recipe that I may want to whip up while being stranded and cut off
from all civilization…

The shopping center looked like it did a couple of weeks ago during the
Christmas shopping frenzy.
I had passed school buses running basically backwards…
as in they had just taken the kids to school
and now they were bringing them all back home due to the early dismals
in observance of the impending disaster.

While I was making my way through the maze of shopping carts frantically filling up
with survival foods such as chips and sodas…
I debated about picking up something different for supper.

The chicken section was almost empty with only a few errant packs of thigh / leg combos.
When did chicken make the list of the typical disaster foods besides bread and milk?
Of which I am happy to report that the milk section was fully stocked…
or should I make that restocked…

Next stop, the bank.

Fridays are never a good day to go to the bank as everyone is getting paid and
in turn, heading to the nearest bank.
Add impending doom…
and shades of 1929 come racing to mind.

While standing at my teller’s counter there was a couple in their mid 20’s at the teller next to me.
They were loudly lamenting to the gal behind the counter,
and everyone else in line, that they were “tired of being adults.”

Really? ( thought in a monotone of sarcasam)

I chuckled and turned to look at this forlorn lamenting duo.

They continued on about how they were ready to trade in their “adult cards” wanting,
I suppose, to return to the Land of Nod and innocence.
“How,” had they known, “that if life would be like this,”
whatever “this” may have been,
“would have squandered more of their money while trying to “enjoy life” …

I kid you not.

I offered, rather bemusedly, that it doesn’t get any easier…
which certainly didn’t offer any comfort to their sense of gloom and doom…
but then again I am a realist and one who is a believer in the phrase
“aging is not for sissies”

Later back home,
I stumbled upon the reference of snowflake being used with regard to this
same mid 20’s aged group, twice!

Once on a news program discussing the impending inauguration being akin to another
type of apocalypse to many, and that colleges are providing their tender charges
places of calm and comfort, in hopes of soothing their mounting fears.

Another reference came while I was reading the blog of a Scottish pastor waxing on
about today’s colleges which are providing warnings (trigger statements)
to students that biblical studies will have graphic imagery regarding the crucifixion and
veterinary studies will have to discuss such topics as dead animals,
while the forensic students will be seeing, wait for it, dead bodies.
Obviously things all too gory and disturbing for these tender “snowflake’s” sensitive likings.

They are a most fragile lot are they not?
And will certainly melt at the drop of a hat…

Or so it seems as many adults, especially those in higher institutions of learning,
fear as they race to coddle their youthful charges.
And so it is as I am now hearing it first hand with my own ears, while at the bank…
That many of these snowflakes are actually already tired of the real world and
simply want to go back to being “irresponsible kids”….


This coming on the heels of the news of that now infamous and most heinous viral Facebook
story coming out of Chicago…
the story about those 4 young people who were arrested for kidnapping, beating and torturing
a mentally handicapped young man.
Ranting on and on at him about F’ing Trump and F’ing white people while cursing him,
cutting him, taunting him as he was tied up and had his mouth duct taped shut….
They filmed their antics while boasting that they wanted this recording to go viral…
they wanted the world to see what they were doing while laughing all the while doing it.

Chicago’s police chief said that these sorts of horrendous incidents from young thugs would,
in the future, only escalate.

Here we have not so much snowflakes, but rather icicles…
cold and dangerous youth living without
regard for the sanctity of human life.

So maybe those interstate signs should read:
“Warning and Shame”
“We’ve let our youth run amuck and now we are left trying to pick up the pieces”

As our same Scottish pastor laments that the Church herself is as much to blame as anyone for
the wailing of these youthful generations as she has dumbed down Christianity into
a Disneyesque sort of happy fun thought…
where things like sin and death…that whole ransoming of our sins with payment coming
in the form of death on a cross,
being just all too much for this up and coming youthful generation
who are either too sensitive or too callous for the reality of life, death and faith.

Shame indeed.

Here’s to the impending snow storm…
may we have enough milk, bread and now chicken, to survive….

Snowflake Theologians Given Trigger Warning about the Crucifixion

30 comments on “snowflakes

  1. says:

    Someone better warn those young whipper snappers about what lies beyond retirement age or they’ll all die of anxiety before they’re 30. Our world has gone to hell.

  2. Melissa Presser (still Esquire) says:


  3. says:

    My daughter, now 50 and living in SC, said it was amazing
    How paranoid everyone is about the winter storm. She grew up with us in the arctic.

  4. Andy Oldham says:

    Oh my goodness! I wonder what these little snowflakes will do when they are older adults, Lolol 👀

  5. ColorStorm says:

    I don’t even know where to start jewels……. so I’ll just stop. 😉

    Good stuff.

    But ha! Damn them pieces of falling water. God does not have bastard snowflakes!

    • I know right!!
      I’ve heard about all the whining from this generation of youth that I care to hear! And I am sick over all the molly coddling academia is showering on their feeble sponges– I think of the greatest generation who were the same age as this generation is today who didn’t shrink, cower or whine when the going got tough or the news dire and grim– they simply heeded the call and did their duty for democracy and western civilization– where has out fortitude gone?
      I too best quiet myself as I’m merely singing to the choir 😐

  6. Wally Fry says:

    Trigger warnings that the Cross my be disturbing. Well, it surely ought to disturb people. If you can envision the suffering our our Lord and not be disturbed, then your heart is hard to the point of danger.


    Anyway, on a lighter note, we did have some yummy snow ice cream yesterday.

  7. Citizen Tom says:

    The Lord does justice.

    Those of us who did raise our children well get grandchildren, and we don’t have to change the diapers unless we want to do so. Those who didn’t raise their children well find them to coming home (if they ever left) to stay. Then it only gets more difficult to convince them to become responsible adults.

  8. Well described and said. Life seems to be becoming so out of control on so many fronts. But Scripture says “fear/worry not” 365 times and not trusting the Lord is a form of disobedience so I’m doing my best to trust Him and no fear or worry, be they human storms or those that nature throws at us. I pray the you are safe and sound in your little abode and have plenty of milk on hand. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  9. Karen says:

    After living in New Hampshire, I chuckle at the warnings about snowaggeddons, I’m glad you didn’t have one. Snowflakes and icicles…yes, it is such a shame about so many youth not facing the realities of life.

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